Monday, 3 August 2009

Stasi just missed the point completedly

Yesterday the Media reported that 1500 people had had their reputations,careers and personal relationships blighted by the Criminal Records Bureau.

The four things that are certain is that if you give the State any personal information, they will a) abuse that information, b) lose it c) record the data incorrectly,d) use it against you.

The obsession of this Stasi State is with the minutiae of your life, because nu-socialism and nu- conservatism requires you to conform. Neither celebrate diversity. By that I am not talking the narrow confines of Race, but of views, expectations and political outlook. Freedom to think is not a requirement of the State, that has already been done for you.

I was flicking through a book yesterday by Anna Funder, called Stasiland about the ordinary citizens experience in the DDR. The Stasi had vast files on each individual, torture cells, 'smell' jars with items of peoples underwear in, so that people could identified by their smell if they had done some like attend an illegal meeting.

Yet for all this vast amounts of information the Stasi failed to predict the fall of communism in the DDR !

And as for conditioning on both sides of the State/Citizen fence, when 'the people' stormed the Stasi offices in Leipzig, the Stasi demanded their ID papers when they broke in, The revolutionaries dutifully showed their papers. Formalities completed the Revolutionaries started taking the place apart, and the Stasi fled.

Government is a construct, it only exists because we believe it exists and has power over us. A bit like tinkerbell really !

Stop believing in the State, and it will be exposed for what it really is, a refuge for the incompetent.


thefrollickingmole said...

Has you throbbing organ covered this particular item yet?

Im a bit of a latecomer but this story made my skin crawl.

"The Children’s Secretary set out £400million plans to put 20,000 problem families under 24-hour CCTV super-vision in their own homes."

Jesus wept, you poor bastards are in deep. How in the name of Christ can this be happenning without open bloodshed?

Guthrum said...

Because it is happening to 'them' not 'us' because we are not in a 'problem' family. YET

VotR said...

CRB check needs have been exaggerated by the government. They use children themselves to promote the scheme, and dead children at that, children who can't say no to their names being exploited.

The powers that be are as bad as what they preach. It's enough reason to scrap the whole thing and do a rethink. A simple list of convicted people's names should suffice, checked online by employers.

But that would make sense, so it probably won't be done, ever.

Wesley Groves said...

Tried expalining the Orwellian nature of this to a couple of undergrads. They shrugged.

Captain Ranty said...

Excellent, but worrisome post Guthrum.

You are quite right though.

Government, Money, Religion, Politics and the Law are all contructs. They need one thing to appear real: belief.

I have stopped believing. In anything.

Remove your consent and take control. The alternative is to live out your days feeling hopeless and helpless.

Captain Ranty said...


Typo in there: it should have said constructs.

JD said...

"Government is a construct, it only exists because we believe it exists and has power over us. A bit like tinkerbell really "

The simplest statements say the most.
Thanks for a great and simple article. JD.


Anonymous said...

Really good Guthrum & so thought provoking. That is what we need to do - disbelieve in them all. Asfor the story of 24 hr surveillancefor 'bad' families. how long before we are all judged 'bad'? Unfortunately there are already enough NWO converts to put this in place.

Ivor Bigot said...

a refuge for the incompetent

Nicely put :-)

The whole CRB shebang is just the start of something far more insidious and invasive. How long before we're all in there somewhere, how long before thought crime makes an appearance?

Fausty said...

Well said, Guthrum. There are more of us than there are of them.

G Edward Griffin has the right idea - infiltrate the power centres in every walk of life, from the school BoG upwards.

Bloody hell, Mole! Balls has the glassy-eyed look of a madman and an agenda to match. And Shadow HS, Chris Grayling said: "This is all much too little, much to late".

Can we assume, then, that the Tories will expand this programme, FFS?

Man in the Street said...

Great post Guthrum.

Ruth said...

Mole, I find your story as appalling as you do. Don't know if it will help but have emailed my MP & one of my local Councillors expressing my concern & disgust.

electro-kevin said...


Both sides of the House. Thanks for remembering.

Anonymous said...

I would e mail m local mps n councilors and show my disgust but I think I have worn them out with my disgust...

Anyways they know all Labour and they DO NOT LISTEN OR CARE

Anonymous said...

Will that included MPs who are child abusers?.Because there are some out there

Rampart said...

Stasi discipline did collapse towards the end. On the final night instead of broadcasting coded messages to agents on their shortwave station (as they had done for the last 30 odd years) the Stasi controllers got drunk and sang songs about ducks ..

caesars wife said...

good one
"stop believing in the state and it will be exposed for what it is , a refuge for the incompetant"

I might have added a device for the despotic and corrupt

Diesel said...

Its not all over yet.

Graffiti spotted in the toilets at Bath University:
"During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act. "

The next generation is not yet lost. This so-called government still has everything to fear.

Mud in the Blood said...

I've just re-read Anna Funders' book and second time round it is more frightening than the first. when I first read it it was a case of 'that is terrible, but it'll never happen here'.

Now it seems that it is almost an allegory of modern day Britain. Populations watched and criminilised simply for existing. If you can do this to a population you will make everyone a suspect. If suspicion alone will show up as a negative in a CRB check and means that you cannot get work etc. then you will get a compliant docile populace too scared to resist as the penalty for even a minor infraction of a law is disproportionate. Think of someone convicted of having a smoke in the wrong place - thats a criminal record and it will show on any check. In this scenario the only way to lead a reasonably normal life is to be part of the system.

After all it's for your own good.

What a shit-bin this country is becoming!

Anonymous said...

I worked in the GDR and the USSR where it seemd to me most people lived on vodka and potatoes, before the fall of the state machine. The people we worked with in heavy engineering were on the most part OK but very ill informed about the outside world so to wpeak. The point I want to make is how easy and quickly the overbearing state becomes normality. Truly frightening.

Rogerborg said...

Yet again, more misinformation from this blog. The State in all its guises is all in favour of diverse "views, expectations and political outlook."

Just have a gander at the case of Dr Waqar Azim. Apparently feeling up the nurses whenever you feel like it, year after year, "[does] not represent a risk to patients" and is "not fundamentally incompatible with continuing as a doctor." Well, sure. The godless whores were probably flaunting their naked hair, and how can you sexually assault a prostitute?

Or here's Dr Mohammed Hussain who drove onto a pavement and killed a little baby. Since that's just fine in Pakistan where he doubtless "earned" his license, it's just dandy here!

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