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You Would Have To Be Mad To Oppose This Government

The Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC) was established in order to better protect the public and vulnerable individuals in response to evidence that a significant proportion of people who engage in bizarre communications or contact with prominent people in public life are severely and acutely mentally ill and urgently need professional help. A small but significant number of such individuals can pose a risk to the public, the prominent person, and themselves, particularly in environments where there are armed police officers. The Home Office, the Department of Health and the Metropolitan Police Service agreed to establish a joint police/mental health unit, on a pilot basis, to assess and manage the risk posed by such individuals. Where appropriate, FTAC will introduce (or reintroduce) the individuals into existing community mental health care through established pathways. If offences are disclosed, and the circumstances warrant such intervention, consideration will also be given to a criminal investigation.

Is this the same stunt Stalin pulled ?


totalitarian control said...

Dissagree with Labour or NWO policy and you get carted off to the madhouse and drugged into a zombie.

Every single move by the `goverment` is now based on total control and fear.

Vote for the wrong party - lose your job!

Wrong party gets too many votes - ban said party.

protest goverment policy or speak out against policy - get locked up for thought crimes.

Most of you were warned years ago, most mocked and sneered, most bought into the state propaganda.

Some still do!

Still think the NWO Tories will help you?

VotR said...

Lets get really nuts, I'd hate to think the gestapo weren't earning their pay.

And if we have to get nuts, lets get really nuts. A form of protest, if you will. Bait for a fight.

How many can they detain before psychiatry isn't used as munition by the government anymore due to the threat of exposure of mass suffering caused deliberately by socialist agenda?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Does that mean that all the twats who follow stephen fry on twatter are insane?

The Last Of The Few said...

It is sort of the same stunt yes.
Hwever he then shot them!!!

JuliaM said...

Yes, it's exactly the same stunt, but Stalin was pretty good at it.

This bunch will louse it up from the get-go...

The Filthy Engineer said...

bizarre communications.......Blogging?

microdave said...

They're coming to take you away, Ha Haaa.

OH had better watch out, he's got to be a prime suspect - along with Obo, DK, Pengy etc....

A.B. Gordon said...

Dear O'H In answer to your question Is this the same stunt as Stalin pulled? Yes it fucking well is. I reamin, Yours, A.B. Gordon, Esq.

GCooper said...

This is one of the most chilling posts I've read this year.

As a nation, we are stumbling, sleep-walking, into totalitarianism under this vile, corrupt government.

marksany said...

Goverment inefficiency will stop this being a real threat. Apparently it's been going since October 2006 and they still haven't pulled in OH. Must be run by the same crew running the mortgage assistance program.. Oh, it is.

Beware of Geeks bearing GIFs said...

I do get the impression that there is now a sense of urgency about this totalitatian loonacy. It's accelerating.

Evan Davis is a meerkat btw...

FTAC Watch said...

Having been a victim of this evil group, I can confirm every fear that people have of it being abused is well founded. The NHS is fully compliant with the ‘requests’ of the FTAC to detain people. The doctors back each other up to rubberstamp the section orders. They will twist any detail or blatantly lie to ensure continued detention.

My discharge was ordered by a tribunal that humiliated the consultant (Dr Ferdinand Jonsson) with their questioning. The FTAC attempted to ‘knobble’ the tribunal by delaying the hearing until they could get one that was chaired by the wife of a Labour MP. However, that failed.

I have tried to make complaints to the healthcare ombudsman, the IPCC and others, but as soon as the FTAC gets mentioned I get stonewalled. Just to see what would happen, I tried to see what the Conservative position was. They refuse to respond; so we can only conclude that they would make full use of this political detention force too.

I have a shocking story to tell.

Ruth said...

In a word Guthrum - YES. I've read some of the stuff on FTAC Watch's site & it would strike fear into the stoutest heart.
As Beware of Geeks say, it's getting worse, no doubt bloggers critical of the current misbegotten government will soon be on the 'list' & getting their 'invitations'.

EUBanana said...

I actually firmly believe that most politicians are sociopathic.

Consider this list of symptoms for psychopathy :

* Grandiose sense of self-worth
* Superficial charm
* Criminal versatility
* Reckless disregard for the safety of self or others
* Impulse control problems
* Irresponsibility
* Inability to tolerate boredom
* Pathological narcissism
* Pathological lying
* Shallow affect
* Deceitfulness/manipulativeness
* Aggressive or violent tendencies, repeated physical fights or assaults on others
* Lack of empathy
* Lack of remorse, indifferent to or rationalizes having hurt or mistreated others
* A sense of extreme entitlement
* Lack of or diminished levels of anxiety/nervousness and other emotions
* Promiscuous sexual behavior, sexually deviant lifestyle
* Lack of personal insight
* Failure to follow any life plan
* Abuse of drugs including alcohol
* Disregard for conventional moral right and wrong

I think about 80% of those are actually required of relatively senior politicians. These are traits that politicians need to do well.

Reimer said...

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes (Paperback)
by Andrew M. Lobaczewski

woman on a raft said...

For the record -
Ferdinand Jonsson
GMC Reference Number 4389534
Gender Man
Registration Status: Registered
Primary Medical Qualification:
Cand Med et Chir 1994 University of Reykjavik

Full Registration Date: 01 Apr 1997
Specialist Register entry date:
General psychiatry From 30 May 2006

This doctor is not in the GP Register (i.e. He's a specialist, not a GP).


Time for a quick round of "How they are related"

Ferdinand Jonsson was appointed to his current job by the NHS trust board headed by Baroness Molly Meacher, an ex-social worker who married up and snagged the nobby old Etonion (Peter) Richard Grenville Layard, Baron Layard

Cast your mind back a few months to when Dolly Draper was scrounging sustenance from the public tit and hoping he was going to get oodles of dosh for his crappy pretend psychotherapy quackery, and it was this Layard who was rabbitting on about how we don't do enough to make everyone happy, and ought to tax people more to show them how happy they can be without money, and give it all to Draper. Or something.

It never goes out of fashion to give lawyers in goverment a wellying, but I have one correspondent who has argued for years that it is the number of ex-social workers and in and influencing government which are the real problem. His argument goes: once we had crabby judges who tended to make it up as they went along and were slightly too ready to believe police officers, even when it was obvious they were lying. None the less, we still thought we had a free country and a law which protected the rights and freedoms of the common person.

Over the last, call it 30 years but getting worse over the last 10, there has been a swing towards consolidating the power of the soft reich so that now, people who ask difficult questions and keep pestering authority to explain itself can be arrested on spurious grounds, charged and inconvenienced, then finally dismissed as loonies and automatically dangerous. The judiciary and magistracy too often connive at this instead of resisting it.

He has a point. Mine is simpler; just why is Tony Blair or Jacqui Smith more entitled to protection than Mr or Ms Ordinary? In the last two or three years there have been a clutch of murders where the victim told the police they were going to be killed and explained it was by the demonstrably un-hinged or vengeful ex-partner/family, and yet plod failed to act, wringing their hands and apologising over the coffin.

JuliaM said...

"The judiciary and magistracy too often connive at this instead of resisting it."

They're getting in practice with domestic violence, I see:

"But for all the training and the awareness I refuse to swerve from the path marked by the 'Golden Thread' of the presumption of innocence. Criminal allegations must be proved beyond reasonable doubt or the defendant is entitled to be acquitted - even if it is a DV case.
It now seems that acquitted defendants might nevertheless be made subject to a restraining order with criminal penalties for breaching it. So we say "You are not guilty of the offence, but we are going to impose this order because we think you might do something soon".
The slippery slope gets steeper and more slippery by the day."

Softly softly, catchee monkey...

Rogerborg said...

FTAC Watch, old chap - banging on and on and on about the same thing, over and over and over, may not be the best way to convince people that you're not Fixated.

spark up said...

new blog-layout:

too fucking wide
too long to fucking load
sidebar font too fucking small
auto-fucking-playing of unsolicited download-consuming audio fucking broadcasts
no fucking link to ishmaelistan
complete fucking absence of statmeter
fucking looks gay

ftac: well, i wouldn't like to think i'd upset anyone

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