Thursday, 20 August 2009

Cameron Still Running To Catch Up

Dan Hannan strikes again


Jefferson had it on the nail

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.

You will not see or hear this message on the BBC or from Labour,or from the Social Democrats or the Conservatives


The Filthy Engineer said...

I must admit it's a cracking good speech. Dave will be furious.

Shibby said...

What a story at the start!

Captain Swing said...

Excellent speech.Is Dan the new Churchill ?.We certainly need someone with his charisma and character to lead us out of the shit the current lot of twats have got us into.
How long before he gets the smear treatment.

electro-kevin said...

Hannan is our man.

He is out to build his credibility, usurp David Cameron, split the Tories and drag the party back to its grass roots.

Thank God.

electro-kevin said...

... can you not see what I'm on about, Ampers ?

VotR said...

We're fucked. The IMF will be getting their cheque book ready. On a plus side, Brown begging on his knees, cap in hand, will almost be a sight worth seeing for the price to be paid.

I am Sick said...

The tories need Hannan in the frontline badly.

Sadly, he is too much of a threat to CMD and his Liberal consensus / progressive agenda, that promotes the conservatives as a left of centre, broadly Keynesian, social democratic variant party.

If someone like Hannan ever managed to become Conservative leader, there is little doubt that the tories could rout the left and bring back into the tory fold, those who have defected to UKIP etc.

Sadly the Liberal / left, status quo establishment, fear the reawakening of true conservative ideas so much, they would try with everything at their disposal to destroy him personally.

Such is the state of the country these days, they would probably succeed.

Dr Evadne said...

Presumably he is not Tory leader because of his hair? As I listened to this I too wondered how long it will be before someone trys to find some dirt on him.
On a positive note this young man has a lot to offer politics and the Tories would do well to put him into the 'war' cabinet. So far we have seen/heard very little of Ken Clarke who is supposed to be shadowing Mandlebottom. Get Hannan out of Brussels and let him do a proper job in Westminster.

subrosa said...

In Hannan I see someone who projects the tories as I recall them. In Cameron I see someone trying to be all things to all men and making a mess of it.

How sad that Hannan can't be included in the tories front bench just because Cameron doesn't want to upset his liberal pals. Not just sad, quite pathetic really.

Ampers said...

F*ck the lot of you!

I have just spent the entire morning listening to every one of those videos when I should have got an important report out.

If Hannan succeeds in us having American style elections for Prime Minister, I would only vote for him - although I'd never vote in the rest of the shower.

James said...

He'd get my vote, about time we had some good old fashioned common sense

Dick Puddlecote said...

Hannan's point about protesters being portrayed as loons and fringe-players, whereas the opposite is true, is spot on.

Cameron called him a maverick. Unfortunately, the mavericks are running the Tory party (and the Lib Dems come to that).

Labour are just loonies root and branch.

Anonymous said...

I watched part 2 and switched off after hearing his pathetic strawman arguments on the NHS.

The man is a Thatcherite on steroids masquerading under a false banner of freedoms, This banner of freedoms is just as missleading as Labours banner of equality.

You are free to starve
to death, you are free to die in poverty to long term sickness where no one will insure you, your children are free to die from TB etc because you couldn't afford the shots.

sorry folks but the selfish society died with Thatcher which led to 10 years of Labour.

Anonymous said...

James said...
He'd get my vote, about time we had some good old fashioned common sense

20 August 2009 13:49

What I don't see in Tory's pretending to be Libertarians is any sense of compassion, that the public at large demand.

Rogerborg said...

Unfortunately, at 0:35 he gives a Hitlergru├č. Well, that's the still that Pravda will happily run with when zanuLabCon decide to destroy him.

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