Monday, 10 August 2009

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

So the plan is we all commit a crime that so overwhelms the Police that they cannot lock us all up.

What sort of crap is this, when 1000 Met officers commit fraud against the taxpayer the the 'investigating authorities' are so overwhelmed that they have a secret ammnesty for all the fraudsters in their ranks. I suppose its the same 'secret ammnesty that means that serving Police officers never get speeding tickets or can appeal to 'the boss' to let them off.

Something the rest of us cannot do, we have to go to Court.

The Stasi State using Nu Labour's RIPA legislation is spying on 504 000 of its citizens, discounting children (but who knows) that is roughly 1% of the population are considered 'terrorists' of some kind. The IRA was deemed at the height of the troubles was estimated to have six hundred members, terrorists resort to terror because the chaos caused is disproportionate to their size.

The only conclusion that I draw from this is that if you are politically active,a member of some organisation that Whitehall does not 'control', active in the community, a member of a professional body, you will be watched.

This is unacceptable and if the watchers are not being charged with their 'crimes' the watched should not accept the authority of 'those in authority' , did you elect these bastards ?

(2) The Secretary of State shall not issue an interception warrant unless he believes—

(a) that the warrant is necessary on grounds falling within subsection (3); and

(b) that the conduct authorised by the warrant is proportionate to what is sought to be achieved by that conduct.

(3) Subject to the following provisions of this section, a warrant is necessary on grounds falling within this subsection if it is necessary—

(a) in the interests of national security;

(b) for the purpose of preventing or detecting serious crime;

(c) for the purpose of safeguarding the economic well-being of the United Kingdom; or

(d) for the purpose, in circumstances appearing to the Secretary of State to be equivalent to those in which he would issue a warrant by virtue of paragraph (b), of giving effect to the provisions of any international mutual assistance agreement.


It would be interesting to see how many of these warrants are made on behalf of 'Foreign Powers' under 'the provisions of a international mutual assistance agreement ?

You do not need to send spies to this country anymore the British State will do it for you, and arrange free flights to a nice cell abroad.

The Power V HM Court Service has established in Law the two tier legal system. The Public cannot hold the State and its servants to account.

Do you seriously believe that the British State does not condone torture

The State has been torturing people for decades, Mau Mau suspects,Irish Republican suspects etc, the only result is the further radicalisation of as yet uncommitted sympathisers.

No doubt the torturers also have written ammnesties, everybody else working for the State has.


Anonymous said...

10% of the Population, not 1%

Anonymous said...

So, since they allegedly (?) already spy on 10% of us, presumably the extra billions are being spent so they can watch all of us. This blog is already watched by google analytics and no doubt our own Keystone Stasis poke their nose in every now and again.
So remember to put lots of keywords into all you comms.

Fatwa Tel Aviv bomb thursday waterloo IED air fix soldiers

Captain Ranty said...

We have around 60 million people in the UK. 10% of the population would be 6 million. 1% is therefore around 600,000.

Guthrum's numbers are about right.

Henry North London said...

Its still unacceptable though whether it is 1% or 10%. The amount of money they are spending to do so could bail out the whole of the NHS and the army budget.

Instead it is being wasted on spying on us

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Anon 9.04 must be a product of the Nu Labour education system...

AP said...

3C is the one to watch out for

(c) for the purpose of safeguarding the economic well-being of the United Kingdom; or

Any payment of any size potentially due to or from the state can be used to trigger surveillance as economic wellbeing could be applied to protecting amounts as low as one penny.

Which I suspect is how the local councils are using this.

Guthrum said...

Anon 9.04 must be a product of the Nu Labour education system...

sums was always tricky, look at Gordon standing Micawber on his head

Income 650 Bn expenditure 1 Tr = end to boom & bust, and unprecedented prosperity

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

Ruth said...

Alarming details!I've blogged on surveillance today too after watching Sky News.

Anonymous said...

The current numbers don't really matter, the real problem is the ease of access any of these shits have to our information.

When the shoe is on the other foot we can't get information out of any of them. They have their procedures you know.

I think its about time the british stood up to the fascist and beat the fuck out of them.

Anonymous said...

1% is around 600,00, however that number is 'requests' not the number of people watched, a communication must take place between at least 2 people and both are therefore being monitored so thats 1.1 million for a start, however with email and text forwarding, the amount of people these 'requests' cover is likely to be around ten times the numbers of the requests themselves

Anonymous said...

Surely the number of people covered by this surveillance must mean it is quite restricted in capability. You can't assign agents to follow 600,000 people... you'd have difficulty even opening their mail, let alone bugging their houses. This must be about electronic surveillance, yes? Monitoring Internet connections, mobile phone movements, credit card use, that sort of thing? Surely not hard to avoid if you wanted to stay hidden.

Sean O'Hare said...

Anon 14:20.

Don't call me Shirley!

Mitch said...

Keywords eh? ok kryton switches,implosion,critical mass,deuterium, lithium hydride,Tritium......oh and kiss my ass.
Tom Clancys E books must drive em nuts.

caesars wife said...

they are keeping a close eye on dissenting voices , and using a few tricks , stasi has been around for some time now in thought police form .

not worry they cant scare enough of us when vote time comes

Rightwinggit said...

"Thought" and "Police" in the same sentence?


Anonymous said...

'investigating authorities' are so overwhelmed"
So whats new? Anyone remember Operation Countryman? Had to pack it in as if they had acrried on the Met would would all be on the other side of the bars, prison not saloon.

those that wrap themselfs in the BBC blanky have much to answer for said...

Actually they spy on all of us using a computer filtering system based in the USA.

this is common knoweledge and has been discussed here before.

However the spying has become more personal and at lower and lower levels of clearance than ever before.

The police state is here.

The concept is to make sure you fear and therefore comply to the tiniest degreee to the all knowing all controlling state and never EVER disobay them in the SLIGHTEST and that mean politically more than anything.

If you don't back the party or ideology they have sanctioned for support you will be a target.

Expect bigger and bigger penalities for smaller and smaller things, then the second you oppose their totalitarian state, you are a target for the full wieght of their spies and trivia laws that end up giving you 10 years or worse for thought crime.

it is political control they seek not criminal control

Yes 1984 is here.

You were wearned about this for years, yet the ignorant said it couldn't happen, started talking about Lizards and such like to keep themselfs in the comfort zone while their liberties and democracy was stripped from them piece by piece.

remember the Common market trade agreement?

It now owns you and has set itself up as a ruling body!

Now where are the ignorant clowns who said the people who highlighted this FACT were insane?

Poor people, need their BBC propaganda blanky to cling to rather than dig for facts.

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