Monday, 31 August 2009

Bullets or Benefits?

I have written a lot in the past few days on the disgraceful waste of tax payers money that is the £700 million paid to Princess Emma's A4e outfit. The story starts HERE and continues HERE and HERE in case you have missed it.

Princess Emma is in the process of negotiating a fresh £700 million pound contract with the Government to continue feathering her nest.

Yesterday the Ministry of Defence revealed that they are to discontinue the issue of live ammunition for front line reserves in order to save £700 million pounds.......

Now if you have been following the saga of A4e, you will have realised that there are jobs available, jobs that the Job Centres which we already pay to perform this task, could be matching up with the Long Term unemployed.

A4e earns £1500 for each Long Term employed who is coerced, by threat of losing their benefits, to go on their courses to make them 'job ready'.

Who do you think they Government should be giving that £700 million of our tax payers money to?

Front line reserves who need to learn essential skills to help them stay alive whilst they fight for Crown and Country? Perhaps we could send the army on paintball courses instead? Or Emma Harrison to help the long term unemployed play with sellotape and yogurt pots whilst they decline jobs?

Please use the Poll provided HERE. (Because I can't figure out how to copy it onto OH's site, I had enough trouble setting it up on my own site!!!)

I shall be sending the results to Patrick Mercer MP who said yesterday:

"We can't have a pop-gun army. The next thing you know we'll be reduced to Dad's army style training, shouting 'bang, bang'."


Cold said...

The shouting bang bang thing isn't a joke - on exercise we use to run around shouting "defence cuts" at each other.

caesars wife said...

Its quite the talk of the pub is that new program .

how long do you remain off the stats then if you are work ready ?

Rogerborg said...

Once again the Navy gets everything first. They've been shouting "Bang!" for years.

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