Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Criminals vote Labour

I thought it would be fun to find out what criminals voted, so I looked up the top burglary hotspots in the UK and their elected representatives.

NG5 Arnold, Notts - LABOUR, Vernon Croaker MP

LE3 Braunstone, Leicester -LABOUR, Patricia Hewett MP

NG2 West Bridgford - LABOUR, Geoff Hoon MP

CH66 Ellesmere Port, Cheshire - LABOUR, Andrew Miller MP

LS8 Roundhay, Leeds - LABOUR, Fabian Hamilton MP

SW11 Battersea, south London - LABOUR, Martin Linton MP

S8 Norton & Heeley, Sheffield - LABOUR, Meg Munn MP

N8 Hornsey, north London - LIBDEM, Lynne Featherstone MP

CR0 Croydon, Surrey - CONSERVATIVE - Andrew Pelling MP

BN3 Hove, Sussex - LABOUR, Celia Barlow MP

NG3 Sherwood, Notts - LABOUR, John Heppell MP

NG8 Bilborough, Notts - LABOUR, John Heppell MP

BR3 Beckenham, Kent - CONSERVATIVE, Jacqui Lait MP

M28 Worsley, Gtr Manchester - LABOUR, Barbara Keeley MP

LS15 Crossgates, Leeds - LABOUR, Fabian Hamilton MP

E17 Walthamstow, east London - LABOUR, Neil Gerrard MP

BS7 Horfield, Bristol - LIBDEMS, Stephen Williams MP

SW6 Fulham, south-west London - CONSERVATIVE, Greg Hands MP

SE23 Forest Hill, south-east London - LABOUR, Jim Dowd MP

SL6 Maidenhead, Berks - CONSERVATIVE, Theresa May MP

It would appear to me that Labour's core vote is thieving pikey scum. Just like thier MP's in fact.


Goodnight Vienna said...

Nicked, well done OH

Shaydee_Lady said...

As we all know... SCUM vote for SCUM

Anonymous said...

Presumably the "Thieving Pikey Scum" who DO get favorable treatment in our "Equal" society?


Marchamont Needham said...

I think you're still jet-lagged.

I live in one of these - and it's a burglary hotspot because we have nice stuff to nick, not because it's where the burglars live!

And George Mudie (LAB) might be surprised to find he's no longer the MP for Cross Gates.

Arndale security said...

There are lot's of scum in Crossgates, but these people simply do not vote, ever.

Matt Wardman said...

Hoon's constituency is Ashfield - 20 miles from West Brigford.

And what will you say when these go Tory?

Anonymous said...

Where do you think the thieving pikey scum learn their thieving ways?
From their (mostly Labour) thieving scum MPs.

Anonymous said...

Not wanting to defend the present shamble but what about white collar crooks? Where do they live?

banned said...

N8 is Crouch End/Hornsey where I grew up in normal houses now converted to multi occupi slums or penthouses for the uber wealthy.
They fucked it up.
and they worry about their rural votes losing interest. Don't make me laugh.

Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

Reading this I am a bit dubious about these burglary hotspots as there appears to be none in Scotland.

Ah, in fact there are none because the crime of burglary does not exist in Scotland. It is called Breaking and Entering and just shows the BBC as it is stupid and England centric, actually more M25.

If they haven't the wit to wonder why there are no burglaries in Scotland don't expect any British news from them at all. In Scotland we don't

Andrew said...

Is this a list of the places where most burglaries are committed or of the places of residence of people in jail for burglary?

More likely the former, I'd have thought, and so it says next to nothing about the voting habits of burglars.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that West Bridgford is on the list, as it's a posh, genteel area that's generally LibDem. The burglars must come from nearby areas to do their thieving. (Although it's a bit of a hike from any of the places in Nottingham where the real criminals live.)


Old Holborn's findings seem to apply to New Zealand to.
One of our bloggers was moaning about being broken into, and the thieves coming back for the new stuff.
And yes, he has a Liarbour MP!

I blogged on the matter early today.

Martin said...

I live in one of the worst areas for crime for a whole fucking year, and only witness one crime?

I need to get out more.

Alex said...

That's sort of a load of bollocks though, isn't it?

I'm no expert here, but criminals tend to
a) stick to their own local area (especially with crimes like burglary, though this obviously wouldn't follow constituency lines)
b) make up a small minority of the population

What your super-scientific investigation actually seems to show is that people who live in burglary hotspots, the vast majority of whom are not burglars, tend to vote Labour. The implication is also that people who are victims of, or fear becoming victims of, burglary, tend to vote Labour.

That's a tad simplistic though, so I wouldn't read too much into it.

Anonymous said...

West Bridgford is in Ken Clarke's constituency. NG2 also covers The Meadows area of Nottingham which is rife with drug dealers / turf war gangstas, this area will distort the figures. It's actually within Alan Simpson's patch (Labour).

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