Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Now We Know What Lord Peter Was Panicking About in Corfu

Despite Mandelson's attempts not to publish the report into the collapse of MG Rover, by referring the case the the SFO, the SFO have told him to take a running jump. That is the reason for all the late night telephone calls on your Blackberry.

OK Mandy lets have a look at the report which you are running scared of publishing, lets see how the 'Party of the People' sold the Engineering workers of the West Midlands down the Swannee, with all the supplier industries in the Region.

You have tried to smear the former Directors with allegations of Criminality by referring this case to the SFO. You are an utter disgrace to one of the high offices of State, with your overt attempts to pervert the course of Justice just for a few votes.

'Blaming the bosses' is meat and drink to your followers, open that report so that the voters of the West Midlands can see what BERR under Labour and your stewardship has been doing to industry in this country.

Its going to make interesting reading just before a General Election


Mandelson 'welcomes' the £175m 'private' finance deal for TATA Motors (JaguarLandrover to you and me) on the SAME day as the OFT decline to take on the MG Rover investigation.

Does he think we are all stupid, not to see the spin and 'good news sandwich' here. I suppose Peter Poppet will be dishing out British Passports as incentives again.

This is just such a crock of sh1t.


Wesley Groves said...

O'H were you threatened with contempt of court over Baby Peter Connelly? I was. Hint-don't sell life insurance to "Judge" Stephen Cunt Kramer.

Rogerborg said...

Crikey, I forgot he'd been given the keys to Number 10 while Broon slid off into the long grass for a cry.

Check your bank account today - make sure it's still in Sterling.

Anonymous said...

No doubt the cunt will find some way of
1> denying public access to the report
2> only issuing it 'in part' with the bits that point the finger at him & Labour expunged
3> issuing a 'summary' that says nothing, about nobody, except the Phoenix Four.

Until I met Brown I didn't think I could hate anyone more than 'Miranda' Blair.

Having now met Mandlesnake, I hate him even more than Brown.

It's the lies & deceit - at least if he stood up & said 'Yes, I'm a complete cunt. I only think of my own personal interests first, last & always. I don't give a fuck for the wellbeing of the UK or any man, woman or child in it. I would (already have?) sell my soul to the devil if there was 1p in it for me'. At least then you could almost respect him for his honesty but this perpetual sliming around is disgusting. Hopefully, he'll come to a very bad end.

Reimer said...

OT but for a possible further insight into the mindset of the creatures forming the present govt, David Milliband is on 'Great Lives: Joe Slovo' (White-ish South African Commie terror organiser) this afternoon R4 4.30pm.

Oldrightie said...

This SFO referral gave them enough time to bury the embarrassing shit contained therein. It will never be seen in it's full entirety.

Anonymous said...

The only thing we produce in the West Midlands is copious amounts of TB.

Anonymous said...

Is that a picture of Patricia Hewitt?

I have been trying to forget about her for a long time. WTF has she got to do with this anyhow, the patronising bitch?

caesars wife said...

Where did all the new car assembly line go ?? To China , didnt see mandelson putting up much of fight for it ?

Henry Crun said...

Hmmm Joe Slovo who promised black South Africans he would build them 5m homes in 20 years...now they'll be lucky if they get 20 homes in 5m years. Commie Prick.

Anonymous said...

The cunt is a complete cunt.

T' old 'un said...

...but this is the way it's done in the EU.

Guthrum said...

Joe Slovo who promised black South Africans he would build them 5m homes in 20 years...now they'll be lucky if they get 20 homes in 5m years.

As somebody actively involved with this- Got it in one

The Paragnostic said...

If MG Rover had been taken over by yacht owning Chinese oligarchs, Mandy would have been happy.

As it is, the comforts of a junk on Kowloon harbour do not compare with his Maffiya friends' gin palaces, or his Indian friends' pink stone palaces, so the Right Honourable Lord Fey doesn't really give a crap about MG Rover.

What an odious turd burglar he is.

Barking Spider said...

Watching him on TV today trying to push the blame onto the "Phoenix 4" was absolutely sickening and pathetic! I wish he would fuck off back to Corfu so we didn't have to see the cunt in our living rooms!

Rogerborg said...

To be "fair", the Phoenix 4 did run MG Rover into the ground, and never really had a plan to become competitive. Despite having the superb BMW funder 75/ZT they never had the volume of sales to fund development of the 55 to replace the ancient 45 and base model 75s.

But the thing is, every (other) volume car manufacturer in the world is propped up by a State, either directly or indirectly. MG Rover was the only volume manufacturer who was even trying to go it alone, and it was never going to happen.

The UK government - unlike the governments of the US, France, Italy, Germany, South Korea, China, Japan, Australia etc, etc, etc - decided that they would just let MG Rover die, and instead settle for UK car workers being low paid assembly line monkeys for foreign manufacturers that divert their profits overseas.

In Mandy and Brown's New World Order, it really doesn't matter where a company is incorporated. The British boffins who can design decent cars can just emigrate to countries that are prepared to pay for their talents. In the big picture it doesn't matter where they work, as long as the world benefits.

You can almost see it from their point of view. Almost.

From my point of view - as a proud owner of a 75 - those fucknuts can suck on my big end. If national pride means nothing, then why don't they all just sod off to Brussels for good, and stop meddling in Britain, a country that they clearly hate and despise.

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