Sunday, 23 August 2009

Don't Agree With the Aims, But Support Fully Their Right To Protest Without Interference

Open Letter FAO Chief Superintendent Ian Thomas,
New Scotland Yard
London SW1H 0BG

Dear Chief Superintendent Thomas,

On August 17th, you wrote to the Camp for Climate Action, requesting further information on the location of our next Camp, which will take place from August 27th to September 2nd, somewhere in the London area. You say that you require this information in order to help with “community liaison”, to ensure the Camp is a “safe and healthy” event, and to help you put a “pre-planned and proportionate policing operation” in place. We are writing this open letter in order to alleviate your concerns, and to make our position clear both to yourself and to the public.

Community liaison has been a vital part of every Climate Camp. At Drax in 2006, Heathrow in 2007 and Kingsnorth in 2008, we put a lot of time and effort into spending time with local residents and allaying people’s concerns, and this year will be no different. We have a good track record of building community support for the Camp and for climate change campaigning, we’ve already been in touch with local Councils across London, and our friendly outreach volunteers will be chatting to the locals from the moment we arrive on site. We plan to be excellent neighbours for as long as we’re there, we’ll be open and welcoming to any local residents with questions or concerns, and we’ll leave the site spotless when it’s time to go.

As regards health and safety – thanks for your concern, but again we’ve got it under control. As with previous Camps, we’ll have great food, water, compost toilets, a team of medics, a wellbeing space, excellent on-site communication, emergency vehicle access, and a family space. We also have a “Safer Spaces” policy and a “Tranquillity Team” to help keep the site free from oppressive behaviour or aggro. Anyone who’s spent time at past Camps will tell you how friendly and safe the atmosphere is – better than most mainstream festivals.

Of course, there is one unfortunate exception to all of this. While most visitors to previous Camps have had an inspiring and positive experience, some of us have had to suffer violence, intimidation, theft, sleep deprivation and harassment, thanks to past examples of “pre-planned and proportionate policing operations”. Local communities have been disrupted by police road closures and indiscriminate stops-and-searches. Members of the public have been attacked with batons or arrested on trumped-up charges simply for standing on the perimeter of a campsite (nearly all of them have now been acquitted or had their charges dropped). Judging from past experience, the best thing the police could do to ensure the health and safety of the public at Climate Camp 2009 would be to stay as far away from it as possible.

Bearing all of this in mind, I hope that you, and the public, understand why we don’t feel able to reveal the precise location of the Camp at this time. Every other aspect of the Camp has been organised in an open, accountable and democratic way, via monthly public meetings. The only secret is the location. There’s a simple reason for this: I’m afraid we just don’t trust the police. Why? Because it seems as though every time we have a protest, the police turn up and start hitting people. Look what happened at the G20. That’s not really a very good way to win people over.

Just because you’ve started using friendlier language and talking about “lighter-touch” policing, do you really think we’re suddenly going to believe you’re our friends? Just a few weeks back the Big Green Gathering was shut down by the police on spurious grounds, for “political” reasons. If the police are really trying to build up trust within the climate action movement, then that’s a funny way to go about it.

The precise location of the Camp for Climate Action 2009 will be announced via mass text as part of the exciting August 26th “Swoop”. I’m afraid you’ll just have to sign up on our website, and wait for the updates just like everybody else!

Yours sincerely,

The Camp for Climate Action Media Team
Written by M

OH UPDATE: Futher details HERE


Prague Spring said...

Apparently all protests in the Luton area have been banned for the next 3 months due to 'safety fears' :-

Anonymous said...

While no fan of ecofreaks I'm glad somebody is telling the bluebottles where to stick it

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that infringe against laws of public protest?

Old Holborn said...

I want to watch Police tactics here.

To them, dissent is purely dissent. Whatever they use against the eco loons, they'll one day use against me.

Know your enemy

mister_choos said...

I'd love to see the copper's face when he reads that.

You are right OH. The tactics the police use against these people will spread. Just look what happened at your walk last year

Is it just me, or does "Tranquility Team" sound a bit Orwellian?

JD said...

Good for them.
'Climate change' is still hogwash:

A.B. Gordon said...

O'H, I believe has it right. Twitter the police and let them know your views. I did. One of my hippy pals may attend. He likes hugging trees and being nice. Unfortunately plod sees this as weakness. Therefore deal with them by using currency they understand. Spearfinger in eyes, bite the fuckers, go for a disable. Punches to throats work too. Wear the uniform, pay the price. Oh, what is this I hear of an attack on the Harrow Masjid 11, Sept?

The Paragnostic said...

ABG - I gather the Met has banned the Harrow demonstration, just as the Hertfordshire Dhimmi Service has banned demonstrations in Luton.

The police management are so politicised these days that any decisions they make should be ignored by real Britons - if the Stasi don't want a demonstration, it's probably a given that the demo is a good thing (even if it is by the tree-huggers).

WV: 'renut' - what you do to the TSG the second time, perhaps?

microdave said...

That's about the politest way to say "Fuck Off" that I've ever seen!

A load of climate change bollocks, but they SHOULD be able to protest peacefully.

Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the opinions of these treehuggers & personally I consider climate change to be a load of b******s & just another excuse for that cunt Brown to tax us senseless but if that's what they believe in, they should have the right to protest peacefully without terrorist Plods abusing them (i.e. the Plods ARE the terrorists, not anti-terrorist Plod sqads). As OH says 'know your enemy'.
Good luck to 'em all at the Climate Camp.

Moaning Bastard said...

Interesting how you don't use the full word 'bollocks' in case it offends then six words later spell 'cunt' out in full. But that aside, I agree absolutely with the general feel here, that is, climate change is real but fuck-all to do with what humans are doing and is just an excuse for Brown and his hangers-on to increase tax.

As for the treehuggers, leave them alone to protest about whatever they fucking want and tell the filth to sod off and watch from a distance, a long one!

Ampers said...

Great piece of PR, that letter will get them at least an extra thousand participants. Maybe five thousand even!



Colin MacDonald said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rogerborg said...

Unfortunately, the letter is just as much bollocks as Plod's inquiry.

Do you want thousand of filthy wasters crapping and puking and playing bongos at 3am on the common next door to you? I do not. Send in the dogs, although I wouldn't recommend biting any of those drugged up drop-outs.

Doubting Richard said...

I believe in their right to protest, but have little sympathy with this lot complaining about police action against them.

If they risk my or my passengers' safety by breaking various aviation laws (which they do - any airport closures or incursions which increase workload for pilots or take attention of security personnel are an aviation hazard) then they should be restricted. I don't trust their judgement about the police actions.

Anonymous said...

"A.B. Gordon (Real Name K.McEgan) said...

O'H, I believe has it right. Oh, what is this I hear of an attack on the Harrow Masjid 11, Sept?"

Oh look, the world's most confused Scots, Irish, Homeless, Punjabi, Muslim Rastafarian is back. And he's got himself a new ID so that people won't realise that its actually that same old tired marxist shite spurting from McEgan's semen-stained lips....

Fuck off, McEgan. You shitbag.

A.B. Gordon said...

Anon 12.39. Wrong on "real name". Finally if readers want an unbiased opinion of you a psychiatrist (real one) on "Bedlam" (Reducing crimes blog) summed you up perfectly.

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