Sunday, 9 August 2009

Good here

Atlantic Coast, France, yesterday

On a seperate note, I am hearing that race riots have begun in Birmingham. If anyone has a post, please let me know


Anonymous said...

It wasn't race riots. It was a bunch of white guys protesting against Muslim terrorists who were set upon by a combination of the police, the Anti-Nazi League and terrorist sympathisers.

If your skin was white, your head got cracked. It was that simple.

Catosays said...
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Catosays said...

I've got a post on it and so has Rab (with a video)

electro-kevin said...

Is that a giant picnic or is it minature people ?

Regarding riots. Nu Lab have been exceedingly lucky that summer has been a washout.

Edgar said...

Mentioned at my place. As I recently mentioned to GV, I've never been an alarmist but I'm starting to get very alarmed indeed. Somehow, I feel as though I have become part of 'the enemy within.'

Constantly Furious said...

Yup, Constantly Furious has posted something on this under-reported riot too, with a couple of telling pictures( nicked from Letters From a Tory*). It's the good 'ol boys from the Unite Against Democracy gang again.

Expect more of this street theatre now the weather's drying up and the cricket's as good as over.

* Worth reading LFAT's post - he departs from his normal measured style with a good dose of the fury.

Wesley Groves said... at The "Independent Minds" section. I did a bit on Brixton 81. New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Anonymous said...

Riots are just giving Gordon his opportunity to use the Civil Contigencies Act & to postpone/cancel the G.E.

Don't do it.

Wesley Groves said...

Rose? In the Vendee? What sort of cunt?

Earthlet Nigel said...

Found this, seems they wish to play the problem down.

Dick Puddlecote said...

There's a series of vids of last month's Birmingham protest here.

Comments to the one linked seem to be from some who were there yesterday.

Looks like it could happen more often this summer.

Anonymous said...

Goodnight Vienna said...

Edgar makes a good point - how many more people feel like outcasts and subversives in their own country? Most blogs I visit are running the videos.

VotR said...

We are all criminals now, vilified by Labour. The sooner they are gone, the better.

Phoebe said...

The Daily Mail has a report and interesting pictures of the riot:

Phoebe said...

and here you will find further links:

3 steps ahead said...

Oh dear, the thickos are out in Force again. Now THINK (if you can): Who wants the dumb sheeople to hate Muslims?
Of course it couldn't possibly be that they are two steps ahead of you?

OT: I notice that google analytics are active on this site. Time to get it hosted somewhere safe, OH?

Reimer said...

Blogger Goodnight Vienna said...

"Edgar makes a good point - how many more people feel like outcasts and subversives in their own country? "

I'm the head-down old-left-leaning bookish type who quietly assumed he'd somehow get through life without making many waves but has come to find he's staring in the face the possibility that the dislocation, chaos and unrest that he took to characterise life in far away places will increasingly convulse his homeland, and this at the instigation of his 'betters'.

You'll laugh but my regard for the authorities as essentially benign was for so long such that attacks on coppers made me feel personally threatened. I know, I know...

I wouldn't lift a finger to save any of the bastards now. Those in power are aligned with cold-eyed evil and would pack me off to the 21stC descendant of a concentration-camp like THAT, if they thought they could 'manage' it effectively.

Fausty said...

VotR, they want us to keep our heads down, in fear.

Fcuk that. Bombard the internet with protest.

3 steps ahead, Jews aren't the problem. Islam is the problem.

3 steps ahead said...

Fausty, In what way are Muslims "a problem"? Idiots usually forget that we killed about a million of them in the last decade. I'd say they're a pretty mild bunch. It's only the press lapped up by thick as shit twatheads that says different. And guess who runs that press?

Anonymous said...

Idiots usually forget that we killed about a million of them in the last decade. I'd say they're a pretty mild bunch.

Really? I remember that we fought several wars in Yugoslavia to save Muslims. I remember that we alienated Russia to give Chechen Muslims asylum. I remember that we've bent over backwards to accommodate Muslim sensibilities. And then I remember Sept 11th 2001 and March 11th 2004 and July 7th 2005 and June 30th 2007. I also remember the Paris Metro in 1995.

Take your bullshit about "Poor Muslims, the eternal victims of everyone" and play it somewhere else, preferably somewhere people don't have good memories or an understanding of objective reality.

Phoebe said...

Interesting debate on the muslim occupation of our country is going on here:

VotR said...

I'd like to think that sitting down and having a sensible conversation to sort out any differences might be the best course of action.

But since the riots make Labour look like the incompetent twats that they are, then I won't think that. Other than Labour are a bunch of incompetent twats.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Mr Rotschild. No, Mr Rotschild.
Lick your arse, Mr Rotschild?

So the unelected controlled NWO puppet stooge Mandy is to give the unelected Gordoom puppet a break and run the country for him during the period 10 August to 16 August.

In preparation for this, Mandy has been spending time with one of the real rulers of the World, Nathaniel Rotschild - whose family have been involved in running the world for several centuries.

Lady Mandy was stung by reports this weekend that he was 'running the country by BlackBerry' from her holiday in Corfu, where she has been staying at a villa owned by Nathaniel Rotschild, a member of the banking family - yeah the guy who had meetings with the Torys and the press in secret as they kindly map out the end of democracy for us and debate who to invade next.

On his return Mandy, will not be running the country from Downing Street. After all why should he? It as been a long time since the occupant of Number Ten had any real say on anything.

Now regarding the riots, tell me this - who controls immigration?

It is ethnic cleansing by the anti European racists in the NWO.

Soon the white race will be wiped off the face of the earth, the NWO will be raising a glass or to at the prospect.

3 steps ahead said...

Sigh... Anonimous 22:12:
You're an excellent example of the kind of thick dimwits I'm talking about. You don't actually believe we went to Yugoslavia "to save Muslims", do you?

It's fucking common knowledge the yanks at the very least knew 911 was going to happen, the Israelis even had a filmcrew ready. Even the BBC reported tower seven down before it even collapsed (saw that piece of psychic news myself).

The other "terrorist" attacks are a fucking joke compared to what we have done in the middle east. These bods are supposed to be the most dangerous out of ONE BILLION cheesed off Muslims? Even the comparatively diddly ETA and IRA did more damage, and they are a tiny fraction of the world Muslim population.

The west has been seriously messing with Muslims continuously for centuries, (thickos of course don't know this) so the stuff you whine and shit your pants about is laughable as "revenge" goes. In any case, large percentage of the Muslims you think are "stealin' bwitish jobs" are refugees from the places we trashed.

Now fuck off back to your Daily Mail comic and be a good little Goym to your eternal victim ZioNAZIs, ignorant Dimwit.

Ashtrayhead said...

This 3 steps ahead chap is a bit of a twat. I wonder what world he inhabits!

Reimer said...

Back with the subject of Police particularism...

anyone see 'Real Crime : The Tesco Bomber' last week on ITV1? Said plonker tries to bumblingly extort millions from said chain using threat of half-arsed letter-bombs back in 2000. Huge numbers of plods and liaising devoted to catching this hopeless birk over a period of months. Contrast this with the response to your favourite CJS-fuckup story of the last 10-15 years.

Plod is there to protect Tesco, 'Lord' Sugar et al - not us.

3 steps ahead said...

Ashtrayhead: Not Tabloid-land like you, clearly.
Now go pay your 50p+ for a brainwash with the rest of the Mongos.

JD said...

Where is Anna Raccoon? JD


caesars wife said...

Looks nice OH , Alas old blighty news is the conflicting ecnomic views , bit of wind being run up by all three parties , tories scare everyone , labour try and russle up horror , libs say main disaster is over.

I dont quite know how the libs can take there position ?, I mean what is the main disaster ?, bank collapse or subsequent ecnomic recession due to re flating there balance sheets and hoarding the credit.

theres another mini credit boom to help housing , which helps stabalise bank debt exposure .but then what more personal debt to grow the economy ??

been there I think , before.Busted with huge debts interesting strategy from labour , prudence has become a crack fuelled harlet, looks like were all infor a dose of an STD :sexually transmitted debts !

The hoons, darling and brown have got so many questions to answer , wonder if preston will be giving them a good gooey slobbering , cough I meant savadging.

As for Birmingham not heard that much about it , but just shows you what labour have created .

Debtes et mensonges sont ordinairement ensemble ralies

Anonymous said...

Holborn you cock, that photo is fucking remarkable. It's the same scene from last year, the same beach,,blanket, bottle of plonk AND the same fucking clouds !

France my arse, admit it, you've had another fortnight in Jaywick haven't you?

Hope you didn't leave the car in the water again.

Anonymous said...

Have to say looking at the piccies in the MAil that the whole thing looked like something of a storm in a teacup.

The plods looked like they'd got their riot gear at the pound shop next door to the tattooists that did the "white fascist art", opposite the igjit barbers that did the daft thug Asian hairdos sported by the opposition.

The unspeakable in pursuit of the inedible sort of thing really.

That said - I'll bet a pound to a pinch of whatevvah that 5 and SB are lurking around the edges eggin 'em on.

Nearly Headless Nick said...

That beach looks COLD!

Phoebe said...

Further news about Birmingham.

"The EDL Luton division was the only division out of all of the divisions that was allowed into Birmingham on the day, thats why you outnumbered those present and started attacking old men, beating them, stealing their Union Jack flag and then burning it."

Anonymous said...

@3 steps ahead

You need to argue against what is written not against strawmen you pluck out of thin air.

If you want to berate others as "thick dimwits" (that's a tautology, by the way), you might also choose to improve your spelling, your grammar and your syntax.

It would also be helpful if your "AWESUM ARGUEMENNTS I HAS REDD ON TEH INTARWEBZ" didn't involve the regurgitation of half-assed conspiracy theories.

In conclusion, fuck you and the donkey you rode in on, you retarded mouth-breathing cocksucker. Go gargle some Paki cum.

Anonymous said...

I reckon that this 3 steps behind wanker is actually Wesley Groves (real name K.McEgan) in 'disguise'. They certainly both seem to believe that we need to cuddle Muslims for some strange reason.

BTW, if any of you did follow the link above to the Daily Fail's coverage of the 'riot' did you notice the sheer hatred towards 'whitey' on the faces of those young Pakis ?

And also, no surprise who the West Midland Polticical Correctness Service focussed their attentions on, eh ?

JuliaM said...

"It's only the press lapped up by thick as shit twatheads that says different. And guess who runs that press?"

Oooh! Oooh! I know, I know!

The Illuminati, isn't it?


Masons? Shapeshifting alien reptiles?

C'mon, give us a clue...

follow the money said...

JuliaM said...
"It's only the press lapped up by thick as shit twatheads that says different. And guess who runs that press?"

Oooh! Oooh! I know, I know!

The Illuminati, isn't it?


Masons? Shapeshifting alien reptiles?

C'mon, give us a clue...

10 August 2009 12:43

Ah the shape shifting strawman!

very good! worthy of a five year old, as for the answer - do some homework and come back when you are less ignorant.

The situation has been made clear on many accasions backed up by facts, if you were asleep at the time then too bad for you, long may you continue to be the most ignorant, immature poster on this blog!

JuliaM said...

"...The situation has been made clear on many accasions..."

Or, possibly even 'occasions'..?

"...long may you continue to be the most ignorant, immature poster on this blog!"

Oh, I don't think so, somehow. Certainly not as long as YOU keep commenting...

Now, don't you have a 'meeting' to attend? *wink*

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