Thursday, 20 August 2009

Free Lunch anyone?

16-May RAdm Love To speak at the IMechE local branch dinner After Dinner address Approved - Speaking notes seen by Nick Gurr

May-08 Maj Gen SV Mayall, Assistant Chief of the General Staff A mutual friend of ACGS’s has tentatively invited both ACGS and Frank Gardner (the BBC Security Correspondent) to a social event in May 08. Inevitably, there will be some discussion of areas of mutual interest and therefore clearance requested since it will not be possible, nor desirable, for ACGS to avoid talking to him. This will be a private lunch and not a formal media event/interview. Frank Gardner will be informed that it is off the record but ACGS will only talk on issues that he would be happy to discuss on the record. Note that Frank Gardner is a member of The Rifles Regimental Council and also speaks frequently at the Defence Academy and therefore engages frequently on a background basis. Approved

15 May, 13 June, 28 July, 18 Sept 1SL (First Sea Lord) "1SL is hosting a series of private dinner party’s at his residence:

15 May: Kate Silverton – BBC News Presenter and Reporter.
13 June: William Lewis – Editor in Chief, Telegraph.
28 July: James Harding - The Times.
18 Sep: Alan Rusbridger, Editor of Guardian.

The desired effect of these engagements is that decision makers and opinion formers properly understand the continued utility, diversity and relevance of the Royal Navy in delivering defence outputs. Media reporting of these events are not being sought nor expected. Standard agreed lines will be deployed throughout. Approved

29-Apr CINCFLEET - Adm Stanhope Hosting a dinner with various guests including Nik Gowing and Sarah Fletcher. Approved

10 & 11 Apr Air Chief Marshal Sir Glenn Torpy, CAS HRH is attending a 90th Dinner at RAFC Cranwell and is the Reviewing Officer at a flying training graduation on 11 Apr (Fg Off Wales will attend the dinner and is one of the graduations). DEF PR (RAF) drafting Min Sub for CAS to be available for either comment or interview at both press facilities (Clarence House lead). Topics of discussion will be the 90th anniversary (same message as this week), and Price William's training (echoing mesages from his regional radio on Prince William). No media bids as yet, but expected. Approved. Min Sub submitted.

01-AprGOC 4 Div, Maj Gen Everson To host an evening dinner at GOC's residence - Aldershot, which will allow him to engage with targeted members of local, regional and service media in accordance with his Army in Society tasks. Two media ops officers, SIO 4 Div and the SO2 4 Div will be present, along with COS 4 Div. Journalists have been invited from: Meridian TV, Aldersot News and Soldier Magazine Approved

26-Apr Major General W G Cubitt GOC London District St George's Feast of The Company of Mechants of the Staple of England (a livery company based in York). A short speech replying on behalf of the guests. Although asked in a private capacity, there is interest in military issues and this gives a brief opportunity to influence an audience which is a York general Livery Company. No media presence known. The talk will include mention of good performance on operations as well as grateful for support of the public Approved

01-May ACM Clive Loader, CinC Air Command CinC Air wishes to invite BBC journalist John Simpson and Liam Fox MP to dinner on 1st May at Queen’s Gap. The dinner guest list will also include: AVM Jones (Benevolent Fund), Sir John Day (BAE), Nick Cook (Janes' Defence Weekly), AM Peach (CDI) MinSub required - DefPR(RAF) to action

20-Feb CGS To meet with Kevan Jones MP for a one hour drink at the Reform Club. CGS has been invited by Paul Beaver (Defence journalist and a Col in the TA) to meet with Kevan Jones as he is a member of the HCDC, and has been at the forefront of a number of inquiries. He frequently asks PQ's paying particular attention to the work of the Executive Committee of the Army Board (ECAB). It is hoped that after Portcullis House briefing, CGS could answer some questions and concerns in a more informal way. Meeting should prove constructive and further relations between the Army and HCDC. A member of DGMC will be present. MinSub provided Awaiting Min approval

22-Jan-08 V Adm Boissier A request has been submitted to clear V Adm Boissier's invitation offered to David Shukman to DCINC Fleet's monthly formal dinner at Mountbatten House in the capacity of husband of Mrs Shukman, Snowball Consulting (Management Consultant employed by the London Business School). Dinner at Mountbatten House OSR. Approved

11-Dec CinC Air 2nd of a series of Dinner parties hosted by CinC Air. Attendees: Mark - Dep Dir of BBC; Col Neill - Canadian Air Atache; Air Mshl Sir Colin Terry RAF Rtd (Chair of Bucks SSAFA) Dr Kuman - CE Cancer Research; Mike Kurth - Boeing Approved

05-NovCGS Lunch with the Editor of the Guardian Newspaper Conversation likely to be based along the lines of the Hall reccomendations plus improving the stratigic relationship between the Army and the media Approve Subject to a submission to Min (DES) for approval

12-Nov CGS Invitation for lunch with the Chairman of News International and Editor of the Sun. To futher the stratigic relationship between the senior leadership of the Sun and the Army and is at the request of the Chairman of the News International. The Sun plans to run two weeks of stories on the Armed Forces in the run-up to Rememberance Sunday Approve Subject to a submission to Min (DES) for approval

12-Nov CE/DE Invitation to speak at a dinner given by the Army All Party Parliamentary Group, at the House of Commons The Under Secretary of State has approved this request Approved

13-Nov CinC Air CinC Air holds regular dinner parties with people from all walks of life and from across all disciplines Nick Ross (BBC Crimewatch) is one of the guests at his first party including guests from indusrty Approved

11-Sep CinC Air Dinner Party to be held at Queen’s Gap by the commander in Chief Air with Former BBC Newsreader Jan Leeming, Allan Duncan MP John Simpson Senior Media Dinner Approved subject to full guest list11/09/2007 CinC Air Cmd Request permission to invite the people listed below to a dinner party-• Jan Leeming – Former BBC Newsreader• Allan Duncan MP – Conservative MP for Rutland and Melton• Boris Johnson MP – Conservative MP for HenleyDinner party Submission to USofS11/09/2007 CinC Air To invite Nigel Chapman (BBC World Service) to a dinner party at CinCs house. Dinner party Approved

Full hat tip to Jess the Dog


A.B. Gordon said...

This is the same Royal navy whose new batch 23 destroyers can only go for two weeks without refuelling? Cos of a design problem. But that is classified. Oh fuck, I've just told you.

Goodnight Vienna said...

The point of these engagements is that they needed prior MoD approval - which means that whoever in the MoD is digging dirt on Dannatt could be in for a nasty surprise.

Dick the Prick said...

Sod all fucking surprise

Roger said...

"15 May, 13 June, 28 July, 18 Sept 1SL (First Sea Lord) "1SL is hosting a series of private dinner party’sat his residence:"

Bloody hell - don't people know the plural of "party" is PARTIES?

(The use of an apostrophe signifies either the possessive OR the omission of a letter.)
Whoever wrote this is ignoramus!

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