Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Kerry McCarthy MP

Ah, the delights of rural France for three weeks.

37 minutes after arriving back home, I caught two hooded scrotes trying to nick my mountain bike from the back of my still warm MPV on the drive at 1.30am. I stopped for diesel in Folkestone at midnight and watched drunken women fighting in the street, a car with six hoodies in it trying to outrun a police car through the town and stepped over vomit strewn pavements at the cashpoint.

Anyway. Enough of that. I am refreshed, invigorated and determined.

I do not want to live under New Labour anymore. Simple as that. It appears that my options are:

Move abroad
Get rid of New Labour

I have moved abroad before. In fact, a quarter of my life has been spent in other climes. I do not intend to take my children out of exceptional schools because 300 odd cunts have made my life unbearable. I intend to stay here and fight back.

I hear Kerry McCarthy MP, the fat useless power grabbing oaf of Mogadishu East has been made some sort of leader for New Labour’s assault on the internet. Good. She is fundamentally stupid, untalented and will suck the cock of anyone who can offer her a lift up the greasy pole.

I will start with her. I intend to destroy whatever credibility on the internet she (or more importantly, her masters) believe she has, just as Guido did to Draper. As far as I can see, all Kerry has added to the blogosphere is utter bilge. Her blog is censored, moderated and full of totalitarian Newspeak.

I will need the services of a resident of her constituency, Bristol East for my plan to work.

Apply now.


no longer anonymous said...

Hmm, I'm getting the feeling you're not too keen on her?

Anonymous said...

"need the services of a resident of her constituency"

Yes, but can you communicate in Somali?

Ivor Bigot said...

OH loves Kerry, OH loves Keeeeerry!

Oldrightie said...

You could do worse, OH, in highlighting how our Great Leaders are funding the Taliban. A quick peek at my little blog-shack will point you elsewhere. If fully networked this should be big enough to terminate their bloody regime.

Goodnight Vienna said...

I'm glad to see your holiday did you the world of good OH - more power to your elbow.

JD said...

Do you have the harridan's blog address?

Guthrum said...

There is no chance of finding anybody in Easton to apply

My brother in law got out when his daughter was the only white child in her class and the only one who spoke English as a first language. The final straw was when two somali gangs had a shoot out in the street in the early evening

I used to live in BS7, we got out when one of our neighbours had three blokes trying to smash down his front door with sledgehammers with him inside it. The Police took three hours to arrive.

Anonymous said...

Good to have you back OH. I am sure Kerry will feel the same.

Oblong² said...

When I Google'd "Mogadishu East" this was the first result:

"AGM of the Black Carers Group
12 Dec 2008 ... don't read the menu options and go directly to the page content. Kerry McCarthy Labour Member of Parliament for Bristol East. Site Search ...
www.kerrymccarthymp.org/news.aspx?i_PageID=109564 - Cached - Similar"

Seems odd, since the page doesn't even contain the words. Can anybody explain this?

Henry North London said...

Discretion is the better part of valour.

TheBigYin said...

"37 minutes after arriving back home, I caught two hooded scrotes trying to nick my mountain bike from the back of my still warm MPV on the drive at 1.30am. I stopped for diesel in Folkestone at midnight and watched drunken women fighting in the street, a car with six hoodies in it trying to outrun a police car through the town and stepped over vomit strewn pavements at the cashpoint."

Welcome back to Broken Britain OH, where the minority rules the majority of fun loving Britons, you have to wear different hats for different towns you go through...which town did you spew up in just to merge in with the locals? If it was Middlesbrough then all I have to say is, you C..., we don't need foreign spewers here. lol.

Newgates Knocker said...

Just got back from France myself. Amazing watching hordes of french kids/teens actually playing with the games and equipment provided at the lakeside. No trouble, no drunks, no loudmouths. But on the ferry, different story, aggressive kids trashing the play area, shouting, screaming,jumping on smaller kids. While parents drank in the bar. So bloody sad.

Anonymous said...

I fck new labour i knew as soon as they got in this country was going to end up in a state if i ever see a representative of thiers anywhere near my street i will kick them out of it thats official fck YOU Gorden Brown you ass wiping idiot leave before its to late

Old Holborn said...

I also had to share my ferry space with the "youth" Everton football team.

Unbelievable. Quite, quite unbelievable.

Filthy scouse scum.

Anonymous said...

OH. I live near Liverpool. I love the place. I always describe it as a city of great contrasts.
Whilst it is quite true that it houses some of the worlds worst scallys, it also houses some of the worlds most wonderful people. Many times there I have been treated to incredible kindnesses by total strangers.
I don't doubt that you had an unpleasant experience, but try not to tar all scousers with the same brush.

caesars wife said...

An interesting snapshot , totally agree with most of post , Cant stand Nu Labour corruptions and rule of the ruin .

I think labour think the fight will be on the BLoggs , wait till they go out campaigning !.

Scott Gordon said...

Disagree-you can accomplish more from abroad.It is called a "Ruvuma river strategy".

Anonymous said...

Go for the throat OH! And good luck.

Deadbeat Dad said...

Go for it, OH (and when you're done with Kerry, perhaps you'd like to turn your attention to Red Dawn).

I'm not on Kerry's patch myself, but Bristol Dave or the Bristol Blogger may be able to help you recruit an accomplice.

The Grim Reaper said...

Oblong² said "Seems odd, since the page doesn't even contain the words [Mogadishu East]. Can anybody explain this?"

It's just the way that Google and other search engines work. If other people have previously made searches for "kerry mccarthy mogadishu east", the search engine will remember this and the results, hence why it sometimes brings up pages which don't even have those words in it.

The Grim Reaper said...

Incidentally, when you do a search of what the blogs are saying about Kerry McCarthy, this page is currently the first result. The second result is from GrumpyOldTwat's other blog ...Is A Cunt.

Which, in Kerry's case, I cannot really disagree with.

Rogerborg said...

Isn't this like beating up a retard? I mean, it's fun, but...

Actually, let's just focus on the fun part.

Thud said...

I too spend a chunk of each year living abroad and have considered leaving for good.Staying and fighting the shit we suffer under is the only real option so stay it is.... even we scouse scum do have a part to play.

Anonymous said...

No one thinks she has any abilty, that is why they give the non entities the top jobs, the policies are already made they just need some overpromoted simpleton stooge to rubber stamp the NWO crap and someone to blame and get rid of when the public smell the rat that always lies behind Labour policy.

NEVER think labour promotion is down to ability - quite the opposite.

They will take anyone daft as a brush or anyone they have plenty of dirt on, these are the only two types the NWO allow up the greasy pole.

When you overpromote people they will defend their job with insecurity and suck up to the boss as they know they are replaceable by many thousands of drones behind them.

Thing is the daft stooges don't even know it, tak flint who seemed surprised when they didnt want her input in her department!

The stupid woman was so obsessed with PC that she blamed it on Labour wanting females as window dressing!


They just want someone to rubber stamp their NWO plans and someone to carry the can as if they had some input beyond being stooges and toadies in the whole evil totalitarian plan.

Same goes for Gordoom and Dave.

Just rubber stamping stooges with almost no input, the decisions made by the NWO banking and corporate elite, passed down to the EU and passed through Gordoom and onto the minister for stooging!


Now you know why the goverment do nothing in the interests of the country but the opposite - because they don't work for the country, they have their sites on bigger international things once they have betrayed the country like the NWO stooges that they are.

Gordoom knows this, Phony knows and practises this, and the rest of the cannon fodder say yes sir as they wage another war killing thousands or strip civil liberties away, just as long as they get that post and payrise.

They certainly won't get anywhere near any power!

Anonymous said...

Voting record (from PublicWhip)
How Kerry McCarthy voted on key issues since 2001:

Voted a mixture of for and AGAINST??? a transparent Parliament.

Voted VERY strongly for introducing a smoking ban.

Voted VERY strongly for introducing ID cards.

Voted VERY strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws.

Voted VERY strongly AGAINST??? an investigation into the Iraq war.

Voted VERY strongly for replacing Trident.

Voted VERY strongly for equal gay rights.

If Labour anounced gas chambers for the poor I wonder how she would vote?

Let me guess!

Now i wonder why she was promoted - for her integrity perhaps or possibly for the sheer drone like obediance to rubber stamp neo Labour shit no matter how sinister?

mitch(in sunny Cyprus) said...

Shame these scum ruined the end of your holiday. Im currently abroad surrounded by teenagers with semi automatic weapons and couldnt feel safer. 2 weeks on RAF Akrotiri, glorious beaches,British beer and food and they drive on the right.

PS if anyone comes to Cyprus the place is great but if some scrote offers you a scratch card rip it up and beat them stupid, its timeshare.I got collared,went along,slagged off the hotel,the location got my free gift and was pushed out in a taxi to shut me up hohohohohoh most amusing.

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