Thursday, 6 August 2009

The Words Hoisted And Petard* Spring To Mind

I am no geek, because I do not understand the technology, but when at a 'Hackers Convention' FBI Agents ID cards (using the same technology as proposed for UK ID cards) can trigger a camera to take a photo of the FBI Agent, can you imagine the carnage if this was hooked up to something a little more lethal like an IED.

Anything man made can be replicated and can be defeated. One of my colleagues had a cheque that had cleared his business account in April for £15 000, cloned and was passed by Nat West again last week.

In terms of real security, just keep it simple the rest is just security theatre

"Security theater is a component of the culture of fear.

Critics such as the American Civil Liberties Union have pointed out that the benefits of security theater are temporary and illusory since after such security measures inevitably fail, not only is the feeling of insecurity increased, but there is also loss of belief in the competence of those responsible for security. "

Any takers for ID cards now ?

* Petard


Anonymous said...

Were there ever any takers for ID cards apart from that silly cunt our late unlamented Second Home Secretary & Minister for Porn, Jacky Spliff - the woman who gave cookery teachers a bad name?
The pilots' union has used that well known phrase 'p*** off' & airside workers are revolting to so let's see if the hapless cunt manages to persuade Mancunians to spill their innermost personal information, fork out £60 so they can face fines of £1K if they don't constantly update their personal info & then wait for;
a) the salesman's knock, phonecall or email from the commercial companies the govt has sold their data to
b)the 3am knock on the door (breaking down the door & frightening the kids, the dog & the mother-in-law half to death) because some cunt has hijacked your data via an RFID reader & has been creating the most awful mess - with your biometric details firmly attached.
c) the very slightly apologetic phone call from the Home Office 'we appear to have mislaid your data so could you get here tomorrow morning at 08:30 sharp to re-supply it - failure to comply will entail a fine of £5k, a possible custodial sentence & a criminal record'.
M'mm, I bet they'll all be racing off to apply for one.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link to the 'security theatre' page.
I have long thought that the true purpose of 'security' at airports is to get people used to being herded, inconvenienced and searched.
Queue at check-in, queue at boarding card check, queue at outgoing passport control now, queue at hand baggage x-ray, queue at footwear x-ray, queue to buy a bottle of water in the newsagent on airside. And be asked to show your boarding card when buying said water.

I have seen, at Barcelona airport, carry-on bags with bottles of water inside pass through the 'security' x-ray while rude 'security' staff look on.
At Heathrow I have, on a number of occasions, simply walked round the outside of the 'security' footwear x-ray without removing any footwear.
It is highly probable that the 'security' staff don't know what their true role is.

Not so long ago a teenage clerk at a high street bureau de change wanted my name and address when I wanted to change £200 in banknotes into Euros. She had been told it was for 'security'; rather than terrorism she had been warned about money-laundering.
I did not comply with her request but got the Euros anyway, after she had phoned her supervisor.

All this 'security' is bollocks.
It's relly about suppressing, subduing and keeping tabs on people.
But you already knew that.
I'm only typing to give vent to my understandable reaction at being very pissed-off by all this.

Kevyn Bodman

Guthrum said...

At Bristol Airport last Saturday I had a security guard stuff his hands dow the front of my trousers, it just gets more pathetic everytime I travel. I longed to shout BANG ! when he did that.

At Atlanta Airport I was tapped down, whilst a woman (I think) just strolled through wearing the full Burqa !!

microdave said...

More info on RFID cards here:

And the Daily Wail got a couple of hackers to clone a UK ID card with a Nokia and laptop!

caesars wife said...

what a dull world we have to look forward to , a geek liberal elite , agressive bankers , poodle politicians and global corps demanding sweeteners for making politics look like it works .

Rogerborg said...

As someone who makes their living from selling "security solutions" to the State, take it from me: do not ever, ever provide one iota of information more than is absolutely necessary for your day to day existence.

Anonymous said...

Rogerborg.. do we work for the same company?

I will second your view. question every request for personal information. Most of the requests are illegal or unfounded or both.

Liz said...

I had my frozen fish beeping at me and it gave me bit of a jump I can tell ye -almost thumped it until I realised it was battered already-really tho- then I started making some calls and discovered most of the goods I've bought lately have these things, they go 'beep'quietly- if you are near to elecrtical stuff - have you seen how tiny they are? They could be slipping that in our water or anything - it's bad news and RFID stuff needs to at least controlled and monitored properly, nerds have too much fun with this kind of potentially lethal thing ('a trace of nuts can kill' but nothing on your label about a rfid/microchip?)

Anonymous said...

Oh dear Liz,
Better break out the tin-foil hat.

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