Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Don't Run, It Could Be Construed As 'Illegal'

H/T Woking Libertarians

He was lucky the last South American ended up face down on a tube train.

How much longer are we going to put up with this sort of thing ?


Rogerborg said...

Notice a pattern in these cases of uniformed abuse? Scrawny, shifty little wimps in glasses, screeching hatchet faced girlies with Chelsea Facelift hair, Affirmative Action types...

It's not about procedures, it's about the people that you recruit to implement them. It used to be that the social rejects with epic sized chips on their shoulders had to make do with being parkies or clippies. Now they get to be "P"CSOs or real coppers. God help us all, because the courts and "I"PCC certainly won't.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

I've been stopped for a 'routine check' in the past. It was way before I wised up to the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Could I be the first to add....que?

Fausty said...

If the cameraman had been wearing his camera, rather than holding it, he might have accomplished more.

Might I suggest that we equip ourselves accordingly?

Good find, Guthrum. Always a pleasure to read your posts.

caesars wife said...

Hold on a moment you dont know what happend before hand , bloke could have been running out of the house of known drug dealer or somthing .

how come passer by had high quality video camera ??

broadly get idea that stop and search isnt nice , but there might be more than camera man saying it was because he was dark skinned .

dont get me wrong stasi state is all wrong , but if you have suspicion someone is dealing drugs shouldnt you stop and search ??

Antipholus Papps said...

bloke could have been running out of the house of known drug dealer or somthing

And of course Jean Charles de Menezes was spotted leaving the apartment block of a known terrorism suspect. Clearly had it coming according to your logic eh?

but if you have suspicion someone is dealing drugs shouldnt you stop and search ??

No, because it gives the pigs carte blanche to stop and search anybody on the flimsiest of pretexts! How about we stick with the legal principles that got us by for centuries? You know? The ones that explicitly prohibit unreasonable search and seizure?

prashant said...

Nice pattern ...... Work from home

Catosays said...

Police in London have had the power of stop and search ever since they were formed. It was under S.66 of the Met Police Act 1839.

Rogerborg said...

>if you have suspicion someone is dealing drugs shouldnt you stop and search

You should stop them and talk to them. Then you should decide whether to do a proper search, or to apologise for inconveniencing them.

Pressing ahead with a completely token search only has one goal: to make it clear who's in charge.

Anonymous said...

rogerborg, funny you should make the comment about the cop's appearence as I'd mentally commented on it to myself while watching. Whereas at one time the police force had reasonably well balanced fit members, concerned with upholding the law, now it is full of all the 'little Hitlers', misfits & evenly balanced (chips on BOTH shoulders) failures who are out there to push their weight around, in an attempt to feel less inadequate than they know they are. Roehm's Brownshirts were of a similar calibre I believe, and had just about the same attitudes.

Wesley Groves said...

The Library here seems to have (self) censored that item but I guess what it entailed. Only ever saw Plastic Plod twice. Once in Sunderland as I walked out of the Uni then in Whitehall. Stupidity Masterclass. Advice to 2 drunks. If you wish to kick off perhaps next to Downing St isn't the best place? Scrawny plastic plod. I almost feel sorry. In Grovesworld I am not hostile to them I ignore them. It is the same as any guy I know dressing up in a dinky uniform and giving me "orders". Good luck chum. Here is a left hook...I fucking hate popo. Really, really fucking hate 'em. (One would never have guessed Wesley, dear chap).

Cheshire Cat said...

What a chippy little shortarse that plod was!

No wonder they want to issue the buggers with Tasers - one sharp breath would knock that little git over ;o)

wv: nowmess - an excellent new compound word for the Socialist Republic of Brownistan

Maturecheese said...

For gods sake, do we now WINGE about everything the police do. The police have to act on anything they think is suspicious whether or not it upsets the wishy washy liberals, even if this means foreigners get stopped more. Its the stupid PC laws passed down by our dipstick leaders that you should be concerned about not the police doing their job

Anonymous said...

Guy was lucky not to get arrested for filming a pig and done as "proving material that could be used for terrorist purposed"

Henry Crun said...

Maturecheese, come back on here and say that after YOU have been stopped for running down the street for no apparent reason.

The police no longer serve the public, they serve their political masters, the public are their enemy.


Ball Bag said...

PCSO's, I'll shit em

Anonymous said...

I was sttopped by pigs when I was driving behind an ambulance with an unconscious friend in. I had found him unconscious in his flat. The pigs stopped me, took their time, looked around my car, took their time, then gave me a speeding ticket. I got to the hospital late but found my friend in A&E. After a while the pigs who had stopped me came into A&E walked over to me and asked how my friend was - fucking bastard cunts - all of them

Anonymous said...

Is the fat guy being harassed in the orange T shirt Guido Fawkes AKA Paul Staines on his way back from the pub?

Henry Crun said...

Anon 22:33. Nope it's Damien McBride after a week pissing it up in Ibiza.

Anonymous said...

Wesley Groves you are a boring cunt. You deserve to be nominated on '...is a cunt'. It'd read, 'Wesley Groves is a boring cunt'. Because you are. A Cunt. A boring Cunt.

Harry Hutton said...


this is worse.

Bill d'Sarse said...

Nothing new.

About 30 years ago, I was running down the road and was stopped by two policeman on the beat (I did say this was 30 years ago, who would want to be seen in an Austin Allegro police car?).

"So why are you running?"

"To catch a bus. That bus (points). The last bus tonight. The one now pulling away which means I can now enjoy a 5-mile walk home."

"Oh. Sorry about that."

" Can I ask you one question?"

"Yeah (70's coppers - so cool)."

"How many criminals run TOWARDS policemen?"

"Off you go, you've a long walk ahead."

Cnuts. Always were, always will be.

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