Tuesday, 4 August 2009

He May Be A Prat But He Is a British Prat

The case of Gary McKinnon shows yet again that the role of the British Government is not to protect its citizens,the only legitimate role of Government, but to actively persecute them on behalf of Foreign Powers.

We have had the Nat West Four shipped off to the States for 'trial' helped along by this Government and the High Court, and now we have somebody if he has committed a crime, committed it on British Soil.

If the Pentagon has such lax security systems, it should be employing McKinnon not locking him up for sixty years.

I have never understood the kow towing to the USA by successive British Governments since World War II that has led to us running after them in an illegal war and condoning torture.


McKinnon is doomed now that Hain is on the case


Oldrightie said...


Anonymous said...

Alan Johnson, by allowing the extradition of Gary McKinnon is showing himself up for the lily-livered 'yes man' coward he really is. Hopefully, this has blown his chances of ever becoming the Labour Party Leader as the last thing needed for that is another useless, incompetant wimp. Maybe he should get back to his 'postman Pat' role or wasn't he very good at that either & that's why he became a NuLabour Minister?

Anonymous said...

Interesting article OR. I've often wondered about the rumours I'd heard about Blair himself & his daughter's attempted suicide(s).

Sue said...

The Americans just hate it when we produce people far superior in intellect to their people.

They think they´re so bloody good sometimes, they´re shocked when this sort of thing happens, it hurts their pride.

It´s quite obvious he´s no terrorist...

Captain Ranty said...

"I have never understood the kow towing to the USA by successive British Governments since World War II that has led to us running after them in an illegal war and condoning torture".

When you know the truth it all makes much more sense. We own the USA.

The Founding Fathers signed a compact with the British Monarchy in 1778. The newly formed United States had no money so they created a USA Ltd and then they sold 18,000 of the 25,000 shares to King George. Those 18,000 shares are still owned by the Windsor family today. It would also explain why she (Becky II) still gives royal assent to US tax statutes. (The last time she did this was in 1997). We collect taxes from every American taxpayer. Ain't life grand?

But before we all get excited, you should know that the Vatican owns us, lock, stock and barrel. In fact, they pretty much own the world. It's good to be the pope.

Obnoxio The Clown said...

I think you're falling for the media spin and hype here. McKinnon freely confessed to committing a crime. There is definite probable cause to extract this twat, so EVEN IF the extradition treaty wasn't so one-sided, he would be going.

The exact same thing was true of those NatWest cuntoids. Yes, the extradition treaty is a fucking disgrace, but as it stands, the Americans are not abusing it.


If you want to see some really treacherous shit, look into the European Arrest Warrant.

Guthrum said...


I was going to put that in but needed to get to Cardiff

VotR said...

One of the more interesting things that has been onfuscated in the media is that McKinnon isn't just Britsh but he is a Scot. The name kind of gives that away, eh?

London, I do not think, wishes to be seen picking on someone who was born in Glasgow.

Harm Man, a well known Londoner, and Johnson have sold out a Scottish son.

At the very least, the rulers of England have shat all over a Scot, once again. Nothing ever changes. But of course, Labour don't want to be seen as Scottish bashers, they've lost a lot of face up north already.

Revolution Harry said...

Captain Ranty, your take on the situation is pretty accurate with one exception. That's the idea that it is *we* that own the USA. The impression given there is that includes you, me and everyone else in Britain. It is, in fact, the Crown; that nest of Satanists in the City of London. Sorry if I seem pedantic.

I had a quick look at your blog and I can see you've done a piece on 'Silent Weapons For Quiet Wars'. I read a review of it on Henry Makow's blog and that was more than enough for me. I'm tempted to read the original but it's raining today and I think I'll take your advice to read it when the sun's shining.

BNP guido refugee said...

I'd love to be able to defend the British hacker...but I can't. He's a fucking moron.

He knew what he was doing was wrong, as does every hacker. He's admitted he was doing it. It's a cast iron case against him.

Even up to that point I would have said maybe he shouldn't be transported to the US.

But what tipped the scales for me and made me want to see the idiot taken to the States is the fact that his supporters came up with some wonk medical diagnosis to try and wriggle him out of it.

I hate how it has become acceptable in this day and age to blame your criminal behaviour on a spurious medical/mental condition.

And the gang of dickheads all too willing to champion made-up mental illnessess because it will get "there boy" off on a technicality or because of the sympathy vote are even worse !

Intruder said...


He committed a crime under British law on British soil, and should be punished by a British courts system. Then there is no extradition.

Extradition only occurs when no corresponding British Law is broken on British territory.

The UK considers the law he broke to be so minor it's not worth prosecuting, which leaves extradition to USA.

It would be simple to prosecute him under British Law and give him a 2 week suspended sentence. But we don't want to do that. Even if he admits he's guilty, we *still* don't want to prosecute him.

I'm not sure where your idea of spin has come from - this is a genuinely terrible precedent where the US law supersedes British Law, but without any accompanying legal rights that a US citizen would have.

Ivor Bigot said...

As Obo says, he's bang to rights. In fact, to my mind he has become a figurehead for all the wankers who lunge for the nearest armchair-psychology textbook to explain away their twatish and/or illegal behaviour.

Fuck him. If you can't do the time...

john in cheshire said...

What did he do that justifies him being treated as a terrorist? I would hope that the next government renegotiates this stupid, one-sided treaty.
It wouldn't be so bad , but when was the last time you heard of an American being extradited to the UK for something they had done in the US, but which 'affected UK national security'? Never. And never will. Don't get me wrong, I am not one of the socialist hate America brigade. I like America and it's ideals (Obama notwithstanding). I just believe that a main purpose of the UK 'government' is to protect us citizens (subjects?). If they can't do that then they don't deserve our votes.

Ivor Bigot said...

So if someone hacks into a UK system from abroad, no UK laws have been broken?

Yes, the US have overreacted (as usual) about what he really did, yes the treaty is a pile of wank, and yes the sentence will be far too harsh.

But seriously, he hacked into THE FUCKING PENTAGON! What did the fucking spanner expect to get when they caught him? A blowjob from Michelle Obama?

Maturecheese said...

Ask yourselves, would a US citizen be handed over to us if the situation was reversed. Would they hand an American hacker over to us, like hell they would. They are not so prepared to crap on their own citizens as we are. He has hardly committed the crime of the century has he? All he has done is show the yanks what shit security they have. The real criminals (bankers,politicians), nothing happens to them.

If obnoxious's views are what we can expect from a Libertarian Gov then I thank god that there's more chance of a BNP one.

Captain Ranty said...

Revolution Harry,

Nice of you to swing by. The "Quiet Weapons" thing is deeply, deeply disturbing. I am finding more and more stuff like that and I will post items as soon as I have treble-checked them for accuracy. I don't like conspiracies because they take too much effort to knit together, but there is tons of stuff that is sitting out in the open. The sheer genius was hiding it all in plain sight.

Yes, you are quite right about ownership of the USA and I should have been clearer.

"We" own fuck all.

Not even our cars. We are merely the registered keepers. Next time you get a parking fine/speeding fine, send the bill to the DVLA. They are the registered owners after all.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to fuck them up at every turn.

no longer anonymous said...

I find it very suspicious how it took several decades for him to be diagnosed with Aspergers. Furthermore there are many hackers who do what they do and don't blame it on a mental illness. No sympathy from me.

Anonymous said...

Made up disease? Only just diagnosed? Maybe it's true that the only disease McKinnon has is being British. You know, those forelock tuggers who can do nothing but whinge as their country goes down the toilet, and certainly haven't got the balls to tell those bloodthirsty bullies the yanks to shove their extradition treaty right up their fucking arse.

Intruder said...


He did no harm to the pentagon systems but he pointed out it was full of other 'secret' hackers.

When the US Govt got his message they put passwords on their systems, and did an audit. The cost of this is the damage they are blaming him for. They can't sue him for the costs so they are invoking terrorist charges.

He should indeed have kept quiet and left the pentagon systems to the chinese intelligence to play with as they saw fit.

I don't care what he did though. And I don't care how much the yanks overreact. The point is the British Government manoeuvred him into this position where he has no rights. Of course his legal team will use any defence... what choice does he have if his own govt not only refuse to protect him, they actually set him up for the yanks to scapegoat.

Call me Infidel said...

I really couldn't give a toss about McKinnon since he admitted he knew what he was doing was illegal. However if he can be extradited so easily what is the hold up with that hook handed sack of crap Abu Hamza? How has he managed to avoid extradition for so long?

Hacked Orf said...

Shame. Just as I was warming to Guthrum, he opens his arse flaps wide and starts talking through them again!

not a machine said...

Disgusted by gutless Alan johnson and the rest of the labour Mps who allowed it , he should be tried in the UK under British Law in a British court.

Absolute disgrace , whatever happened innocent until proven guilty .

state control freak hoons giving Barry Obama good security headlines

Ivor Bigot said...

All fair points, and I fully agree that both UK and US govts have behaved appallingly (and will continue to do so).

Ultimately I suppose it's just his stupidity throughout that makes him such a bad vehicle for attacking the whole legal process (for me, that is!). I'm sure there must be more credible and deserving figureheads...

England loves morons said...

"I have never understood the kow towing to the USA by successive British Governments since World War II"- really, perhaps you forgot the US helped you in WW1 then literally saved your arses in WW2, then covered your arse during the cold war, and gave you very favourable loans during the IMF crisis in 70's, and bailed you out in Basra and are doing so again in Afghanistan. How soon you forget.

Lets be clear there would be no yUK without US bailing out its sorry arse every ten years.

So just concentrate on one sorry moron who thought he was smart and got caught, too bad there are consequences eh!

Guthrum said...

Lets be clear there would be no UK without US bailing out its sorry arse every ten years.

Yeah Right, and through out 1830-1900 defaulting on British loans, whilst it took the UK sixty years to repay our 'allies' the money loaned to 'save Democracy' from Fascism.

Cheers For that

Maturecheese said...

FAO England loves morons said

WW1 last minute showing by you and still we basically beat the huns

WW2 waited till we were on our knees and took your pound of flesh for your help

Cold war and IMF no doubt in your own interests

Bassra and Afganistan We should have left you to it because we are only there to make you look legit

The USA has NEVER done anything for the UK that was not in its own interests. That said I respect the sacrifice of the men in the US military but not the motives of the Administration.

Tom said...

Let's be clear eh - the Natwest boys were the subject of other criminal investigations prior to climbing into the ENRON trough - that word ENRON rarely gets into the same articles mentioning these scum (oh, sorry poor misunderstood honest traders)

As for McKinnon - it certainly sounds like he's no super hacker - he simply tried a few door handles to things... Given the ease with which he penetrated US military systems from his bedroom - shouldn't the yanks be howling for the blood of the IT systems admins in a fashion reminiscent of the treatment meted out to the idjits who flew armed nukes back and forth across the USofA without knowing they were there?

Perhaps his defence should be "he's a mild nut job who was wondering around buildings to which he gained access because the doors weren't locked" and feted as a security saviour and given the Congressional Medal of Honour?

Tom said...

Doh - silly me - I get it - they need him!


Britain loves morons said...

Guthrum you wrote "kow towing to the USA by successive British Governments since World War II" then give examples from 1830-1900 have you lost the plot man?

Regards WW2 debt repayment, you guys suggested lend-lease and were very glad of it, whats your problem.

Maturecheese, did you really "basically beat the huns in WW1" or was it the Canadians and Aussies? I seem to recall Vimy & Amiens. Most historians agree the war would have been a much longer affair with both sides suffering terrible casualties without the extra impetus provided by the US.

WW2 comment as per Guthrum.

IMF, no in fact it was in your interest you ingrate.

Basra and Afghanistan, well its open to interpretation, do you really want muslim nutters on your soil doing another 7 July. Admire your soldiers but your leadership and equipment are shit.

"USA has NEVER done anything for the UK that was not in its own interests." Whats so bad about that? However I have to disagree, after WW2 the US could have left Europe to fend for itself against the Russkies, it did not and saved your arses ONCE AGAIN. Perhaps you had not noticed all the USAF airfields in East Anglia, and Germany.

Have a nice day chaps, never say thanks, we know how inferior you feel.

BTW I once lived in yUK but I am not from the US.

Britain loves morons said...

And is if I needed further ammunition, the very next article I read related to cancellation of the Typhoon fighters by the yUK.

"Funny how it takes 232 aircraft to man six squadrons but only 160 to man five squadrons. With math skills like these perhaps it is best to leave the defense of the realm to its traditional defenders: The Americans."

Ouch thats gotta sting.

Toodlepip chaps.

Tom said...

Re: "Funny how it takes 232 aircraft to man six squadrons but only 160 to man five squadrons"

The RAF .... shudder... the most overstaffed air force on the planet, and the Navy's got more admirals than floating assets and our allies call the British Army "The Borrowers"

Lew Page's "Lions Donkeys and Dinosaurs" does a pretty thorough demolition job on this institution amongst others - highly recommended and funny in a black way too.

Getting back to the original story - I smell a large PR rat lurking behind this story - it's running and running, just as it dies away it gets another jolt of energy... I'm wondering if there's something in the pipeline that requires some ground preparation for resisting a further, more lucrative extradition attempt ....

adam said...

my advice to Mckinnon is to travel to France, renounce his British citizenship, go to Calais and either wait there until the government pay him 1700 to go away or enter the country as an illegal and thus have total immunity

AngryDave said...

No system is un-hackable, and if someone wants to go hacking they have to deal with the consequences.
If you go hacking into a government system then you are breaching that governments national security, and should answer to them. The excuse that he was looking for info on ufo's is just a bullshit and flimsy excuse for criminal behaviour. As for the aspergers excuse, i work with people with aspergers. Guess what, it is just another naughty boy syndrome, like adhd. An excuse for people who refuse to behave and do not like being told they are wrong. Maybe his mum didnt hug him enough or some shit like that. Or maybe he had a more sinister motive. Whatever the reason, he should not have been doing what he was doing.

At least this guy will actualy get punished in the states. Something our government seem incapable of doing to criminals.
When our government finaly force us all to have id cards, and all our data is stored centraly. How would you feel if this guy was hacking into all our data?
Would people still think it is ok to sentance him to a hug amd a stern telling off?

I know we all hate what our government has become, but that does not mean every decision they make is wrong.

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