Friday, 14 August 2009

Why Is Dan Hannan In The Same Party As David Cameron ?

I don't understand this, Cameron is the soft focus all things to all men, Blair clone who will say anything to satisfy a personal need to be Prime Minister. Dan Hannan is a politician with a clear sense of what is desperately wrong with the country, starting with Cameron.


The Young Oligarch said...

Cameron had better grow a pair after the election .

At the moment he's so wet I am seriously considering staying with UKIP for the General Election .

Dick Puddlecote said...

Cameron has been apologising to the BBC all day. They have loved it. 30 minutes devoted to the story on BBC News 24 at midday, raking in Prescott, Burnham, whoever they could get hold of to gleefully attack the Tories.

Conservatives will be another side to the same Labour coin.

Anonymous said...

Strongly disagree. Hannan told his listerners in the States exactly what they wanted to hear and, in the process, not only contradicte the party policy he's endorsed but contradicted his own earlier statement. He actually, if you right down to it, told a bunch of lies because that was what his listeners wanted to hear.

Cameron is a spineless wanker, no question, by Hannan isn't much better. Hannan is in showbiz, not in politics, and he's a sycophant.

terryb said...

Dan B'stard hey. What a cunt,

You let yourself down on this one Guthrum.

electro-kevin said...

The party for Dan Hannan doesn't exist.

Dave Cameron - fucking up the Country since he was fucked by the ERM said...

a) Because Dave doesn't have the guts to expel him
b) Because Dave agrees with the little public-school Nonce on the NHS but doesn't like to say
c) because he's raising money for the Tories in the US
d) Because Dave is a world-class shite-bag who will say anything to anyone on anything to get a vote
e) Because he hasn't got a fucking clue what to do next as he comes up with yet another PR wheeze to try and cover it up
f) Because little Georgie likes to fag him.

Pick any of the above - I couldn't care less what the answer is.


Ampers said...

I notice that David Cameron is favouring the American system of presidential elections.

Has he not considered the precariousness of his situation should Daniel Hannan decide to contest these elections as well.

With almost the entire grassroots of the Conservative party favouring Daniel Hannan, in such a contest they would be little chance of David Cameron winning.

Perhaps this is why Cameron is going easy with his censoring of Daniel Hannan's comments in America.

Ampers Taylor.

Ampers said...

Another problem is that the NHS is a sacred cow.

In its present form it is a bottomless pit for taxpayers money.

But, unfortunately, we cannot have a serious discussion on either, how to replace it, or at the least, how to improve it.

Daniel Hannan is a libertarian, and not a conservative. Although not strictly a libertarian view -- the first stage could be to take the running of the NHS away from government and put it in the hands of local councils. This is not ideal but it is a first step towards allowing hospitals and surgeries to run themselves.

And before the rather smelly and filthy left starts screaming, or the equally smelly and filthy right start screaming about private enterprise, I am not advocating seizing the NHS, merely putting the people within the the hospitals and surgeries in charge of the running of these institutions.

But what we need to do before we do anything along these lines is to be able to hold a sensible and intelligent conversation about what is best, and in the interests of, the general public.

But then, we cannot bring common sense into this can be!

electro-kevin said...

What Hannan said is here at 6min 50. Hits the nail on the head.

Alan Wallace Jury Team said...

This was an ideal opportunity to open up a real debate about the NHS, to compare it with the US and consider what lessons have been learnt in the last 60 years. If we were starting with a blank slate, would we set up the NHS the way it is now? If not, what would we do differently?

But Hannan, by polarising the debate and going in with the attack as he did, has forced the Tories to swear their troth to the NHS because any party that even seems to threaten the NHS in this country is unelectable.

Change may be needed in the NHS, but you begin that process of change once your arse is in the big seat with a huge majority and the prospect of 10-12 years to carry it out in.

Rogerborg said...

Hannan is right as far as he goes, but the trouble with a health service that costs half as much is that in practice that means putting hundreds of thousands of useless pencil pushing parasites out of a job.

I guess the Tories are for that in principle, but have no stomach for dealing with the spike in unemployment that it would create.

Remember, you only have to appear 1% less incompetent than the competition to get into power. Radical reform is the purview of the protest parties who'll never be in power anyway.

Phoebe said...

Dan Hannan gets a hammering in the comments following his smug little post on his blog:

The Paragnostic said...


When I was a lad, hospitals did run themselves. albeit with some interference from the little Hitlers in the Health Authorities.

The centralisation and retrogression started in the late 80s, and over the last 13 years has progressed to the stage where the NHS isn't worth saving in its current state - it's badly in need of devolution and then leaving well alone, with the elimination of unnecessary management being the prime target.

Dan's been a bit of a dick, to be frank - he's whored himself to the US health insurance industry, and made himself look a complete tit in the process. But he's well worth keeping, as he's far more of an asset to the Tories than all of the Front Bench combined, silly ideas about healthcare notwithstanding.

Sack the administrators, remove national targets and reporting, and put the clinical staff back in charge of the hospitals - it may lead to local differences, but we'll have a better and cheaper service, and we can always retrain the penpushers to some more constructive use.

Living On Rations said...

The question we should be asking is "Why is Dan Hannan still breathing?".
The cunt.
@The Paragnostic- you're almost sensible there. Almost.
But Hannan's still a cunt.

JPT said...

The Thought Police are moving in on Hannan.
Scary times...

f said...

I doubt that Cameron's stance on Dan will win him many Tory votes - he might have even lost a few.

I'll also be voting UKIP at the GE, unless there's a chance that doing so will let Labour back in (doubtful).

Heaven knows what Dan's doing in the CP. He even admitted to having a libertarian viewpoint.

electro-kevin said...

I think this is Hannan deliberately causing discomfort for his own party.


The Tories are getting in the way of things. We'd be far better off without them.

Ampers said...

Thanks for your post Paragnostic. Read with interest.

Anonymous said...

I like Mr Hannan. I am alive however because of the NHS. I have no problem with having a debate about the NHS, but it is a debate between Britons, at home, between ourselves.

Mr Hannan is an MEP. He is elected to represent our country in the EU. Abroad he should remember first and foremost the maxim - My Country, Right or Wrong.

This is a private matter. Its nothing to do with Americans. He should not comment negatively when he is abroad.

caesars wife said...

I like Dan Hanna despite todays rolling story about him saying somthing that other politicans dont.
He has spoken with conviction about the EU farce and his devalued prime minister speech was nearly as good as Vince cables Stalin to Mr Bean.

Dan is the mental equivalent of an abrasive , take the crap off and see what is underneath. However what we dont understand about Dan is how he would do a ministerial department , we dont have much of a deeper explanation of what alternatives he was thinking about before he got stuck into having a go at the NHS .

With David Cameron you get to ask him these sort of questions , as yet we havent see Dan answer these more subject based questions, and of course he has some personal sympathies for the NHS which is popular , and I suspect he isnt spinning it either.

I think David Cameron understands UK politics better , but Dan is one of those prescious voices in poltics , that so far isnt bought off with the positions that tie others down .

Today however is pretty much a non story "euroskeptic MEP British politician questions ends of socialised medicene in pay your way country , labour turn up with wet blanket hoping to ignnite scare story , conservative party leader says what he has said since last conference"

The Filthy Engineer said...

He spoke it as he perceived it. What's wrong with that? This trumpeting that the NHS can do no wrong is just idiocy. Things have changed since the NHS was first started. Lets change it for the better, cut out the waste, stop trying to fund frivolous treatment such as, gender transormation, and get back to the basics.

If people want more than the basics then they should take out insurance for it. Lets have a mix and match attitude. We patently cannot continue with the state of affairs prevailing at the moment.

If Cameron does not change anything within the first year of office then he needs to be replaced.

SO17 said...

Give em a youtube hit and they think they are Hitler.
Vince Cable shines like a gem in a sea of shit.
Is he that good or in comparison to the shit just seems to be good.
Dan Hannan said at the EU parliament only what we have been screaming on these blog sites for years.
So is he that a great shakes after all?

North Northwester said...

SO17 said...
"Dan Hannan said at the EU parliament only what we have been screaming on these blog sites for years.
So is he that a great shakes after all?"

Well yes he is actually - he said it in the European Parliament and got it on You Tube to millions. All respects and congratulations to this hugely successful and great blog, but Hannan got it truly worldwide; so much so that the BBC and all the other socialist media had to bust a gut to try to keep it off the front pages - and failed.

Hh, and my my, aren't there a lot of worshippers of the 'organisation' that gave us coast-to-coast MRSA hanging around these parts?

Anonymous said...

Hannan you are an arrogant ignorant cunt

Anonymous said...

Interestingly, of the various national health systems in Europe, the brit one is used as an example of crapness to the yanks.

Barnsley Bill said...

There are some golden examples of child like stupidity in this comments thread.
Wake up dickheads.
To effect change, first you must get elected.
While many of us agree with the sentiments hannan spewed forth on Fox MAYBE GETTING RID OF BROWN FIRST MIGHT BE THE WAY TO START.
Giving those labour mongs ammunition is not the way to win. Hannan should STFU for a while.

And No I don't think giving cameron the keys will fix everything but it may at the very least slow the descent.

Wesley Groves said...

Why does the health service work admirably in France yet not in Britain?

SO17 said...

North Northwester:
My point is that Dan Hannan was only doing his job but because we are so used to a compliant opposition he has shone.
Like Barnsley Bill said he should have kept his powder dry instead of blowing it to help the American Republican cause.
This calls into question his motives and/or judgement.

APL said...

The Paragnostic: " The centralisation and retrogression started in the late 80s .."

Nah! much earlier than that, I can remember the old local hospitals being closed down, I was even a security guard in one or two empty buildings.

So that would be around the begining of the '80s.

But I would think the centralisation probably started with that stinking wretch Edward Heath a whole decade earlier.

hannan another middleclass whore said...

Hannan is of the priveledged culture, let the rich run amock and the poor starve to death, this is Libertarianism at its core.

What libertarians forget is that we all live in an artificial captive system, who owns your land owns you, who controls the money supply owns you, you cannot have true libertarianism and land ownership.

Some morons here talk about a charity alternative to some systems, who would be funding said charity system to the point where it would be able to function as well as it could now?

charity or tax makes little difference other than tax makes the system more stable and usually of a higher standard. if the std slipped below what is exceptable in a modern age where the poor can now vote! then the libertarian charity based goverment would be thrown out on their ear within a few short years, and this is why we have the NHS. It is by popular demand and has only been recently run down so the private sectors can get ready with the brown envelopes for the politicians to dismantle it.

Same as the water and everything else - did you notice a sharp fall in your water bill when it was privatised, or just see loads of people made redundant and jobs outsourced oversees - another great libertarian failour.

It is all one big game of public robbery, the only difference is that while the contracts etc will still pass through corrupt politicians hands, the blame goes to the market.

Unfortunately, the market is rigged and corrupt, and things won't change until the people break free of the NWO international bankers who have their fingers i all the pies.

The only antidote to the NWO is nationalism of one form or another, there is no other alternative to the globalist mafia.

If you continue to play by their rules you will continue to be owned by them, state or private.

Anonymous said...

"you cannot have true libertarianism and land ownership"

What i mean here is that Libertarianism fails due to land ownership, falls flat on it's face.

He with the most money can by all the land unregulated, eventually he owns everyone!

such is the way of the market.

The `as long as it doesnt hurt anyone else` clause is meaningless fuzzy bollocks, simply selfish haves who do not wish to share with the have nots.

or create a more fair and just society.

I'm not talking about those who contribute the least getting equal, as is the madness of the communists and why communism fails, i'm not talking about severe punitive taxes even, i am talking a fundermental right to a truly equal education and health system of the highest order.

From then on, you are on your own, you had you chance make the best of it.

Unfortunately at this time the education system is so unbalenced that you will always have haves and have nots based on background rather than ability, this has to end before society can then claim any kind of equality.

If Cameron had been born on a rough estate in Manchester do you think he would now be a potential prime minister?

before we had the grammer school system and this worked well, many MPs etc came through said system - strangly no one seems to back such a system today - but even more so - for all.

anyone who is against such a merit based system is simply a class snob who likes to hold others with ability back to feel more empowered in his insecure little world.

such people scream chav and such like, yet never look to the causes, as long as they are OK.

they often call themselfs libertarians - selfish tory boys.

Ivor Bigot said...

@Barnsley Bill,
agree completely. There are a truly shocking number of idiots who cannot comprehend life without the State wiping their collective arse every step of the way. Despite that, Brown has still managed to push them away, but only just. Dan needs to wind that neck in fast.

Gordon said...

Why is Cameron apologising so much? All he needs to say is "Hannan had a book published a year ago where he talked about breaking up the NHS. We ignored it then, so just because he's been on US tv why on earth would we change our policy now? Noone is suggesting the Brown/Mandy are going to bring in the policies of McDonnell. The public aren't stupid, and you (the media) are creating a storm in a teacup. Fuck off and leave me alone until you have a proper story"

Anonymous said...

Hannans most natural party is UKIP, the Libertarians are but a wet dream for Tory pot heads.

However the jobs more secure with the Cons.

says all you need to know about one trick pony Hannan.

a man of conviction - not!

Who's speech was at best average, so why the fuss?

Is politics that devoid of talent, that manipulated and gagged that a mediocre twat like hannan actually looks good!

Jesus wept!

An Englishman said...

Dan Hannan. Hits the nail squarely on the head as always.

Disband the NHS.

Sack Cameron, he;s a fucking useless bollockless wanker, and might as well be nulab..

Hannan for PM

After Dave - then what? said...

If Cameron goes the way of the NWO, extreme coporatism and Hannan, then you can expect to see a massive rise in BNP support.

Remeber the rich are the few.

While a few Tories may hanker after Thatcherism, the rest of the country returned 10 years of Labour due to it.

And where do people turn when both Labour and Tory have failed the public on all levels?

Dave will be the most hated politician of all time, due to his two faced arrogant approach and certain backtracking on his promises and betraying the true Tory core.

Then what - the NWO step in with their stormtroopers?

Or the BNP march to power on popular support, through sheer desparation - a glimmer of hope of gaining their country back or no hope at all?

Propaganda and motives said...

An Englishman said...
Dan Hannan. Hits the nail squarely on the head as always.

Disband the NHS.

Sack Cameron, he;s a fucking useless bollockless wanker, and might as well be nulab..

Hannan for PM

14 August 2009 23:33

Labour and the NWO love clowns like you! disband something that gave the country a sense of national pride and was the envy of the world.

National pride must be destroyed by the NWO, let's dismantle and degrade the NHS.

then all the clowns and ass hats will be calling for it's destruction rather than it's rebirth into a golden age.

you sir are no true Englisman and a slave to the global corporatist string pullers who control you and your elected puppets.

Now run along, sonny the BBC have some propaganda for you.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves said...
Why does the health service work admirably in France yet not in Britain?

14 August 2009 22:04

Don't worry the NWO will soon destroy that also! it will just take a little longer.

Then the asshat Libertarians in France will be calling for it's demise.

penny dropped yet?

Rogerborg said...

>Why does the health service work admirably in France yet not in Britain?

Because 20% of salaries go straight in to to it, then 85% of them pay extra anyway to get as many enemas as they can eat.

Also, it helps that they charge up front for medical care, which keeps the Illegals out. Why do you think they just use France as a camp site on their way over here?

Think This said...

How do these NWO nutters get on here.

Oh and it you want a long an insightful post into the tensions between the Hannan and Cameron factions as well as the whole NHS issue, check out my blog.

I hope at one stage we will have more Hannan's, but we need Camerons as well!

Leg-iron said...

The NHS is a shambles and in need of serious reform and cuts that would be better decribed as lacerations.

Most of Dan Hannan's comments were spot on, as the Filthy Smoker points out on Devil's Kitchen's blog.

But he should not have made those points.


Now, Dai Cameroid has been hit by Preparation H(annan). Dai has no choice but to defend the NHS as it stands. He has no option but to slap down Hannan even if he agrees with every word Preparation H says.


The NHS employs 1.4 million people who all have the vote. Add in dependents, spouses etc and you're talking 3 million votes here.

Dai Cameroid cannot throw that away.

So now he is forced to pledge support for the current shambles whether he wants to or not.

Dan Hannan, I am a fan, and I agree with almost every word you say, but...


Sometimes silence is safer than the truth.

Farmer Geddon said...

anony 22.57, couldn't agree more. For EU to work will need uniform internal healthcare market so current agenda to alter NHS to fit in with rest of Europe surely ? Tories will merely accelerate privitisation agenda imposed by stealth by Nulab

The nutters said the world was round! said...

Think This said...
How do these NWO nutters get on here.

next you will be telling us that the EU isnt full of trilateral placemen including Mandy and that we live in a real democracy where we get to vote on such things as EU membership and border control.

If you havent noticed the EU makes 80% of our laws.

I think i will skip you blog and am happy to be refered to as a nutter by such duped twats such as yourself who think Cameron will do anything to gain back freedom from EU total control.

Also the fact that the most powerful people in the world have declared their intentions of a NWO - perhaps you were asleep when Brown, Obaaama, Bush etc declared it time and time again, or perhaps when the international bankers who run the private federal reserve declared it you had your eyes and ears shut.

now back to your blanky fool, you wouldn't want to do some real reserch and find out the truth now, would you!

More people like Hannan - ROTFLMAO

why do you think he is in the EU wastland of nobodys rather than on Daves front bench!

after all you claim you are a Libertarian, when your smoke and mirrors parties fail to deliver, please don't come crying to the `nutters` eh, theres a good boy, now you better get back to the BBC, they have a lovely blanky of propaganda for morons like you.

You people are really starting to get boring with your BBC goldfish bowl view on international politics.

Still at least when the French and the Dutch and the Irish said no to the EU, no meant NO in our democracy right?

We do have a democracy and make all our own laws right?

want to buy a bridge?

and you think a prat like Hanan can make a difference?

back of the class you tool.

next time you go looking for a nutter, look in the mirror, you deluded fucktard.

Anonymous said...

Think This said...
How do these NWO nutters get on here.

What do you think the EU is?

It's certainly not a democratic organisation with a mandate of popular consent, so what is it, what drives it, who drives it and why.

come back when you have found out the answers.

Then ask yourself who do you think places people like unelected Mandy at the top of the tree and what organisations he is involved with and who runs those organisations.

Time you did some research and pulled your head from your arse.

mikey said...

Anonymous: 14 August 23.29 posts: "Who's speech was at best average, so why the fuss?"

Points and laughs at an ignorant wanker trying to score points but failing to check before posting on a message board how it's own language works. *who's* is *who is* you fucking retard. You would in fact be needing the interrogative and relative pronoun *whose* that is used to refer to your fellow human beings. Please go away and don't come back until you can construct a sentence that doesn't make you look daft. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

"how it's own"

It is ?


Should one ought to get ones ducks in a row before launching into such a scathing attack?


Wesley Groves said...

Anon 22.04 & Rog-First Anon, NWO is that "the Jews"? Rog-the French health service had many things the NHS did not-cleanliness,staff that spoke the language,(former French Empire folks who actually learned the language),modern facilities,efficiency.

Rogerborg said...

Yes, and as I explained very patiently, that's because they pay more for it than we pay for the NHS. 20% of gross salary payments (including employer contributions), plus individual top ups.

There's also patchy provision out in the sticks, and what there is costs proper money.

Then again, fags, food and wine costs next to nothing, so at least they can smoke, gorge and drink until they forget about how much they're getting gouged.

Wesley Groves said...

Bloody French, there I am in Picardy, in the waiting room thinking "I'll be here for hours, time for a kip" no sooner had I sat down than I was called. Alors. Cheap plonk & carbolicky nurses.

bofl said...

why is it in this shitehole banana republic that it seems the media always behave like pathetic hysterical trash on cocaine?

the bbc make me really angry.......every labour turd allowed to spew out garbage like harry enfield characters......mandy allowed to say that unemployment would be 500,000 worse under the tories.all tripe and always unchallenged.

i have admiration for nhs staff.they seem to work very hard -yet my local hospital is awful......high rates of mrsa,low hygene,lots of horror stories after ops.....including deaths after knee ops or misdiagnosis.........

if they were a business they would have to improve-both medically and financially-or be closed down....

we all pay for it........remember the vile mcbrown putting up NI a few years ago to up the nhs spending?

as for dan.......why is it that in a supposed democracy everyone that speaks their own mind gets harangued? it is pathetic!cameron will say anything to get into power-i am not a tory-but why doesnt he grow some balls?

if he truly understod how the majority of people feel-aren't mps supposed to reflect the wishes of voters? (stupid me) - then he would know that we are sick of the slimy,backstabbing,mincing traitorous 'socialist' millionaires that we pay for and want someone with a spine to stand up and be a man.........if you cant do that dave then go away and in a country of 65 million souls maybe we could find someone with the required attributes?

we all pay for the nhs- so if it needs to be spruced up-then so be it.

Hurf Durf said...

All the Labour socialist shitheads jumping on Hannan because they have absolutely nothing else. Politics of envy and fear. Tories can't be trusted with the NHS? Labour can't be trusted with anything. Fuck off.

Squeeky clean said...

Yeah yeah, The NHS is shit.

But who gave you your lobotomies?

electro-kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
electro-kevin said...

Barnsley Bill and So17 (Barnsley in particular)

You talk (Barnsley) as though Cameron is a reformer in disguise -that come his inauguration a true Conservative will spring forth in contradiction of the liberal manifesto that will be presented.

Not so. Cameron is precisely the heir to Blair that he seems. He believes in nothing much - least of all a nation state which, incidentally, is a greater protector of freedom and life than any health service.

I think Hannan is cleverer than to let his gunpowder get wet unnecessarily. This was no negligent discharge - this was an overt challenge and obvious mischief.

Hannan needs his own party - the remnants of the true Tories and others - and he needs our support.

I don't believe he meant that the NHS be done away with altogether - but it has become a behemoth consuming vast amounts of money which we can ill afford and it needs reforming. It has been hijacked by Labour and provides raison detre' for the socialist state in the eyes of the masses and an ineradicable bastion of left wing ideology - the subliminal message is that left wing heal, right wing kill.

A blatant untruth.

The Tory party is no good for Britain as it stands.

Ampers said...

Hahahahaha... I am amazed at all the people here who are certain they know Dan Hannan, some of them seem to know him better than his own mother does.

But on the other side of the coin, there have been a lot of very intelligent posts here, and I, for one, have enjoyed reading them.

Those who want to know more about Libertarianism should read "The Ethics of Liberty" by Murray Rothbard. Although a 300 page book, it is available for a PDF download at - it seems they sell more of the books since they started giving it away free.

Part II, Section 15 is a good place to start, read that first.

Someone said we have gone too far for Libertarianism to work in this country. Alas that is almost true. Hannan and Carswell's book "The Plan might work, but they would need a 200 seat majority to carry it through, and to have the conservatives wanting to do it. Which they wouldn't in a hundred years. Neither could most of the British public accept it as they rely too much on the socialist state.

I think Hannan gave his talk on Fox News because he genuinely wanted to help the Americnas escape the bottomless pit called a Health Service.

I would never vote for the conservatives as a party but if Hannan stood in an American style presidential election for Prime Minister then, yes, he would get my vote.

pandora said...

Cameron was placed by the yacht people to destroy the Tory party and turn it into the Labour Party.
The refugees are filtered out into UKIP so as to be rendered impotent.

The Greens are communists, feminazis and islamo-marxist drones.

The BNP are a bit rough and ready right now, but they alone speak the truth and have the will to do what nearly everyone knows needs doing.

Fear is the mindkiller, the destroyer of worlds.

Raphael said...

Dan Hannan has international charisma and popularity; Dopey Dave looks increasingly pathetic. Labour dogs are setting the daily political agenda by attacking individual Conservatives and the Cameron plays to their agenda by responding. He can’t lay a glove on the members of this corrupt government. If Dave was seen to do a little extreme OPPOSING he too could go viral on Youtube, but I am not holding my breath.
I love the way Hannan always refers to the BNP as Far Left. It is a small point but this annoys the hell out of the smelly lefties, who have no argument.

Mr anal makes his straw man case said...

mikey said...
Anonymous: 14 August 23.29 posts: "Who's speech was at best average, so why the fuss?"

Points and laughs at an ignorant wanker trying to score points but failing to check before posting on a message board how it's own language works. *who's* is *who is* you fucking retard. You would in fact be needing the interrogative and relative pronoun *whose* that is used to refer to your fellow human beings. Please go away and don't come back until you can construct a sentence that doesn't make you look daft. Thanks.

15 August 2009 08:01

How very anal and pointless of you, you sound like goverment snoop material trying - but failing, to score points on anal strawmen when the fact of the matter is that Hananans speech was average at best, if you consider it to be more than an average speech by a nothing more than a hypocrite professional politician then i pity you and your anal ways!

Were you bullied at a young age by the big boys Mr anal?

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves said...
Bloody French, there I am in Picardy, in the waiting room thinking "I'll be here for hours, time for a kip" no sooner had I sat down than I was called. Alors. Cheap plonk & carbolicky nurses.

15 August 2009 10:28

Have you always been a bore or did you study hard Wesley.

push off to the Labour site where you and your three pals can celebrate the destruction of the UK.

one party state said...

Raphael said...
Dan Hannan has international charisma and popularity;


Did you see his recent MEP acceptance speech, ouch!

He is being used by the neocons to throw spanners into Obamas/Clintons socialist plans.

Unfortunately they all work for the same people who get what they want whether we like it or not, be it socialist or other.

It is not about ideology for the world controlers but control and power.

Why the NWO have resisted communism at all costs in the past for fear that they would lose their grip on the banking and corporate power of their dynasties, they now embrace communistic control methods.

This has led the left to embrace what is authoritarianism of a soviet nature when under the heel of the NWO and has led the right to embrace corporate corruption and nation wreaking under the NWO.

Both (the left and right footsoldiers) think they are marching towards some kind of left or right ideology, when they are simply marching into tyrany.

Notice how both left and RIGHT have increased state control and interference at all levels.

Dave will continue down the same path just as Bush did, expect more control and less democracy.

This is all about power for the elites, there is no ideology or more importantly real power at the top of the Labour or Tory party, only pretence and spin now separate them.

Both parties are puppets to the international bankers.

it does not matter how you debate it, YOU HAVE NO SAY IN THE MATTER!

Do you not get it yet, the people are against the EUSSR - you still got it from both parties, the people were against mass immigration - you still got it from both parties!

and while all you tosspots are debating the NHS they have already mapped out their plan and all the parties will follow that plan as they are directed, by the NWO unelected stooges.

You have no choice, both left and right have the same owners.

should you even doubt this, then ask yourself who makes over 80% of our laws currently and what say you have had in that?

Left/right, it's all one big joke.

mikey said...

Mr anal makes his straw man case posts:
How very anal and pointless of you

*shrugs* I just like trolling on the odd occassion...fucking hell! it ain't a crime quite yet. I also enjoy reading about early medieval history and I do enjoy smoking clay pipes. Jesus shitting christ....I love this this blog...

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 23.22 suffers from de Clerambaults syndrome. All this cyber stalking. I see 19 of ours got nicked by the impartial Derby plod. Proves my point, rather. Now TUG how is the Torygraph?

Wesley caught on camera! said...

Picture of Wesley at the unite against freedom, soft middleclass uni student rebels without a clue and 60s hippy's need more drugs fest.

Yep these are his kind of people!

North Northwester said...

Wesley caught on camera
"Picture of Wesley at the unite against freedom,"

Woah boy! Top link!

Bondage Punk Dwarves Against Nazism:
it's got to be winner.
Whinger.Weiner. Whiner.Whatever.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves is an IRA supporting kiddy fidler. This short fat one eyed gay creep when not hanging around orphanages abroad can usually be found having a gay old time in Belfast promoting gay issues along with Muslim ones. The cretin is somewhat confused whether or not he is Irish, Scottish, Jewish, Jamacian, Russian, Tibetan, or just a plain stupid cunt. Let me help you Wesley Groves aka K Egan, your a CUNT.

Anonymous said...

Why not email Wesley Groves aka K Egan and tell him why you think he is a complete Mong.

Gladys Pew said...

I agree with Guthrum. Dan Hannan is great. I loved him dishing it to Brown. I think he is right on the NHS too. Does that make me unpatriotic?? If it does I am proud to be so.

Anonymous said...

Obama's step mother is a free loading piece of shit !

can you believe that we import a 59 year old woman from the USA and sort out her kidneys. She loves the fucking service so much she stays forever and two years later we give her a double hip replacement - send the cunt his fucking bill !

curly15 said...

Just a typical summer as far as I can see - opportunists!

libertyscott said...

Most telling about this episode is the Orwellian newspeak in the UK about the NHS - like it is some sacred cow that represents the pinnacle of achieving universal health care. It is not. It is full of waste, it does not make people pay for their own stupidity, and spreads the socialist idea of "entitlement" throughout society.

Hannan was right, many Western countries have insurance based models where everyone has to buy health insurance (from a range of providers), for a minimum amount of coverage. The insurers compete on service and price, and offer more at a discount. Those below an income threshold get tax credits to top up their ability to pay, some get the lot paid by taxpayers. However it means everyone is a consumer, and gets treated like that. Nobody with health insurance argues they get better service without it.

The NHS is the world's second biggest employer - it rivals the railways of India and China. No private company runs efficiently at that size, and no state body can either.

If France, Germany, the Netherlands, Australia and Singapore can have working insurance based models, so can the UK.

Anyone who says the NHS is the UK's greatest achievement obviously had the NHS work on their brain. A country of numerous inventors, discoverers, scientists and the like has done better than copy the Soviet model of healthcare. Fortunately, so have many other countries.

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