Wednesday, 23 September 2009

And She Is Still Bloody Well In Post

Baroness Scotland is still hoping that the dust is going to settle and life at the trough will continue.

If you are not one of the Righteous, you get a £10 000 per worker on the spot fine, better than having messy Court appearances where the accused get the chance to prove their innocence, and Legal costs are involved.

Thats the way to rule the Country is it not Peter Poppet ? Dawn Raids, Civil Servant Friesler Courts acting as accuser,prosectuter and Judge.

Under Nu Labour we have now had our legal system undermined, that only a Court of your Peers can decide your guilt or innocence. Now a Civil Servant decides these matters.

You cannot introduce 3000 new criminal Laws, and not expect the Lawyers to have a field day, the Courts become clogged and 'alternative' methods of 'Justice' used by the Government.


It looks like she inadvertantly failed to follow the rules by being carelessly driving into a Taxi in 1991, how can she then in all conscience preside over the 'toughening' of the 'rules' on careless driving in 2005 ? Did she declare an interest ? or as a competent black woman Lawyer she was given yet another dispensation.


JuliaM said...

It's worse than you think...

Surely this is the last straw?

Lord Levi said...

Being a gambling man I have just bet £4,000 to win £7,000 that Baroness Scotland will be given the tablet by the end of this year.
Merry Xmas

The Penguin said...

What about the £170,000 inadvertently over-claimed on her fucking expenses?

The Penguin

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