Sunday, 16 August 2009

Given A Certificate For Getting On A Bus !!!

Young Bobby Was sent a certificate by exams board AQA for being able to get on a bus !, yet his brother failed ?????

Truly the apocalypse is upon us !

I caught a bus,got a train and got on a plane to South Africa ON MY OWN- can I have a Phd ?


Ampers said...

I have a PhD in Life, at the University of Hard Knocks! If you ever go to the Western Cape, email me and I'll give you some addresses of restaurants, a holiday flat for four, and places to visit. I am from the area.

CryBaby said...

Yes this all makes sense in a draconian led society where the people in power are educated fools.

Fidothedog said...

I traveled across the Severn bridge yesterday to England, found my destination with no help what so ever.

Not even a sat nav. Come on Mr Brown get my certificate in the post!

SO17 said...

NVQs are another big scam.
Private firm approaches the Met Police and convinces them this is the way to go because of European Regs.
So Met employee's are taken out the workforce and trained up to do the Job the Private fucking firm are getting paid to do.
Nice big cheque for snakeoil firm, manpower shortage for the Met while brainwashed employees teach colleague's how to suck eggs.
NVQs are a shabby attempt at giving qualifications to people who never got anything from the broken comprehensive system.

microdave said...

"can I have a Phd ?" Only if you:

3. Entered the Aeroplane in a calm and safe manner.

4. Be directed to a downstairs seat by a member of staff

5. Sit on the Aeroplane and observe through the windows.

6. Wait until the Aeroplane has stopped, stand on request and exit the Aeroplane.

Which means no first class travel for you, my lad.....

Reimer said...

This was listed on Ceefax for my regional news - I assumed the lad must be chronically daft/mongoloid or some such, given the lack of background info on that page and that his local authority was trying to demonstrate how much they value everyone in the community etc.

In the absence of major learning difficulties isn't it time someone at these sclerotic public bodies told the emperor he looks like a cunt?

Anonymous said...

you fella's seen this?

VotR said...

Cotton wool society. So much of a push over, we're all fucked if we get invaded.

No wonder the government is appeasing terrorists.

Reimer said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

you fella's seen this?

I posted a notice a few days ago that Millipede was doing this show but couldn't listen at the time. Am rather surprised that it's taken so long for his stance to deemed newsworthy by the Mail, but in the light of his heritage & position, perhaps I'm being naive.

wv greedin

black hole sunset said...

"you fella's seen this?"

That ridiculous bog-brush haired gargoyle, David Miliband, is no more use than a shit popsicle and twice as unappealing.

Puts the New in New Labour, he does; the twat.

caesars wife said...

I bet they have one for voting Labour

Hanans week ass speech gets bitch slapped into touch said...

Fascist EU said...

Makes pointless Hannan's speech look rather weak, pathetic and trivial!

These are the kind of speeches we need!

Leg-iron said...

I get the bus every day. Never the wrong bus and never fail to hit the seat.

Why am I not a Professor of Busology? Is it because of the time I fell asleep and missed the stop? Come on, that was years ago!

Sometimes I get the train, sometimes the plane, so I should be at least Associate Professor in those by now.

Dammit, I demand recognition! I'm also a professional pedestrian, part-time pisshead and run my own kitchen as a solo effort. I've even been shopping. I should be able to paper my walls with qualifications.

Seriously, I feel sorry for this kid. He's laughing now, but he'll realise soon enough that this is what his country has become.

A place where you get applause for getting on a bus.

It's not a source of pride.

Dick the Prick said...

I thought NVQs stood for 'not very qualified'. 'So son, what qualifications have you got?'

'A fucking what? Get the fuck out of my office and keep on fucking off you daft cunt'.

Not the ideal job interview but probably a standard occurence in this soon to be fucking useless twats life.

Anonymous said...

Bonus points on offer to anyone who can work out what the real agenda at work here is :

Charity seeks end to lunchbox ham

Anonymous said...

Wow ! Pravda managed to get through this story without once mentioning their favourite religion :

Eleven die in Russia bomb attack

Funny that, isn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps his brother who failed didn't present the correct fare or spoke to the driver while the bus was in motion?

John's New Blog said...

When I took my A-levels, only 10% could be awarded an A grade; thus you were fairly assessed against your peers. A very suitable and fair method of selected those who would benfit from the then "free" higher education.

Henry Crun said...

I've blogged this as well over at mine.

lilith said...

"He was particularly surprised because he doesn't look out the window."


Delphius1 said...

Most local councils have lost any sense of perspective. Since the introduction of the council tax, they've had an almost limitless supply of money to squander.

I've just blogged about another council losing the plot and issuing a health warning to don safety gear to handle nothing more sinister than a moth caterpillar for fucks sake.

No, its not poisonous, it might make you itch, or at worse give you a touch of asthma, but they reckon you need to almost don a biohazard suit to handle it.

Guthrum said...

'Perhaps his brother who failed didn't present the correct fare or spoke to the driver while the bus was in motion?'

According to 'Metro' his brother had his IPod plugged in and therefore was not 'fully in control' whilst seated on a bus.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

I went to Wales once.

Where's my medal, and where's my compensation?

Anonymous said...

I'm more worried about the retards that actually manage to FAIL the course! Is that where the next generation of call centre staff are coming from? Even with all the preference and barring services the useless scum are still phoning me and my LATE grandad and offering bloody double glazing and fitted kitchens. WTF does a man who's current address is a cemetery plot want with double bloody glazing and a kitchen? Or worse will this shower be working for the Local Authority? God Help Us All says Tiny Tim!

Anonymous said...

Yet still,.........the cunt Milliband, continues to draw breath and feed at the pig sty.

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