Tuesday, 25 August 2009

60% increase in EU membership cost

Oh joy. After costing us a mere £4.1 BILLION in 2009/2010 to be a member of the EU, the price has suddenly been hiked to £6.4 Billion for next year. Yup, another £260 for every UK household to find (in 2004, the sum was £54 per household).

"to share the burden of membership with new accession countries".
So that's OK then, right? Latvians will be able to build as many windfarms as their politicians want because a Welsh taxpayer (oxymoron, I know) is paying for it. Romanian Romany "heritage" sites will be fully funded by the graft of Portugese Electricians.

I am a fervent European. I love the place. I also like Langhams Brasserie but they don't tax me to pay for the fucking lampshades in the Ladie's bogs do they?

Bastards. We need to do what the Swiss do. Pay for the bits we like and tell them to shove the rest up their arses - sideways.


VotR said...

It would be nice if the EU was a trade partner only. To even start doing that, we need the general election to kick out the Europhile, anti-UK British government.

No shit Sherlock, I know, but there it is.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Just blogged on it myself. It's fucking shocking.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was because this stupid government decided to pay the membership in Euros shortly before the Pound tanked against the Euro?

Or is this another increase again?

Anonymous said...

As someone who lives in Switzerland, it's clear to me that the UK can certainly learn a lot from the shrewd Swiss (and the Norwegians). Switzerland is a tiny country that carries out the bulk of its trade with EU members and yet has not been "left behind" (the common refrain from ardent pro-Europeans in the UK). On the contrary, the Swiss economy is holding up well despite the global recession and the effects of the banking crisis.
Switzerland has entered into a range of bilateral agreements with the EU but only in those areas where it sees a benefit.

Snowolf said...

Anon @ 1236.

Spot on. People cry out 'Trade! Trade!' without realising all we export is stag groups to Vilnius and Prague and porcine mouth breathers to the Costa.

No-one is talking about pulling down the shutters and pretending the rest of Europe isn't there (and I maintain that culturally and historically we ARE part of Europe) but let's play on our own terms rather than some corrupt bastard in Sofia.

Marchamont Needham said...

chill out.

This is chickenfeed - the cost of interest payments on the national debt is about £30bn - five times this figure.

If you want to fume about something, try that.

Oldrightie said...

This money was Tony Bliar's entrance fee to submit his claim for becoming the first Dictat...sorry, President of The EUSSR.

caesars wife said...

self fullfilling socialist prophecy , should burn treatise and start again , put it this way it isnt going to get any cheaper is it !!

Mac the Knife said...

"to share the burden of membership with new accession countries".

At least someone finally acknowledged that membership is a fucking burden!

A.B. Gordon said...

The next step is harmonizing of laws and policing. I am all for harmonizing with Denmark and Holland, not so for UK/Ireland/Slovakia/Greece.

libertyscott said...

Here's an idea, send the bill for reconstruction of the Baltic States, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria to Moscow. It is because of them that half of Europe was starved of wealth and freedom for 2 generations. Of course France and Italy should bear a proportionate share since more than a few citizens would consistently vote Communist, sympathising with the criminal gangs running the Eastern bloc.

Captain Mad HMP Broadmoor said...

I for one can sleep easy at night knwing that part of my hard earned taxes are going to the EU to pay for Lord and Lady Kinnock to live in splendor.

Rogerborg said...

>This is chickenfeed - the cost of interest payments on the national debt is about £30bn - five times this figure.

Interesting point. Be a good chap and send me £260, would you? It's chickenfeed, after all.

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