Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Blair on Tour

Tony Blair will be hosting a series of seminars and speeches in London over the autumn. Organised by the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, in association with DFID, Islamic Relief, WorldVision and Oxfam, they will cover the subject theme: ‘New Perspectives on Faith and Development’.

The goal is to explore the vital role that faith can play in all aspects of international development and speakers will represent a variety of faith and secular perspectives. Each seminar will look at the role of faith and the contribution of the faith communities to global development.

Each event will be held in London, though full details will not be released until closer to the time. You can register your interest to attend these events to by Wednesday, 2nd September 2009.

Monday 7 September
Opening keynote address from the Rt Hon Tony Blair on Why Faith Matters for Development.

Wednesday 30
September Faith in the Marketplace?

Tuesday 6 October
Poverty & Conflict: Faith as a Solution or Cause?

Tuesday 20 October
Health and Education- Where Faith Fits?

Wednesday 4 November
Towards a Sustainable Environment: What Can Faith Teach Us?

Thursday 12 November
Closing keynote address from The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams.

Friday 13 November

Blair assassinated

Old Holborn has requested an invite


Gordon Brown said...

I have just registered my interest.
It is 0.5%,the lowest for many years

electro-kevin said...

Well by pure coincidence that's my take on faith (link above).

It should have no place in the modern world.

electro-kevin said...

Better still just click on my name

A.B. Gordon said...

Had to bite on my tongue at an Amnesty do when "Ed" Hussain was yakking about Islam and radicalization. Blair wants a tame Umma. Frears got it right - Blairs head on a stick.

The Economic Voice said...

As a no good sinning cunt and Christian I find this whole interfaith deal very confusing from a man who claims to be Catholic.....

Anonymous said...

Friday 13th November is the date I'm interested in attending - will this be open to the public? Nice one OH! What a hypocritical cunt Blair is.

The Economic Voice said...

Actually what the fuck is Dr Rowan Williams doing at a talk with Tony Bliar on interfaith a Christian the Bible clearly states that there is only one way to God.......Hypocrite.....

bofl-too lazy to sign in! said...

a red hot poker would be too good for this egomaniac.

if he was so clever he wouldnt be married to that ugly bitch cherie would he?


Anonymous said...

Off-topic, but this bloke was attacked by The Invisible Man apparently.

Gumtree buyer stabbed in heart

Yet again The Ministry of Truth and Diversity fail to include a description of the attackers.

Is it cos they is black, do you think ?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:37
This is how it's done. This is why some celebrations, festivities, and flags are not permitted, and why some news stories are lost.

Reimer said...

Gumtree buyer stabbed in heart

"Although expected to recover, he is still too traumatised to discuss the incident, which police described as a "life-changing experience".

Almost as good as winning the lottery from the sound of it.

"Det Ch Insp O'Connor added: "These men were not messing about" "

And Commissioner Peter Kay added "They weren't playing games, were they?!" whilst sloshing a can of John Smiths about.

Reminds me of the case in the early 90s where a father & daughter in London had a visitor in response to an ad in Auto-Mart that resulted in their both being murdered and decapitated, to the obliviousness of their insular neighbours. IIRC the press was a little less terrified about publishing details of the suspect back then.

terry b said...

do I get to fuck Hillary Clinton if I go?

Newgates Knocker said...

Jesus! Could anyone fuck Hillary Clinton? Even Bill was scared!

Nick Nick said...

I'm going to dress up in a Burkha and nick stuff from now on....

Mitch said...

If bliar truly believed in god he could never have done what he has done.
he is a lying,thieving,murdering fraud and possibly a sodomite and when I read the bible these were bad things. Even the hag he drags about with him wrote about her "contraceptive equipment" which is a Catholic no no.

bofl said...

mitch.......things like contraception are only for the poor people.not the elite like tony+ cherie........

ps their daughter really looks like brown!!!!!!!

maybe he was poking tony one day and was persuaded to try a front bottom?

tony definately a receiver

caesars wife said...

nice picture did you get it from crimewatch ?

Wanted this man and accomplice for robbing £200bn from everyons efforst and transfereing it to the banks who are the smoking gun .

World vision ? sounds dodgey to me , hold on aminute dont they produce those asverts that show people in abject poverty whilst not criticising the piss poor goverments that run them .

It was nae me is perhaps a Blair project after all

Reimer said...

The photo looks like he was either stoned on something, or drunk on Mandelbum's cum. A cuntish trendy pastor with a clubbing soccer-player's hairstyle. Incredible to think this thing was PM for 10 years.

Rogerborg said...

I have a relative who "works" (as much as a public "servant" every does) for DFID. I'll tip the wink that he'd better start demanding a prayer mat and a copy of the Qur'an - in the original Klingon.

the fallujah faithful said...

nothing untoward here at all - tony's certainly always had a new perspective on faith and development.

spark up said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
spark up said...

would clicking on this blogpost constitute posing a fixated threat to tony blair?

Antipholus Papps said...

Skin him alive and drop him in the Dead Sea.

salt beef bagel stand said...


we could leave him to cure for a few weeks then fish him out and feed about five thousand tourists with the fat cunt, but i'm not sure that it's strictly kosher?

fuckit, business is business

pass the mustard

christian aid said...


hi sbbs,

i'm actually organizing an austerity lunch - all proceeds going to help feed starving little children in africa. would you mind sending a few rounds across to sedgefield village-hall? thanks awfully, the parishioners are becoming a bit peckish and just gagging to get their teeth into some good wholesome holy fare.

Anonymous said...

What a vile picture of Blair - it really shows 'the inner man' doesn't it?

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