Wednesday, 5 August 2009

The Reality of Brown And The Lisbon Treaty

is that clapped out politicians are heading for the sinecure of Brussels. Blair wants the top job, and Patten wants to be EU Foreign Minister.

Do you and I have a say in any of this ? No we do not. This is a big boys club, invitations only.


Rogerborg said...

Shall we just declare Holborn to be the first President of Yerp? It seems that the role is going to be appointed by fiat, so presumably whomever shouts the loudest gets the "job".

Scrobs... said...

Perhaps we should encourage all of them, Bliar, Bruin, Hoon, Mandy (again), Harperson and the rest of the sorry bunch of liars and cheats, to all go and work there.

Then we can cut all ties with the gravy train over there and leave them all stranded for good.

Could send a few others over as well...

VotR said...

If Mandy and his boys get their way, the real power will be in the EU, the UK a mere caretaker government and a province of the united states of Europe.

If it hasn't happened already. It will with Lisbon, and unless there are riots and a physical seizing of power, it will happen. Too bad people want to watch Eastenders instead.
We are a placated people, bribed and bought with the luxuries that our lifestyles can afford. Who's going to protest in a majority when the majority of protesters have been cowed and herded into their pens, content? Not many, and that's their plan, one which works well. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

Clapped out politicians, usually the useless & incompetent ones like the Kinnockios who will betray their country & sell their soul to the devil for a mess of pottage - those are the EU politicians & unless we do something about it, these are the cunts who will sign the orders for us all to be microchipped, moved around. shipped out to the greater glory of the EU Fatherland. Hitler & his gang must be laughing their heads off, wherever they are - what he & all the might of his armies failed to do has been done by statute by the filthy traitors amongst us who have taken oaths of loyalty in Parliament whilst taking their 30 pieces of silver from the EU. May they rot in hell, each & every one of them.

Uncle Albert said...

I remember the Welsh Windbag once made an impassioned speech against Britain's continuing membership of the EC (as was).

As they say, follow the money...

Anonymous said...

Is it any wonder that most career politicians will not speak out too vociferously against this racket. Even at relatively junior levels the eu represents second and even better troughing opportunities.
It's a sort of lucrative retirement home for failed politicians. What an outrage!!

Even worse national politicians are framing policies in order that when they are thrown out they are lined up for a sinecure.
It's corruption on a massive scale.

Man in the Street said...

The good ship EU will always sail to the rescue of useless cunts. It's even less accountable to the masses than Parliament.

Shower of shit the lot of them.

bofl said...

it is so easy to see.........

all of these cunts are just looking after themselves!!!!!

lab,con.lib all the same........

they speak about democracy and british jobs-
but they do not give a shit in reality........

and unless we get rid of all of them it will only get worse........
they ll think that they are 'special' and have delusions of power.........brown is typical of someone who once read a book yet now he thinks he has saved the world!!!!!

ceaucescu thought he was invincible.a 30 miute trial and 3 bullets changed that!!!!!!!!!

R Nosgrove said...

Mandelson will prop up his puppet Brown until his EU masters' command is done and the Lisbon treaty is irrevocably ratified.
Brown will then be cast aside like the piece of shit he is.

The Tories will win the GE and Call Me Dave (who still believes the Great European Lie) will do nothing.

Our useless monarchy will stand idly by whilst our freedoms and sovereignty continue to be signed away to a corrupt, unelected and bureaucratic European dictatorship.

All the while our brave but demoralised and severely undersupported troops continue to fight a pointless and unwinnable war in a far-off country that presents no direct threat to the UK, when they should be at home controlling our borders and fighting the very real islamic threat from within.

Eventually people might wake up and there will be blood on the streets.

Until then, we are royally fucked, in every sense of the word.

Elby the Beserk said...


Indeed. Also, Lord Kinnock is deeply opposed to the House Of Lords, as well as the EU.

What sort of fucking democracy is it when politicians who have been kicked out end up in charge?

gatesofvienna said...

The only other possible route option is across Afghanistan, which has its own unique challenges.

The country has been involved in bitter warfare for almost two decades. The territory across which the pipeline would extend is controlled by the Taliban, an Islamic movement that is not recognized as a government by most other nations. From the outset, we have made it clear that construction of our proposed pipeline cannot begin until a recognized government is in place that has the confidence of governments, lenders and our company.

Testimony By
John J. Maresca
Vice President, International Relations,
UNOCAL Corporation

To House Committee On International Relations,
Submmittee On Asia And The Pacific
February 12, 1998
Washington, D.C.

A recent study for the World Bank states that the proposed pipeline from Central Asia across Afghanistan and Pakistan to the Arabian Sea would provide more favorable netbacks to oil producers through access to higher value markets

As with the proposed Central Asia Oil Pipeline, CentGas cannot begin construction until an internationally recognized Afghanistan government is in place.

We urge the Administration and the Congress to give strong support to the United Nations-led peace process in Afghanistan.

Our troops are being sacrificed again on a tissue of lies!!

Off topic but it's important..have informed Ian at PJC ...

caesars wife said...

Another sell out merchant, veiwing the world from a top a nice well paid job and , bon amie dinners 5 days a week.

Anonymous said...

When and where does the rioting start FFS!!!!

suigmypiel said...

OT - Gordon launches Labour's new manifesto

EUBanana said...

What happened to Anna? Her blogs gone...

Anonymous said...

I just ran my blood pressure up to bursting point by reading some of Thursday's front pages.
The Energy Commission or some such fucking quango recommends that houses that do not have a certain energy rating should not be allowed to be sold. Also that the current resident should pay higher Council Tax etc.
The Local Government Association has announced that OAPs (I'm one)are abusing their free bus passes by using them & that they should be means tested & only the very poor should be allowed to have the privilege of using them. It actually talks about 'privilege'. Rich coming from a gang of fuckers that bleed us dry for providing a shit service, then bleed us dry again to pay for their OTT salaries & their gold plated pensions.
Apparently, according to the DM, you can now get a worse punishment for overfilling your bin than you can for being caught stealing. I put in a comment that people with overfull bins should consider fly tipping - whih would sort out the power crazed little Hitlers IMO. Don't think my comment will see the light of day however, as you now have to register to make a comment. Fuck that for a game of sojers.
Fucking cunts! I swear to God, if we do have a Ceascue Moment here in the UK there's going to be a lot of fuckers from quangos & my local Council mysteriously found dead. Not a good start to the day overall but I feel much better for my rant - thank you for providing the space to do so.

JD said...


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