Monday, 31 August 2009

Luton simmers

I notice that in order to avoid "problems" in Luton, the council took the step of banning four groups of peaceful demonstrators from meeting in Luton for the next three months...Meanwhile yesterday..

Riot police broke up a mob of 200 Asian youngsters after they threw fireworks at officers in a town where a right-wing march was banned.

I now look forward to a fifth group being added to that list.


Anonymous said...


"To understand what makes Muslims tick, you need to understand how utterly slavishly they imitate the founder of their death-cult, the charlatan and false prophet Mohammed.

Mohammed was a terrorist, murderer, sadist, rapist, pedophile, slaver, robber, extortionist, control-freak, liar and charlatan.

Okay, so nobody's perfect. But that unfortunately is the problem. Muslims are brainwashed from infancy into believing that Mohammed was indeed the perfect man, 'al-insan al-kamil and uswa hasana' the model of behavior for all those wishing to be obedient to Allah.

So to be a good Muslim is to be a robotic clone of the original founder of the the cult, whom you must emulate in every way, and in the process destroy your own individuality, judgement and conscience."

"...Islam is not about right and wrong thinking but correct behaviour. ... Morality is not a part of Islam. If there is a more fundamental difference between Islam and all other creeds and religions I do not know of it. It is so alien that the reader will have to consider its implications for some time to grasp the full meaning of it."

"...For the devout Muslim there is no place for conscience, compassion or empathy, only mobotic behavior patterns programmed by a long-dead psychopath. There is no morality to be had in Islam."

"...The muslim has no need for a conscience, because Mohammed's example determines what is right or wrong. If he wants to rape a nine year old girl or slaughter a few hundred kuffar then he will not be bothered by a guilty conscience, because the 'perfect man' has set the precedents."

More at

Fidothedog said...

They were obviously "misunderstood" and so engaged in some "anti Islamic activities".

A spokesbeard from the MCB will make some demands for more cash, oh and blame the Jews.

caesars wife said...

those must be flags of peace then ?

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

After the first anti war protest, the week after when they were doing it again after prayers, 200 Muslim men turned up and told these idiots to shut up.
They aint all bad.

A.B. Gordon said...

"March for England", "UK casuals Utd", "Utd people of Luton" (except Asians, "E.D.L" (KKK/C18 wannabes). Sounds charming. Ideology? Cribbed from Mein Kampf.

Julia Fenton said...

"Right wing" supporters.

Oh I'm sure they were racists, but that's not what the policeman said. He said they were "right wing". As if that were the same thing. It's like it didn't even occur to him and the BBC that "right wing" does not mean "Nazi". No political bias there, then.

bofl said...

i see that they have made a big effort to blend in with the rest of us!

islam has no place in the uk.
we had hundreds of years of religious lunacy and hatred (still happening in some places).

islam is based on fear-
yet we bend over backwards in appeasement........

Anonymous said...

Dream on OH! Muslims will never be stopped from doing anything in our Stasi Socialist State misgoverned by that cunt Brown & his bunch of braindead totalitarians. Only the white, indigenous population are to be banned, crushed & finally extinguished. Hitler would stand back in amazement at what Brown & his deadheads have managed to do to a (mostly) rational, white, nominally Christian population who believe in fair play. Yet more votes for the BNP.

SO17 said...

I would gladly shoot every traiterous bastard who has allowed this situation to come about over the last 60 years.
I bear no malice to the Muslims or any others.
Who wouldn't, if offered, accept an invite to a land of milk and honey.

VotR said...

The racism, sexism and discrimination of the Labour government against its own people always shocks and disgusts me.

Anonymous said...

A.B Gordon

I have seen videos of the Casuals United March in birmingham, and they have a fair number of black and half caste lads with them, so Mein Kampf seems an unlikely source of their ideology.

They are just basic working class men who see their neighbourhoods and country changing beyond recognition, and without much political savvy think marches and violence are the answer.

They simply don't like Muslims, more specifically Pakistani Muslims and the way they act in all parts of the country where they gain a local majority.

It seems increasingly obvious however that these groups are being promoted as scapegoats for tensions that do exist due to the Muslims.

Like or loathe Nick Griffin, and I am not BNP, he makes an interesting observation when he says such street level groups are being fostered and 'allowed to run' by the Govt, in order to set up someone to blame when the actions of Muslims become too much for the status quo and cause real social violence.

No doubt when largescale Muslim riots do erupt the blame will then be easily laid at the door of the patsys of Casuals United, and not the friendly paedo worshippers.

A.B. Gordon said...

Anon 14.41. Interesting points. The "racial purity" aspect of EDL-C18, presently there may be a few West Indians among them but I can't see them lasting. With the BNP/neo-nazis today it is Ali and Faisul yesterday it was Isaac and Avram to blame. Mr Griffin made fair points when he replied to me once, here, one Sunday not too long ago. Bottom line? You ever been to a Masjid? No kiddy fiddlers when I was there. Britain. Where a riot broke out in Wrexham over refugees getting fridges. It is the contempt that "they" in Whitehall treat you that needs addressing. BTW if you put up a "Full" sign at Dover I will agree.

Robin B'stard MP said...

Islam demands total obedience and subservience from it's followers and uses the State as a tool to administer taxes and punishment.

In other words, it's every Labour politicians dream.......

Chalcedon said...

Just look at the bastards. Integration? LMAO. Not a chance. I wish I had known. I would have driven over and given them a dose of free speech.

Anonymous said... non political, non racist, just common sense.....

A.B. Gordon said...

White Aryan Resistance, non political, non racist just common chavs...

The Great Simpleton said...

"I now look forward to a fifth group being added to that list."

really OH, that isn't like you.

I look forward to the four groups, no matter how vile their thoughts, being given the opportunity to hold a peaceful demonstration. Only if they chow they can't should they be banned.

And yes I would support them being told they can't go through predominatly Asian areas for fear of provocation, but that's the limit of state baning of free speech at this stage.

As for this Asian (muslim?) group. yhey've shown they can't demonstarte peacfully so perhaps they should be banned or at least "kettled" next time.

The Economic Voice said...

Watch and listen to this link and think what so many died for and ask yourself a this what they died for? the words speak for themselves....

Britain was a peaceful christian country once and whether you like it or not the moral compass of the UK is or rather was up until VERY recently guided by christian values....

Undeniably the practicality of implementing the christian faith has lead to injustice and exploitation by those who would use ANY means to exploit others but the values of Christianity are of forgiveness and Love.....which still resound today in the hearts of British people who are not Christian through inherited not romanticize about pre Christian Britain and its golden Celtic age, a culture that spawned child sacrifice did not have a bearing on the current moral compass thank God. Even though as I said the implementation and exploitation of the faith was far from perfect and at times brutal through men who would wear any gown to reach their own we see today with a government who are apparently "For the working man"...ha ha ha ha

Hear is an uncomfortable question...

Does Islam fit in with the moral compass of the UK?

I am a Christian yet my natural father's side are Muslim so please do not call me racist or a BNP sympathizer who is Islamaphobic...the question does Islam have a phobia against British values that have governed this country for nearly 2000 years? if so.....we have a problem.

The Economic Voice said...

I would apologize about my spelling but I couldn't give a monkeys....

Labour racists arrive said...

A.B. Gordon said...
White Aryan Resistance, non political, non racist just common chavs...

31 August 2009 16:36

and yet again more anti white persecution from a fascist Labour turd, it is people like you and your wonk anti white racism that has lead to ALL these social devisions and much misery.

If however you are looking for a racist with Hitler like ethnic cleansing tendences and race hate propaganda then take a good look in the mirror!

Now do one you odious and vile Labour creep.

A.B. Gordon said...

Leibe Herr Arbeit Racismus, I am not anti-white, I am anti-racist. I am about as far from supporting Labour as it is possible to get. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Anonymous said...

You are anti racist, and yet the 'racists' you rant against are always white it seems. Central Asians are probably the most racist and prejudice peoples on earth, when racism is taken to mean what it is actually meant to mean that is, rahter than as an 'argument winner' to beat down any challenge to the accepted view. So, perhaps we could have a few rants against them? Or are you only comfortable with using anti white epithets like 'chav' which is different form paki or nigger how exactly?

A.B. Gordon said...

I have met with both great kindness and great ignorance among Asians. Among whites too. As for the derivation of chav it is Romany. Anon 17.50, you are the victim of men who think that they are right.

Anonymous said...

So you were using the term as a reference to gypsy children then? No?..

The derivation of Paki is from the title of the nation Pakistan, formed in 1947, are you saying therefore that it is not a racist term?

The term 'Paki' is used to refer to Asians, many of whom are not Pakistani, the word Chav is used to refer to poor whites, not gypsy kids.

It seems odd you are comfortable using one term and yet happy to condemn as racists equivalent to Himmler people who use the other, despite the fact the intention of both is the reduction of people to a stereotype based on colour and background.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure it has been said before but islam and the muslim world is best reflected in the Borg, in Star Trek. I wonder if that was intentional?
As for muslims protesting, I would suggest that they should be encouraged to do so, but with the proviso that they are subsequently gassed en masse. It's an efficient means of getting them in large groups to reduce any adverse effect on the environment.

john in cheshire

The Paragnostic said...

Here's my take, expressed in verse, I could not wish these Islamists worse...

If we could talk to the Taliban, just imagine it
Gabbling to a goatherder in goat
Imagine prattling to a pashtun, waffling at a wifebeater
What a waste of our time that would be

If we could talk to the Taliban, learn their languages
Maybe take a Taliban degree
We'd study wifebeating and murder, opium and burqah
Bribery, corruption and Kharzi

We would converse in hatred and in ignorance
And we would curse our future prospects too
If people asked us 'can you speak to terrorists'
We'd say 'We're New Labour, can't you?'

If we could talk to the Taliban, learn their languages
Think of all the things we could discuss
If we could walk with the Taliban, talk with the Taliban
Lie and cheat and murder like the Taliban
And they would lie and cheat and murder us.

Anonymous said...

e Economic Voice said..

I am a Christian yet my natural father's side are Muslim so please do not call me racist or a BNP sympathizer who is Islamaphobic.

I said

They aren't ''islamophobic ''

no one asked for this land to be colonised by Muslims

Anonymous said...

A.B. Gordon said...

'''' I have met with both great kindness and great ignorance among Asians. Among whites too. As for the derivation of chav it is Romany. Anon 17.50, you are the victim of men who think that they are right.''''

yes we would liked to have had reasoned debate with the government on their plans to destroy the people of this country

but now its gone beyond all reason
and that is RACIST

A.B. Gordon said...

Anon 20.55. Surely the white w/c vote should have deserted ZaNuLabour by now? Is it collapsing
1. Through apathy?
2. Due to the BNP being such a slick machine that they hover up the disaffected and storm their way to power?

Anonymous said...

Dear mr Gordon why dont you go and check out the site for yourself, Gurkhas, Asians (the white Ayrian type of course) on an English Site, heaven forbid, you have not done your homework now have you, straight in with the racist jibes www. marchforengland

Anonymous said...

A.B. Gordon said...( the troll)

Anon 20.55. Surely the white w/c vote should have deserted ZaNuLabour by now? Is it collapsing
1. Through apathy?
2. Due to the BNP being such a slick machine that they hover up the disaffected and storm their way to power?

Try looking at the unbiased facts again

Anonymous said...

I worked with self-proclaimed ‘anti-racist’ types most of my life, and not one of them has ever shown the slightest interest in racism by Blacks or Asians against White people. Not one. Even if you could get them to tacitly admit it existed, they would quickly try and excuse it away. It was all down to poverty, or our own racism apparently!

What these people mean by ‘anti-racism’ is in theory and practice anti-white-ism. They couldn’t give a shit how many white people are beaten, robbed, raped and murdered. How many so-called ‘anti-racists’ for instance protested over the murders of Ross Parker or Kriss Donald? Hundreds? Tens? Anyone? Their silence was fucking deafening.

Until such time ‘anti-racists’ can demonstrate they accept racism against whites exists and is a real problem, they should all be regarded as just guilt ridden, self-loathing mugs or anti-white bigots.

Anti-racist? Yeah right.

Robin B'stard MP said...

I cant wait for the day when Islam and it's followers turn on these self loathing white anti racist.

The day will come and their screams will fall on deaf ears as it has in countries where whites have turned on whites to placate the followers of Islam and other ethnic groups.....divide and conquer.

A glowing example is seen in the white lad kicked shitless in Birmingham........he was a UAF supporter.......muslims robbed and beat him.

The likes of Gerry Gable and his Searchlight goons have far too much power. They have permeated Labour and the civil service at every level.

In the 90s his AFA cohorts ran an active campaign of "No platform"......“The AFA is committed to physical and ideological opposition to fascism. We say no platform for fascists -no meetings, no marches, no paper sales, no leafleting -and we mean it, as the fascists know only too well.” in 2009 the same has risen again......this time it's Government ministers and opposition MPs shouting it.

Anonymous said...

I hope the paki's do take over Downing street and then procede to slit the throats of all the shirtlifters and care bears who put them there. This country is finished, there is no reversal more than enough fucking muslims already seeded here to take over in twenty years.

Thank you Labour I hope your entire genetic line perish from arse cancer because that's what you have done to us. Cunts.

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