Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Missed Off Peter Poppets Diary

He had lunch with Gaddaffi's son in Corfu as well, and Lo the Pan Am Bomber is going home.

All you need to get something done in this country is buy Peter Poppet lunch ! Change a Law, get a trade deal, sort out the EU etc etc


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Indeed. I mentioned it last night at my place. The BBC reported on it too, which is surpising.

Fausty said...

Going virtually unnoticed is Libya's bid to buy Shell's Cheshire refinery. Co-incidence?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Didn't clock that one Fausty, well spotted.

The thot plickens...

Anonymous said...

The Libyan didn't even do it, he's just a patsy, so yea, let him go home to die.

mister_choos said...

He also met somebody from the music industry and all of a sudden he is spouting about harsh laws against downloaders

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that we own something in this country. Ooops, Royal Dutch Shell ....

TheBigYin said...

Has he met anyone from Freedom To Choose yet? I'm sure we can find a hard assed smoker amongst our ranks then the smoking ban would be gone! Oh, wait, money....chit, we aint got any.

Anonymous said...

The Libyan didn't do it but he's not helping us to find out who did. He knows a lot more than he's letting on so he keep him here until he agrees to help. Or until he dies. Wichever is the sooner.

Anonymous said...

All it costs to make a Nulab law is dinner on a yaught, a bottle of good wine and a small arab boy waiting in his quarters.

caesars wife said...

Down loading is pretty pointless , unless that is you want enact an internet stasi monitoring squad to enforce it ??

it will all get sold on the streets , pointless , technology has made recorded media worthless

Anonymous said...

Nothing like Democracy is there? And this backhanding & wheeling & dealing by Mandelcunt is nothing like Democracy.

Scott Gordon said...

Isn't BAe illegal arms sales to Indonesia under Blair & early Brown, well,like,illegal?

Gallimaufry said...

Did Mandelbum pay off his massive mortgage with hitherto missing Great Train Robbery Postal Orders?

BBC said...

Race riot 'cover-up'

A police force slammed for being politically correct tried to COVER UP a weekend race riot.

More than 60 Asians were said to have stormed The White House pub where families gathered after a football game.

Several people were beaten up as terrified women and kids fled.

But Bedfordshire police, who sent in 100 officers, said the Luton attack "did not warrant comment."

Steve Dann, 26, who was hit by a bottle in the incident, said: "There was blood everywhere."

Earlier this year Bedfordshire police stood by as Muslim fanatics abused hero British soldiers on a homecoming parade in Luton town centre.

AntiCitizenOne said...


Cheesed Muammar Gaddafi out to roll Swiss

SPARE a thought for the Swiss. There seems no end in sight to the campaign by Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan leader, to humiliate them in revenge for the arrest in Geneva of Hannibal, his son, last year.

"Hannibal's war", as diplomats call it, has been taking its toll on the land of Heidi: in the past year Libya has cut back oil supplies to the Swiss and withdrawn more than pound stg. 4.3 billion ($8.5bn) from their banks. Gaddafi has also severed air links with Switzerland, and several Swiss companies in Libya have been forced to close shop.

No match for an Arab nationalist leader used to life in the trenches, the Swiss have run up the white flag, offering talks.

Gaddafi, though, is not yet ready to forgive: his prime minister recently refused to meet the new Swiss charge d'affaires in Tripoli.

Two Swiss businessmen are being held as virtual hostages by Gaddafi.

"They are forbidden from leaving the country and are being held against their will," said Jean-Philippe Jutzi, a Swiss Foreign Ministry spokesman.

The trouble began when 33-year-old Hannibal and his wife, Aline, a former model, were arrested at a Geneva hotel and charged with assaulting their servants. One of them, a 35-year-old Tunisian identified only as Mona, said Aline had often hit her and threatened to throw her out of the window.

Hannibal and his wife, who was heavily pregnant at the time, were soon released and Geneva's prosecutor dropped the case when the plaintiffs withdrew their complaint after an undisclosed settlement.

Even so, Gaddafi, who has ruled Libya as a dictator for the past 40 years, was furious, particularly when he heard an account of what had happened from Aisha, his favourite daughter. According to a witness close to the Gaddafi clan, she told him Hannibal and Aline had been treated "like terrorists" and were held in a prison "worse than Abu Ghraib".

"Honour must be saved," Gaddafi told his daughter.

It is just as well that Libya has renounced its bid to acquire nuclear weapons. "If I had an atomic bomb I would wipe Switzerland off the map," Hannibal is reported to have remarked afterwards.

We're dealing with these "people"?

summer_breeze said...

He ( Mandelslime ) rather gives the impression of prostituting himself, which, if he were only offering his own services as a rent boy, wouldn't be so bad but when he appears to be selling the favours of this sovereign country for the cost of a quick jaunt on somebody's yacht, or a dinner, then it really is quite disgusting.

In all seriousness O.H. what can we really do, to get this slimeball removed from government?

Anonymous said...

We're dealing with these "people"?

18 August 2009 21:52

We're ruled by people no worse and don't believe everything the puppet press report!

Anonymous said...

The NWO have been backing genocidal maniacs and tin pot dictators for years - to them it's all a means to an end - total power and wealth no matter what It takes.

Genocide, famine, extreme poverty, false flag attacks, yep they don't care, for them these are all part of the game - to rule the world and rob all it's resources for their personal gain.

These are the same people who kidnap and torture on a regular basis, as we speak somone is probably being tortured in there hands.

Oh and if you didn't already know we live in a dictatorship.

Who elected Mandy?

Rogerborg said...

Its this simple: Libya has pots of money and we want some of it.

Mobile phone networks, guns, cattle prods, IT systems to tell them which of their citizens to use the cattle prods on, it's going to be a bonanza!

Anonymous said...

let biggs out and two weeks later let the shit skin out?
applause the pravda

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