Wednesday, 26 August 2009

The Creeping Police State

You grab their no claims bonus, I'll kick him in the nuts

Four years ago when I was on a business trip my Land Rover Discovery was broken into in the carpark of Bristol Airport. It was parked next to the 'security office' in the long stay car park. The break in was caught on CCTV cameras whilst security cowered in their box. The crims then use iron bars to break into eleven other cars. They then used my vehicle to smash their way through the 'security barrier'. All caught on CCTV.

The Police wander around Bristol Airport festooned with guns, mace, and other goodies. They have a nice little Police Station on the site as well where they can eat bacon sandwiches, donuts and drink tea. They saw nothing.

So don't expect a full blown terrorist attack to be thwarted by this lot. We would be better off importing some Glaswegian baggage handlers to give any potential terrorists a good hiding.

Two weeks later having reported the theft to my insurance company, reporting it to the Police was a bit more difficult, as nobody responded to my request for a crime number, a 'loss adjuster' arrived, with ' I was a Policeman' , written all over his face.

I was then subjected to an hour interview during which the implication was made that I had nicked the car myself. Despite the evidence of the 'security men' the CCTV cameras, and the damage to the security gate, and the fact I was in Aberdeen.

I had to fill out a twelve page statement, of who what why when, and get supporting statements from my colleagues in Canada.

The Insurance Company eventually paid up, two months later when they were about to be on the receiving end of a writ for breach of contract.

(The vehicle was eventually recovered by the drugs squad two years later, eight miles from the airport)

Today Mistress Guthrum has just been through the same experience, when one of her employees, had their company car nicked two nights ago, and it was used in a robbery. The first enquiry from the 'loss adjuster' was what was the background of the engineer was he reputable, had he a criminal record, was the company in financial trouble etc etc. She was made to feel about two inches tall and had to sign a witness statement.

Because of our previous experience, she asked him straight out, Have you been in insurance all your life. No, until two years ago he was a Policeman. What a surprise !

Old Policeman never die or fade away, they just find another job that allows them to carry on bullying the victims of crime, rather than catch hard core criminals. They work for Banks, Insurance Companies,the BBC and in Government.

ie 'We know where you live' (and we have 'channels' in which to check you out)


Anonymous said...

Are you sure it wasn't the police who broke into your cars ?

captainff said...

I was thinking almost exactly the same thing as anonymous above.

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

they are not interested in tackling real crime.after all that could be dangerous!

far easier to bully soft targets...

haven't you all noticed how they moan about the job they are supposed to do......
fuck me.anyone would think they were getting paid for it!

a schoolfriend of mine worked for the met.......thheir 'nick' was very near to a snooker club.

rather oddly the club was full of coppers yet not one of them remembered to clock out! beer,free tables+overtime!!!

and now they take dwarves as well!

Anonymous said...

Its not the Police State we need
worry about it is the wallies and
wimps that surround us who give cause for grave concern.
Last night a 1000 bluebottles and
a few thousand East End heavies had a bit of a fall out about some daft Carling match goal.
Are these the same Cockney heroes who stand in the rain outside their pubs and dare'nt say boo to
a goose.Invade a pitch ,smash some windows, but,cringe ,shiver ,tremble,hide
behind the shithouse,dont light a

The Grand Old Duke of York

Mark Croucher said...

It just proves how dumb some criminals are. I mean, stealing a Land Rover Discovery! I guess it was found 8 miles from the airport because that was all it lasted before the head gasket failed again :)

Anonymous said...

where they can eat bacon sandwiches

Bullshit. The police may be many things but they're not cannibals.

Anonymous said...

This shows the attitude perfectly

Rogerborg said...

Ex Plod make good insurance snoops since (anecdotally) so many Plod make fraudulent insurance claims. Set a thief...

Anonymous said...

Best wishes to Ms Guthrum & the unfortunate engineer.
Bullying is a pervasive attitude not just used by Plod but by their civilian employees too - a friend of mine at a big event recently noticed that the tyres of the car parked beside hers were not just bare but actually had the metal showing through - so she checked the tax - ran out 2008. As she stood there the owners came back & started asking her 'what she wanted' so she said 'hi mate, do you realise tyres are so worn down that they're really dangerous? You could have a very bad accident because of that' then started to walk away. Cue to lots of f-ing & blinding from said owners. At which point, as they had a baby seat in the back & were putting it at risk as well as their miserable selves & everyone else on the road, she took the reg number intending to report them to the DVLA. Male owner 'look the ******s taking our number' female 'don't worry, I've got hers too' then, to my friend 'I work for the police so I'll soon know where you live'. WTF?

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