Tuesday, 11 August 2009

The Nu Party

H/T Raedwald on the political 'pedigree' of Labour 'thinking'.


Anonymous said...

I don't think that Zanu-Labour are actually 'fascists' (if that word even means anything any more) - they are more like over-zealous, paternalistic Righteous which I actually think is a lot worse and certainly a whole lot more insidious.

The truly worrying thing is that there is little appreciable difference between them, the Limp-Dems and Blu-Labour.

Between them, they all seek to stifle and crush any meaningful opposition, either by brandishing accusations of 'racism' or by the more blatant use of their very own 'war veterns' the UAF.

Anonymous said...

Wait till ZanuCon take over.

caesars wife said...

Its a big ponzi scheme , what sort of party bust a country except a morally bankrupt one .

Snowolf said...

Nice graphic, I think I'm going to steal it.

Lancastrian Oik said...

There are some interesting historical links between Fabianism and Fascism/Nazism.

I blogged about it a couple of months ago.

Anonymous said...

Snowolf said...

Nice graphic, I think I'm going to steal it.

me too....

time to take the truth to the oppressors

Wesley Groves said...

Red white & blue festival this weekend at Codnor. Pop along with a petrol bomb or two and show the KKK wannbes how beautiful Ingerlund is.Yours,in racilayy purity and Aryanness, Wesley Cohen-Olewayo-Groves.

Reimer said...

Blogger Wesley Groves said...

"Red white & blue festival this weekend at Codnor. Pop along with a petrol bomb or two and show the KKK wannbes how beautiful Ingerlund is."

Piss off. You're just a Zen-posing version of the UAF evil.

Rogerborg said...

Groves, get a new line. "Let's you and him fight!" is getting tired.

Labour fascists said...

Groves you just commited several serious offences with that post that could see you in a orange boil;er suite and indefinate internment by your super caring rightious masters as well as 7 years for racial abuse.

Ironic that you feel you can make such statements with alledged inpunity while the majority - global minority are victimised by scum such as yourself.

one day the boot will be on the other foot and you will have no one to blame but yourself for all that is coming.

want to ban parties, deprive people of work due to their political opinions, impriso people for what they say and think?

what goes around - huh!

If you want to find the real fascist - take a look in the mirror.

now do one you pathetic ignorant bore.

Harri said...

.Yours,in racilayy purity and Aryanness, Wesley Cohen-Olewayo-Groves.

11 August 2009 22:10

Or for short ... Cunt!

Wesley Groves said...

Ohm...many interesting points raised by the knuckle draggers of the BNP.Yes very Zen Reimer. Is that "Reimer" of the Thuringia Reimers? Ich hoffe. Labour F, yes, there are many similarities. The difference is we are right. In the moral sense. Go to Belsen & play "count the graves". Harri, I have your lover here she said "baaaaa".

Harri said...


You can keep her mate, always said she had no fucking taste whatsoever.

Just remember please for the Sheep sake to cover up, i dont want her to catch anything nasty.

Hows the weather in Eaton Socon by the way, were you abused there as a child ? or did your parents not give a fuck ! (all three of them)

As i said, Cunt !

Harri said...


Belsen, Been there and maybe it was just me, but i could definaltley smell gas.

Harri said...

Fuck all to say eh Wes ?

Probably popped into the local Mosque on the way back from the benefits office did you to suck some serious cock !

Your arsehole must be a tad sore by now, try asking the Mullahs to not go in dry next time?

I hope you left the sheep out of

No more Gulags said...

Groves / Egan you self-righteous pigfucking wannabe-commissar: go count the frozen corpses in Kolyma and Magadan - or the pits of bones in Katyn - or the piles of bleached skulls in the Cambodian countryside.

Your Muslim mates probably won't appreciate you denigrating the old Grand Mufti's German chums and their great victories over the evil Joooz either.

Wesley Groves said...

No H, I had other things to do, unlike you, wanking off before walking to the DSS. Gulag you fuckwit. Generations of my family fought for this shithole of a country. See the news?Kids of 18 getting legs blown off. Twas ever thus.Bway you been sold a false bill of sale.Has it ever permeated the dim recesses of that trashcan you call a mind that there are good Muslims, bad ones, good Jews, bad ones, good Scots, bad ones? Nah thought not. A dead fucking ant has more nous than thee.

Harri said...

Wesley Groves said...
No H, I had other things to do, unlike you, wanking off before walking to the DSS. Gulag you fuckwit. Generations of my family fought for this shithole of a country

Well you broke it you twat you can help fucking fix it ! Gulag, not too far from Gulags here me old soldier.

The only muck and bullets your family have ever dodged benefits fucktard, is when your mum was getting shagged senseless by the entire troop of the Coldstream guards }but only the black and brown ones, thats why you are so bitter and twisted ?

No job, no sense, no hope, and no fucking future, all that and you wish you woz black, fuck me you have got it bad, i will send you a sub if you want one , no need to pay it back i have enough, i hate to see down and outs fall on hard times.

Now you have strolled back form the benefits office, just kneel down, point to the east and let the local minority group go in dry?

As is said no hard feelings mate, and i hope your families trench foot heals up soon.

Ta, ta

As for the wanking ! we are all wankers mate one way or the other.

Its just unlike you some of us dont make it into a profession.

Happy days !

Look dont let this spoil your day mate, i am sure with plenty of time on your hands there must be some minority group somewhere you can bow and scrape. what about travelers, they are always on the look out for a sucker .. or two
and this is just a stab in the dark, but i can only imagine that sucking is your forte.

Wesley Groves said...

Geez Harri you are such a cunt. Not Welsh are you? Oh Barker & Owen are BNP supporters,makes you proud,huh?I hope they are put on a wing with the brothers,ya dig?Gypos?Nah, not my type. Much prefer going to the Masjid and taking the piss out of ras clarts like yourself. Now wipe yourself off with that nice new Cross of St George.Your Mum had 2 cunts-you are one of them.Adios cabron.

Harri said...

No BNP here mate , but there appears to be plenty of the knuckle draggers in your mind. are you sure you are not a closet member yourself. and stop trying to speak like some big fuck off yardie Jamaican you total cunt, you will never be able to afford to to get to the promised land anyway, so you will just have to make do with being white, i can imagine that living in Eaton Socon with Mum at your age and having to put up with being white and skint not to mention talentless must be bit of a bind a fucking hard cross to bear .

Never mind chin up mate , only two weeks before you get the huge sum of 50 quid or so to go and spend on some tanning lotion !

Gotta go your mums calling me ?

Shall i tell her to fuck off or would it be better coming from you !

Just trying to let her down gently thats all, no hard feelings.

Wesley Groves said...

Eaton Socon?Your geography is rather poor mein klein Obergruppenfuhrer. calling my old gal?Nah she is in the kitchen inshallah. Now fuck off and die of cancer Harri you repressed gay failed special constable. I wouldnt say you are thick but you spent 2 weeks revising for a urine test.

Harri said...

Wes old chap, why the anger .. look just jump on the bench make yourself comfortable and let all the anger out, getting rodgered on a regular basis by whatever or who ever happens to be in the vicinity, must make one a tad touchy i should imagine .. now where were we, oh yes, German, Some weird Urdu and Jamaican, fuck it we had forget it me old china ! all is most definitely fucking lost, now " fuck off and die of cancer" err ! yeah right , dont have too many friends do you.

Now come death come, and be fucking quick about it , i will let you know Wes how it goes.

No chance of borrowing a cup of sugar is there ?

Oh , and call me picky if you may, but any particular form of cancer or just general cancer ?

Now, you can tell Inshilla Mother this, if she wears a Full face viel or even better a Burkha it would make it dam sight more less painful ( for me )

Gooday Wes

Or should i say Dobré Dén Camáráde

Wesley Groves said...

Before Noon it is "Dobre Utra Tovarisch", later "Dobre Vyetchir". Now then Harri, yes a cup of sugar but that isn't all. I see an old award here. "Greatest Monkey Spanker en el mundo" it belonged to Dazmo at the Torygraph but I am giving it to you.

Harri said...

Wes is that a guess or an assumption, where is it exactly that the language you are scribbling come from? its not Czech and its not Slovak either, so where the fuck is it !

Now working on the basis that " assumption is the mother of all fuckups" it appears you have just made one.

But just to help you help you out mate and to make sure you dont make yet another total cunt of yourself (and thats not too difficult is it )

Dobré ráno good morning

Dobrý den good day

Dorý večer good evening

Dobru noc good night

Hope this clears your assumption up old chap !

Dakujem v dovidenia

you are making progress though Wes a whole post without speaking like some big fuck off yardie.

Wesley Groves said...

In Czech its Dobre yutra. I was on the Chechen border at an orphanage for a few months, I speak Russian. Finally your pals in the BNP aren't getting very far with death threats against me. My photo is on Redwatch but no name. Shows what a bunch of knuckle dragging Ras clarts they are.Jah.I ya dumayu shto da etot faschisti mudak bolshoi pizdyeti.

Harri said...

Did not go for the Russian keyboard then !

Orphanage.. yeah whatever was that before or after you and the family won the war.


Speak Russian, Fuck me Wes i would learn to speak English first if i was you.

Have a dam fine day mate ?

Harri said...

Wes me old china with reference to In Czech its Dobre yutra" no its not !

Its actualy Dobré jétro

Still for a guess you were pretty close .

Dont tell me you made a cunt of yourself over there as well, it appears you did going by your language skills ?

Wesley Groves said...

Just seen the rushes of the B'ham uprising. We do not deserve to win.Plod at barricades v weak position yet our side did not pre-empt.One skinhead actually figured out how to hold a line.This is basic stuff.Scalps must be taken next time else we will look poor,piss poor.

Wesley Groves said...

Harri the nearest you got to Slavonic studies was fellating a Polish navvy.

Harri said...

Harri the nearest you got to Slavonic studies was fellating a Polish navvy.

12 August 2009 13:56

How the fuck did you know?

At least he was white, just like you ! Russian orphanage ...Bollocks probably fiddling with kids is more like!

It must get pretty lonely being a total cunt, so i suppose if grown up friends cant be had, kids will have to do ? you did not have front seat ticket did you at Wackos funeral !

you fucking fascist BNP knuckle dragging loon you ! now fuck off and suck Nicks cock you racist cunt

Wesley Groves said...

Harri (Alamo) how is your "business" in Cheltenham? Double signings v risky even with 2 N.I.N.Os. Now fuck off you bacon.

Harri said...

Bacon.. bad form old boy, i would have thought that a wannabe Muslim come Jamaican Jew would have wanted to keep well away from that evil particular meat, unlike your mum who it seems is not so fussy about what sort of meat she eats !

If it makes you feel any better, your Dodgy Russian is better than your Jamaican, but its a pretty fucking close run thing, now off you trot to the local Pedophiles club to meet the same people who really are on your level, Look wes face up to it, you had to travel to Chechyna to find a suitable orphanage because you probably failed the British CRB check, that or you could not rustle up the 9.99 to apply for it ?

I know it must be difficult for you mate, what with being an all out total fucking retard bobby no mates, but none the less, try and keep smiling through it all..

Now deep breath, off you trot to the local mosque and give it some serious zen?

Hmmmmmmmmmmmm hmmmm Krishna khrishna

Wesley Groves said...

H,you have been on since 9am doesn't the Duty Sergeant mind up clogging up the computer? Craigavon One Nil, tragic Sharon killed by my Somali mates in Bradford.Great stuff.David Beiber,national hero. Are you looking fwd to Codnor this weekend Constable?I am.Now go and chase someone else you repressed gay failure Harri. Wladislaw from the garage looks your type. Still, he may be yer half brother.Which of yer Mammys clients claimed you as the booby prize?Ibn Kalb,ibn kalb.

Harri said...

Wes ,

Come again !

What the fuck was all that about you mong, you are really going about this wannabe a muslim Jamaican Jew thingy in a cock eyed way mate, and if you carry on like this with all the Gay stuff and bacon and wotnot you might find yourself buried up to your worthless neck in sand and stoned to bastard death on your next brainwashing visit to the imman, i hope the local sharia court dont get wind of your unhealthy penchant for Orphanages and Russian kids !

Mammys clients, at least my mum makes a small but reasonable charge unlike your who gives it away for free, and as an added ons and one can actually take the aroma, hang around long enough and there is free bacon butty thrown in ? of perhaps she was just i a good mood because you had fucked off to your "club" for the day to give her a fucking break, see she should have listened to the vet in the first place, it would have been much kinder to have kept the placenta and eaten you , i am sure the vets could have provided some extra strong mints to take the fucking awful taste away!

Not long now shit for brains and it will be medicine time, and then you can escape from your rather boring shit life for a few hours ?

Wesley Groves said...

The Holy Qu'ran tells us that dirt like you Harri will be washed away. Remember the martyrdom of Hussain. You will loose against us because you are weak. The sand will drink your blood. Now fuck off back to your American masters. Al kufiroun will be wiped from the face of Allahs earth il haam du lil eh.

Harri said...

Shit for brains Wes, you still about mate, only i am going out for a while n Bratislava centrum, so if you miss me i will have drink or two for you and i will see you later me old mucker.

Are you actualy allowed to drink from glass containers, or do you have to have plastic ones with a straw so you dont harm yourself !

Harri said...

Wes , gotta go mate.

Piss be upon him.

I will be back soon, I SAY, I WILL BE BACK SOON OKAY

Wesley Groves said...

Or Cheltenham. How did not getting into Cambridge (or any University) effect you? How do you juggle a 16 hr day online with running a successful business? You seem reticent about saying anything on the Torygraph. Why is this? is it cos there is nothing to say and you are a void? As this site isn't run by your bum chums I will state. You are a repressed gay loser who hides behind anonymity. Even your avatar betrays your insecurity. Read up on what the Romans called "Imagos".Your continued following of me is creepy Baz.Accept that you are gay and get a nice Queen.Wife?Family?You have neither.A travelling saleman who takes the piss out of Brendano.About your limit isnt it?You hide a 2nd rate mind behind cunning,it really won't do.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves is kevin McEgan the gay nonce who blogs on the Indy live journal as Ron Broxted, the kiddy fiddling orphange burgling arse bandit also blogs as Matt Carvalutti on My Telegraph. They keep bining his crap there. His family did fuck all in the war apart from deserting from the German army when it got tough. His head is totally fucked up. He got thrown out of Hertford College for trying to get a young lad pissed so he could shag him.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves or Kevin McEgan depending if he is down on his knees or bending over told me he was a Special Branch tout for a while in Belfast and was paid by them to let some fat IRA bloke slip him a length. Was a fucking liar.

Wesley Groves said...

Hi Alamo how is the wheelchair you four eyed cunt?

Anonymous said...

Wesley talking of cunts, is that right your old mum had a bad case trench cunt, or did she just tell her customers that to account for the horrible stench?

Wesley Groves said...

C'mon Alamo/Proud to be gay/Ross Camp/Miss Nelson, so then why all the lies about going to University? Why the cyber stalking? You think "getting" a better blogger will somehow validate your worthless life? On that note you do not have my "real" name, address, mobile, e-mail or anything. You are as great a failure as a stalker as you are selling, what is it? Lucky white heather in Gloucestershire.

Harri said...

Wes old mate,

Your continued following of me is creepy"

Well just fuck off then !

Anonymous said...

Egan you thick nonce you can't even make your mind up whether you are black white muslim or a Yiddisher boy. I reckon it's self hatred, bit like all your shit on the Baby P case. Scary to think people like you can go abroad to an orphanage to get round the CRB checks. You disgust me.

Wesley Groves said...

Not as much TUG as you disgust 99% of the Torygraph. How is your fan club? Actually you don't have one. The glory days of Alamo/Sigurd are past. Araminta was right about you. Couldn't get into University and couldn't get into the special constabulary.Westminster College, expert in nuclear war. Expert in fuckall.

Harri said...


".Accept that you are gay and get a nice Queen.Wife?Family?You have neither.A travelling saleman who takes the piss out of Brendano.About your limit isnt it?You hide a 2nd rate mind behind cunning,it really won't do."

12 August 2009 17:58

Fucking amazing, is your half baked German mother infuckingcapable of keeping a bastard secret ! Queenie, thats what me and me Jamaican mates call her when we "pop" round for some light and sometimes not so light relief, hold on fucking minute, just how old are you ! err son?

Oh, perish the bastard thought, it would be less painful to just be a total cunt like you, and anyway for someone like yourself who is quite fond of being rodgered by the first non white German Jamaican Muslim Jew who happens to bump into you , what the fuck have you got against gays .. oh, fuck you are not catholic are you and have been abused and fondled by the local priest.

There has to be another reason other than being just a retarded fucking moonbat child molesting hoon which causes you so much consternation ,

I do hope its not me !

I would not be able to live with myself, say hello to you mother and i will not wash it for a few days and i will be around soon, only this time i promise not too wipe it on the net curtains on the way out.

Anonymous said...

Harri what the fuck is this kiddy fiddling marxist cock crumpet on for fuck sake.

Harri said...

I am not too sure, but whatever it is, its fucking dangerous !

Wesley Groves said...

TUG same I.P address talking to yerself like on the Torygraph? Do you need a licence to be that stupid?

Harri said...

I have already told the fucking idiot that i live in Bratislava, he can check my bastard IP address if the cunt wants to. but according to the shit for brains halfwitted child molesting Cock sucker, i have so far lived in Eaton fucking Socon (and i drive a BMW) Cheltenham and some other fucking shithole places which i have never heard of, i dont even live in the shithole of a country.

Mad as a box of fucking frogs, but then again if i was as confused about having to put up with being more than slightly overweight bordering on bastard obese and having to put up with being so ghastly white when all he ever wanted fro christmas was in fact not two front teeth, but a semi brownish sort of skin colour and the ability to actually speak patious without making himself look like a total cunt.

Harri said...

Check the fucking IP address oh Coco the bastard child molesting clown.

Its in Slovakia, what part of S L O V A K I A do you not understand, and the fucking idiot reckons he can speak Russian ! as i said he has struggle understanding fucking English.

Is that "Mother" i can hear calling you Wes, or have you gone all Norman Bates on her, just in case you have done one on her ( and i would not put that one past you) just do me and the rest of the Jamaicans a favour and bung her in the freezer , she will keep for a few days until i can get round there, too be honest mate i probably wont even notice the fucking difference ?

Anonymous said...

Harri perhaps he is just a fucking window licking mong who likes talking to people that aren't there, and fiddling with little orphan kiddies abroad. Either way I have got better things to do that converse with atotal ding bat. How many does his mum take on at once now? Are we talking coachloads. His sister is one ugly moose, but no doubt he has boned her as she looks like a bloke.

Wesley Groves said...

TUG you have issues regarding your gay repression, even the Torygraph readers noticed. You are quiet there tonight, Araminta outed you as a brain dead bigot, which you are. Tell us about your OBE. You validate your emptiness by lying and fantastic tales. You are unable to speak a foreign language, were never "recognised" and build a John Collins like Walter Mitty life including a spell at Cambridge. As a troll your days are numbered. Shane was mega pissed at your latest stunts. Even the police do not like you. I will enjoy meeting you on my next trip to the Cotswolds.Know this,and I won't lie to you.You will see my face before you die.

Harri said...

Fuck me is this some sort of a record i only got to the TUG bit and lost the will to bastard live, and whats with "your family fought in the war" FFS ! you are starting to sound like uncle fucking Albert, durrring the war, yes i can imagine it now, durring the war a word of advice to any enemy out there, if you are looking out into no mans land and rather wobbly fat cunt shaking like a fucking leaf comes stumbling towards you shouting some shit about the Quran and Inshilla or some other weird shit, the safest place to stand is where the fat useless jew cunt child fiddling Jamaican Muslim wannabe traveler is actually fucking aiming.

Then just wing the cunt let him whine like a bitch for a day or two then go for the chest full metal jacket, waste of time going for the head shot you would run out of ammo before you actually hit any vital organs !

How you getting on with the IP address shit for brains ?

Harri said...

. His sister is one ugly moose, but no doubt he has boned her as she looks like a bloke.

12 August 2009 20:50

So he comes from Norfolk then !

That would account for some of it.

Any luck yet ring piece with the IP address ?

Keep in touch now , the pleasure has been all yours.

Anonymous said...

Harri what is the prick Egan on about now. Who the fuck is he talking to or am I missing some comments?
I'm surprised kiddy fiddlers are allowed computers. I bet his hard drive is full of little orphans getting in the bath. Weird cunt.

Harri said...

I would eat my own legs to see the look of total horror on the fuckwits face, when and if he does actually posses the intelligence to check my IP address and it comes back as Slovakia.

Oh, the fucking shame of it all, i feel a tad sorry for the cunt to be honest.

Harri said...

I do believe his medication might have kicked in !

Or his sister has pulled the short straw again ?

Harri said...

I can only imagine the Wes the wannabe Jamaican yardie muslim jew Russian kiddie fiddler has had some good days !

But this was not one of them ?

Anonymous said...

Harri let's hope so as this nonce needs needs a maximum dose of something. I have been reading some of his crap. One minute he is a Gay Muslim, then he is Jewish, then a wannabe negro. What a cunt. I bet you could kick a football up his arsehole and it wouldn't touch the sides. I reckon he flipped when his big yardie boyfriend chucked him because he wanted a tighter fit.

Harri said...

So much for "care in the fucking community"

Its obviously failed, miserably.

Anonymous said...

Harri the K McEgan Wesley Groves cunt is singing the praises of the murdering IRA scum on the Independent live journal site today in his other name Ron Broxted.

What an uneducated arsehole. He calls them patriots. Next he will be praising the Muslims bombers who were responsible for the London bombings. This nonce is lower than Whale shit.

Harri said...

Told you he was an abused Catholic.

I wonder how the hoon is getting on with the IP address!

Even of the twat has got it he wont like what he will find.

Not the exact result he was expecting, so now he in an International cunt.

I know he is bit short on the jokes , its the same old gay wheechair PCSO BNP Blah blah blah


Anonymous said...

Harri the twat has got banned from the Telegraph again probably for suggesting that kiddie fiddling should be made legal, or the age of consent for buggering boys be lowered to five.

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