Tuesday, 25 August 2009

HTML help required

Nearly finished updating the blog, but my limited HTML is causing grief.

Is there a kindly soul out there who could edit my template so that:

The left colums are a bit bigger
The right columns are a bit smaller
The middle columns are bigger

Add a section on the right whereI can add a whole load of banners (like the fat poof Dale has) to act as a jump station to other blogs?

Free Old Holborn T-Shirt on offer, slightly soiled

UPDATE: Many thanks to you all. It's looking good! Now I want to add tabs to the top so each author here can have all their postings on a seperate page. Any good simple code out there?


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

It's fun, aint it!!

Marchamont Needham said...

find "----- SIDEBAR -----" and adjust the width of side-wrapper1 and side-wrapper2

Might sort it.

someday said...

If you want to do a 4 column CSS page properly, I suggest this:


Click view source to look at the source code.

caesars wife said...

I am beggining to like it OH .

i retract my condemnation at the loss of this sites previous , bloke in a bedroom fighting for freedom rustic farmhouse kitchen charm .

it may have been envy after all

Doubting Richard said...

Try this blog customization page I used it to increase my width (I already had the length).

Any chance of a link for my blog for that?

The Paragnostic said...

OH - I've looked at my template and the help pages, and it looks pretty doable - to add the poncy jump station (you just need to add a HTML widget at the top of the sidebar, and put the images / links in a table). The sidebar widths are in the template too, so it's just changing numbers.

If you want me to look at it for you, drop your template to paragnostic@hotmail.com with a bit more detail of what you want and I'll sort it.

No point linking to my blog at the moment - I'm working on a long and hopefully offensive to NuLabour post, but it ain't there yet ;o)

Ivor Bigot said...

Shouldn't the top bit say "60 million" rather than "60million". Looks a bit daft, even if it is valid.

I like the new look, the old one was very messy. Nicely done.

Ollie Cromwell said...

You don't deserve it but I have emailed you all the changes you need step by step.

Anonymous said...

Any chance of adding a search box as well?

the laser sight on brown's temple said...

looking very good, a nice clean layout

Shibby said...

I have an idea for your "each author" tabs, involving labels. Simply put your name in the labels when you make the post ("Guthrum", "Old Holborn", etc) and then the tabs can link to posts with that label.

And example might be the label "nanny state":

Maybe you can do that with tabs at the top linking to the likes of

It only requires each member to put their name as a label in their own posts from now on.

Old Holborn said...

Exactly Shibby.

I'm looking at a widget that automatically searches all the posts and dumps all keywords (ie Stanislav) on the same seperate page.

Sorted. Just got to do the coding. Probably at the weekend.

Anonymous said...

Fuck off and work it out yaself!!!

But the site's looking good.

To ensure ya floats work correctly its a good idea to add:


in the css of the page wrapper...

Anonymous said...

Love the Verminator.

Joe Public said...

Whilst you're at it, the "Total Politics Best Blogs Poll" has expired, so you may as well reclaim its wasted space for your unique invective criticism.

Old Holborn said...

Job done.

Anonymous said...

You seem to keep harping on about poofs,couldn't be your in self denial??????a lot of fanatical poof haters are closets who wont admit it.

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