Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Brilliant Idea- Put Government On A Three Day Week

Belgium proved that it did not need 'Government' for nine months, now Chicago is following suite with 'reduced' service days

Once the British People realise that they will survive without being told what to do, think, eat the faster we can start making lay offs in Whitehall.

Include every Quango, and we will be well on the way to paying off the national debt incurred under Brown, £3000 each !


Anonymous said...

Great idea lay the fckin leeches of permantly i detest this fckin Government

microdave said...

Can't see the point of closing libraries and health centres. What's needed is to stop all the interfering "Back Office" meddlers. They're the ones wasting our money, not the front line staff who could (if left alone) do their jobs perfectly well.

Oh all right, I accept that many of them are hopeless these days, but that's what years of centralised control and trying to meet arbitrary targets has done.

JD said...

There really is no government like no government.JD

gloge said...

We already do manage quite well without. Ever noticed how peaceful (except for the poor sods dying in Afghanistan and their families, that is) it becomes when all the scum leave Westminster for their hols ?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

The less we see of these self-serving, thieving, lying bastards the better.

The country is a much better place when they all fuck off, and should we have a problem, we only need to call on the unelected Lord Fondlebum of Boys. After all, this cunt has been unelectedly running the place since Gorgon fucked off on holiday.

So who needs elected politicians anyway.

Shitheads = New Labour.

Anonymous said...

Come now, every prick in the Country whines they get too much time off already.

summer_breeze said...

A 3 day week for our MP's???

Surely they cause more than enough damage on the one day a week that they turn out now!
Not only that but they'd want extra wages for working another 2 days.

Nope, on the whole O.H. that's a bad idea ;-)


Rogerborg said...

You know, I'd be happy for them to take the money and just not show up. That's really the best we can hope for.

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