Thursday, 20 August 2009

As easy as that....

New migrants willing to canvass for Labour or another political party could get a British passport within a year under citizenship proposals announced today by the immigration minister, Phil Woolas.
They also face being sent on compulsory “orientation days” where they will be taught British values, social norms and customs – and be charged for the privilege.


H/T to Bella Gerens


Oldrightie said...

That bit is only half right.

Gallimaufry said...

The only "British" value or custom remaining after years of leftist cultural cleansing is having to pay for something.

Shibby said...

I made a post about this on the 3rd here.
The questions I ask are these:

"How long before their schemes are reversed onto current British citizens? Will disagreeing with the government one day mean one becomes a second class citizen or even an illegal one? Might that already be happening?"

A little foil-hat for me but this can only lead to bad things.

microdave said...

"New migrants willing to canvass for Labour OR ANOTHER POLITICAL PARTY"

It's the second bit I don't get. Why would they want to take the risk of them helping the opposition? It's not as if Nu Liebore give a fuck about public opinion if they simply left this out.

lilith said...

O/T You will be a welcome guest OH. You can sit next to my mother.

P.S. Calfy innocent.

calais said...

It's not an amnesty, you understand.

That's 'cos we need a whole year to (politically) indoctrinate you.

ps: you pay us as well.

Brilliant idea by some ZNL toady.

Uncle Albert said...

They've lost it. Completely lost it. It'll never happen of course - there isn't time to implement it. Any policy announcements by Liebore now sound like somebody standing on the deck of the Titanic at 2am deciding what to have for dinner in the restaurant the following evening.

electro-kevin said...

Immigrants are not going to canvas for 'the other party' It's not in their interests.

Where will they be canvassing ? Immigrant communities I should think.

13th Spitfire said...

And they wonder why people vote BNP... FFS we must have the dumbest people representing us on the planet.

Even North Korea makes sense compared to this ignominious lot.

caesars wife said...

It is precisely this sort of cynical politics of busily building up the funeral pyre for the next lot , whilst garnering votes that are the political equivalent of a match to all ready broken and debt soaked country , that is the warning siren of where the socialist constructs end.

Labour insist on this castor oil forced spoon treatment towards the useually passive british people, trying to make a society out of ,bits of other cultures and managing to alienate both at the same time .

how can you teach British values when the Victorian eras or Churchill is charcturised into anti conservative leftest propoganda , how can you teach British values , when the state seeks the fracturing of the union.

Brtish values will come to mean , debt, intoxication, lost youth ,random violence , survelliance state and corrupt politics .

The points sytem clearly doesnt matter , true immigrants perhaps are different to aslyum seekers , but the cost of them differs and Labour will are losing votes to UKIP and BNP , because the all to obvious arithmatic of those taking handouts and those earning a living is begining to appear in the UK economy .

All labour are doing is creating future spending requirements and resource useuages which we cannot afford , and history is littered with the awefull events of when propserity runs out.

They should stop it all , we are full for the foreseable future

More internet censorship said...

Google Censors Illegal Immigration Information On Web

Anonymous said...

And so it begins .......... time to change from Google as my default search engine I think. Today, the USA - tomorrow, the UK

Reimer said...

BBC radio reports that Mandelson has been admitted to hospital for routine op on a "benign prostate condition". Sounds like Ahmed's haemarrhoid got stuck up Peter's Jap's eye.

BOD said...


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