Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Alex Hilton

Many thanks to GOT


Dixie Dean said...

Totally O/T

I live within the "secure zone" around the 2009 Labour conference in Brighton. Have just compleated the application form for my parking permit to allow me to park in my road. The folling is the follow up e-mail sent to Sussex Police. I hope someone else finds it funny.

Ps am aware pedantry is a double-edged sword but fuck 'em this was supposed to be a professional outfit!!!

copy of e-mail to Sussex Police.
1956 hrs 1/09/09

Hello, just compleated the application form for the parking permit(forgive the use of long words) for Operation OTTER 2009

Firstly,the formatting is really poor,I mean really.

Secondly, after finishing form I was asked to CLICK HERE if form compleated. Whilst not having the requisite education to be a police officer(I feel I may pass the I.Q. test hence making me unsuitable) I have assumed that the word compleated is similar in usage to the common word in the English language completed and have assumed asmuch.

It really gives me comfort that armed sussex police officers are protecting this wonderful Govt. and roaming my street

Dixie Dean said...

Shit it gets worse- the e mail address to send to at Sussex bizzie H.Q dont work.

Security theatre anyone???

Am really worried that Gordon and Peter might not be safe!!! Hope anyone who hates them and wants them dead dont find out.... shit the grid lock in Brighton would be terrible and imagine trying to crack a case with millions of suspects

A.B. Gordon said...

I was quasi-interested in covering the Tory conference. Full clearance reqd plus £400.I am in need of a luagh but not that much. Plod are shit, kill them.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

There's a lot of these meerkats about - look at this comparison.


Rogerborg said...

Having never heard of this Alex Hilton snotstain up to now, I'm delighted to discover that ZanuLabor have confused the propensity to whore attention with the ability actually to increase support for them.

Is it possible that we could clone him?

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