Wednesday, 16 September 2009

6 Months for Thought Crime

Interesting one this

Take two teenagers, who hated school and had big mouths. Then put them in prison for 6 months (the 18 year old in a Cat A prison) until a jury decides it's a crock of shite and throws it out after 45 minutes.

No evidence. None. Just "bad" thoughts.

Let's try this one. I fucking hate Politicians. I have a map of Parliament and am planning to turn up on November 5th 2009. Come and fucking get me.

I knew they'd do this. What they do to Muslims, eventually they'll do to us. Didn't take long did it?



Anonymous said...

Seen what that useless cunt Presscott is up to now?

Looks like he's doing alright for himself,got another new title by the looks of it.

Slumming it up in Xiamen, China

Worth a post O.H ?

View from the Solent said...

From that bbc report.

During the trial it emerged Matthew Swift's interest in the US massacre was sparked after being shown the Michael Moore documentary, Bowling for Columbine, in a school general studies class.

in school.

Michael Moore.

Goodnight Vienna said...

Wasn't it Obama's SpAd who said 'Only white kids do Columbine'? Another ripple is spreading.

Anonymous said...

They could at least plan something worthwhile like two illegal immigrant Afghan sex offenders spitroast raping Harriet Harman.

Experience the wonders of multiculturalism on todays streets.

VotR said...

A conspiracy, will the so called 'mates' who testified against the pair be investigated? Who put the student friends up to going to court and testifying anyway? Lefty Social workers? Feminist teachers at the school? Will they be investigated for encouraging the demonization and vilification of two males who will find it difficult to find work?

Even the not guilty verdict should keep the hysterical nanny state loving female chauvinist army and the left wing militant blokes happy that they have made two more males unemployable.

woman on a raft said...

Asst Ch Con Terry Sweeney, of Greater Manchester Police (GMP), said senior officers and the CPS felt it was in the public interest to take the case to court.

"In this case the jury took the decision not to convict and we respect their decision," she said

Translation: We'd gone for a jolly to the US and needed to justify our expenses. We'd promised the other wallah a juicy expert witness fee - it can be several thousand pounds a day, and tens of thousands for the pre-trial written opinions - and we were hoping they'd show their appreciation.

Now the fucking jury's gone and rumbled it. Who the hell do these juries think they are, contradicting the word of a police officer. If I say a novel or a diary is a conspiracy to murder, then it is. Cunts. We don't accept their decision -who do they think they are, deciding innocence or guilt - and have got the names of all of them and will be visiting them to check their cars and dustbins.

That bloody Agatha Christie, she was another one. She killed hundreds and got away with it, you know. You go in to any bookshop and they're all there, thumbing their noses at us while killing thousands of innocent citizens. They even tell us how they've done it. I can't get that Dorothy L Sayers, she's long gone, but that Ruth Rendell had better watch her step because I'm on to her. Yeah, I've got the list of suspects, PD James, Patricia Cornwell - dozens of them. Some of them have fake names you know - shows how dodgy they are.

Nah, that Dr David Kelly thing was suicide, straight up.

FTAC Watch said...

They were lucky to have a trial! If it was adults that were behaving the same way then the FTAC would get the NHS to lock them up instead. Once they have got you, all human rights are lost and they can keep you locked up forever.

I was one of their victims and suffered for five months of their lies and abuse. However, their case was so weak that a tribunal ridiculed the doctor holding me prisoner and had no problem ordering my discharge even though the tribunal was chaired by the wife of a New Labour MP.

Simon said...

They were also lucky that they got a jury. Future mouthy teenagers might not.

John Steed said...

O'H they won't come & get you because handing roses to plod in a mask isn't excatly "full on".Juries are loath to convict on the mendacious word of plod thus juries are to be abolished. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

JuliaM said...

I suspect WoaR is right, and the one lads' father that is a serving policeman will now have his life made hell by his colleagues.

How he could continue to work as a policeman, now he knows what a shower he works for, I don't know.

Call me Infidel said...

John Steed aka AB Gordon by any chance? Doesn't matter how many personalities you dream up you are still a cunt.

John Steed said...

Call me Infidel, you are, indeed a cunt. Now fuck off back to pushing dogshit through Asian families letterboxes you inadequate excuse for an Ofay.

Kingbingo said...

I don't know about this one OH old mucka.

You can't just ignore what they were saying, and apparently planning.

6 month jail for being such utter twats doesn't strike me as being out of order. I did'nt hear the evidence but I reckon they did more than causally mention their plans.

Chris said...

Look at the comments on the Daily Mail's article and how they have been voted. The Daily Mail's readership clearly had them banged to rights.

Fuck off GMP you useless bunch of cunts. I cursed your Chief Constable's successors 10 years ago and I renew the curse now.

woman on a raft said...

I didn't hear the evidence

No, neither did the jury, hence their conclusion that the prosecution had failed to make a case.

All there was, were foetid notebooks. That's it. No cache of credible explosives, no stolen cars ready to be drawn in to place, no driving lessons (neither of them could have driven a car bomb because they couldn't drive). No other cache of credible weapons. Not even a pile of bottles and rags or a can of petrol. Nada. Just some paper and pens. Oh, and some highly suspicious clothing such as combat trousers, boots and a balacalva. Like all the girls wear.

It simply was not enough to launch a prosecution for conspiracy to murder.

It's encouraging really; at least these two could write well enough to keep a notebook. See, they do teach them something in school. No doubt they have a prison diary and are even now negotiating their fee for the Sunday papers.

I guestimate the case has wasted £2 million of public money. Perhaps OH would care to issue an invoice.

Anonymous said...

"Call me Infidel, 16 September 2009 23:06

John Steed aka AB Gordon by any chance? Doesn't matter how many personalities you dream up you are still a cunt."


Busted again, McEgan !

Funny how you feel you have to keep 're-inventing' yourself to post your shite here.

Like the man says, you are (and always will be) a complete and utter fucking cunt.

Please die.

John Steed said...

Anon 10.41 how is the cyber stalking going? Life time ban on The Indy. You are even a failure at being a failure, Pezzo da novanta.

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