Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Who Do You Believe Brown Or Lt Evison



Lt Mark Evison Welsh Guards Died of wounds May 2009

The omens could hardly be grimmer. Not only are the military objectives hazy, but a campaign costing $20 billion a month has no political direction. Voters here, as in Afghanistan, deserve the truth. We are pouring blood and money into a black hole, and the flow will not be staunched unless a political solution is found.

Until then, 18 year-olds with the fresh faces of your sons, or mine, will fight and fall. They do not require passing-bells, or candles; only good equipment and the guarantee that they are the brave architects of a better future. No civilised nation should ask its soldiers, young or old, to die for less.

The Telegraph

The LPUK candidate in Norwich North is nearly nineteen, 'wise heads' have been tut tutting 'far too young', but I don't hear the same people saying eighteen, thats far too young to be blown to pieces in ramshackle vehicles with dodgy ammunition and kit- No just too young for an opinion apparently.


The Penguin said...

8.14 my place, very similar, inevitable given the dreadful circumstances and the fucking lies the bastards keep telling.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

"we are fighting them over there so we don't have to fight them over here"
If that was the case,why import hundreds of thousands of muslims?

Stop Common Purpose said...

Labour priorities are the likes of Leanne, the second moon of Saturn, in orbit around a fish and chip shop

As far as Lieboar are concerned, the military can go take a flying fuck.

George said...

The worse thing Brown did was put that cunt Ainsworth in charge, my 5 yr old son is more fucking intelligent than that twat, it just goes to show Brown's commitment to our armed forces. These men deserve far more than this bunch of liars and cheats, at least come the revolution we know who the armed forces would back, and i'd rather have them than the PC loving police force I mean service.

Oldrightie said...

No words are sufficient to describe Jim Snot and his army of lying, cheating, votes at any price, bunch of Lord and sundry turd burgulars. So busy saving their bloody world they've no truck with the rest of us. They'll be soon enjoying champagne holidays while kids starve, soldiers die and the rest of us can't afford squat diddly.

Anonymous said...

"I don't hear the same people saying eighteen, thats far too young to be blown to pieces in ramshackle vehicles with dodgy ammunition and kit"

Eighteen is far too young to be sent off to war and it is also far too young to be the libertarian candidate for Norwich North.

Eighteen year olds do not have sufficient life experience to avoid lies and bullshit. That is why they tend to make up a large part of the armed forces.

The Economic Voice said...

Can someone give me a reasonable argument to why we still have a military presence in Afghanistan?

By the way watch Andrew Neil give this twat a run for his money.


Field Marshall Watkins said...

"Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy." - Henry Kissinger

The government couldn't care less. Pouring money into a black hole? Hardly, they're pouring our money and the soldiers lives into the coffers of the Military Industrial Complex. War is big business and Brown is a fucking prick who I'd love to beat the living shit out of.

Steaming piss said...

Brilliant EV,my blood pressure went through the roof watching that fat twat minister dodge the questions,pity we can't send him to dodge bullets.Put the politicians up against the wall and lets be shot of them.Going to watch it again Grrr.

Anonymous said...

Will someone please inform me WHY are our boys out there? I thought we were a Defensive army. What are we defending in Afghanistan? Diamonds? Oil? Opium?

A good friend of my sons wants to join the Army. He is 19. I asked him why he was joining and got no straight answer. I partially agree with the sentiments in an earlier post that says 18 year olds have not got enough life experience to avoid the lies.. Saying that, my own son thinks he is a looney for wanting to join up. In his words "its not our war dad!"

Harri said...

Well whats the point of building a 1040 mile long natural gas and oil pipeline through Afghanistan with all them pesky injuns around to destroy it every five minutes!

We are talikng about Trillions of $$$$$$$$$$$$$ for the Canadians and the Americans once the Pesky Taleban are rid of?

Keeping Britains streets safer !

What utter Bollocks and tosh. they dont even lie very well do they !

Gareth said...

It isn't just the Government that are letting our forces down, it's Parliament and the MOD themselves.

The opposition in Parliament could have pushed and pushed for a clearer plan, a more thought out strategy, more appropriate kit and whatever else. But they, like the Government, defer to the MOD and push away their responsibility to give the MOD a clear idea of what is expected of them and to equip them accordingly. That is how we get troops without basic kit, operations that stall because our helicopters can't manage the conditions in Afghanistan, puff piece after puff piece about the vehicles the MOD wanted such as the Vixen, Vector, Viking, Jackal, WIMIK and soon to be another coffin, the Warthog. Parliament has stopped thinking. The MOD have stopped thinking.

The MOD can't have more helicopters because it said previously that the answer to mobility was the Jackal and Viking. Parliament is unlikely to give them more money for more choppers unless the MOD first admit they were wrong. Wrong to go in with Lynxes. Wrong to have so many useable choppers stood idle. Wrong to have delayed the upgrading of Sea Kings. Wrong to have protected the future Lynx project at the expense of current operational capabilities. Wrong to have bigged up highly mobile, expeditionary vehicles as the protected patrol vehicles they are not in order to protect the FRES project. Wrong to be abandoning the use of Reaper UAVs. Wrong to persist using very expensive fast jets for surveillance when Watchkeeper UAVs and light aircraft could be in more places at once.

The MOD is fighting an insurgency with Cold War tactics and their hands tied by NATO rules, it isn't working and Parliament is barely making a dent in this mentality.

Anonymous said...

For some years now we have been exhorted to be vigilant for signs of terrorism. Our privacy and liberties have been undermined ostensibly to the same ends. Yet we have a situation where newly arrived illegal immigrants if encountered by the authorities are given directions to reception centres and sked to make their own way there. We have, by the governments own admission hundreds of thousands of undocumented illegal immigrants wandering the country who could be doing anything or planning anything.

Man in the Street said...

19 year old Libertarian candidate?? FFS, who thought that was a really good idea? Fuckwits.

ranter said...

I'm with anon at 10.25 AND his son. What the fuck are we doing in Afghanistan - well the answer is LOSING! Why the fuck are we there - ask David kelly - oh wait, we can't he's off...dead!

Unless you really, really want to blow the heads off ragheads legally and without being bothered TOO much by the legal profession then i have no idea why a young person would be willing to risk their life for the toilet that is the UK.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure every man and his dog knows that us being in Afghanistan is a total waste of time that will only end in one way. Even if we 'win' does anyone really believe that in 2 years normal service will be resumed?

It's a pity our politicians never had the gonads to refuse when Bush came calling after 9/11 but even at this late stage Brown could - for once in his premiershit - admit that something Labour has done hasn't been 100% perfect and that we should be looking at an exit strategy as soon as possible.

However, we've more chance of changing Afghanistan into a bastion of democracy than our beloved and glorious leader, father of our economic miracle and saver of the world banking system admitting he has ever made a mistake.

If only he could tell us lottery numbers, with his infallible touch we'd all know 6 numbers never to choose, increase the odds a little!

subrosa said...

What age is the right age? These 18 year olds were given proper training (not a 6 week induction). Is the loss of life of a 32 year old less tragic than one of 18? Very difficult to answer.

Yes, there are many who would call those who volunteer for the military stupid, mad or worse.

Many of today's military are people who hold excellent university degrees and are highly qualified in their areas of deployment. All could earn far more working in business or industry but make the choice to service THIS country and protect US. Does anyone think our military enjoy working in a temperature of 35+ degrees and at times unbearable?

Let's not forget - without people making the choice to join the military, we may not be sitting in front of our computers today.

This rant doesn't mean to say I agree with us being in Afghanistan, but that's another subject.

t said...

A friend of mine works for the Central Office of Information - the people who do all of the governments advertising. She says that the forces are all insisting on spending their marketing budgets despite the fact that recruitment is full for this year. (and next?)

As far as I'm concerned, anyone senior enough in the forces to appropriate the money that's going to be wasted on TV adverts for jobs that don't exist, should stop whining about their lack of kit, and go BUY SOME!!!

Anonymous said...

What are our troops supposed to be doing in Afghanistan, exactly ?

Hearts and minds ? Afghan wimmins rights ? Poppy growing ?

I couldn't give a fuck about any of those things to be quite frank.

And if the Islamic bomb-makers want to build camps there then let's just take them out from the air - we have the technology to do this.

However, we would also need to do something about the so-called 'homegrown' Islamic extremists who attend these camps.

Suggestions ?

subrosa said...

t said:and go BUY SOME!!!

They've been buying kit for years. Families had to pay for boots to be sent out regularly to Iraq and also other items. I'm not talking about a pair of boots once in a while, I'm talking about once every couple of months because the heat and sand rotted them. Army boots lasted just a few weeks.

Please check facts before you should so loudly.

t said...

er Subrosa - I think you misinterpret me. I'm providing an example of the Army wasting money on advertising when they should be spending it on kit, and suggesting that someone ought to reallocate the spend from wasteful advertising to useful boots.

Furthermore, I suggested that anyone in the army senior enough to make this reallocation, should bloody well do it, and spend that money on equipment, rather than just complain that they haven't got any money.

(That the reallocated advertising money may well not be enough to fully satisfy equipment needs is so brain-deadeningly obvious, that I didn't mention it, and it's beside the point - I'm talking about money wasted by the army!)

Please tell me which of my facts are wrong.

banned said...

I believe Lt Mark Evison and thank him for his final service to our country for confirming what a bloody mess it is out there.

Re EVs Youtube link, that rimmer Rimmell repeatedly refused to reveal the exact number of Chinook helicopters available in Afghanistan compared to the Americans 120 ( Shh, military secret ).
It is loudly on the front page of todays Telegraph. 10.

Guthrum said...

19 year old Libertarian candidate?? FFS, who thought that was a really good idea? Fuckwits.

18 year olds dying in Afghanistan, a 55 year old fuckwit thought that one up

Quote we hope to finish here without firing a shot

Dont mention the BNP said...

"19 year old Libertarian candidate?? FFS, who thought that was a really good idea? Fuckwits."

Guthrum's, obviously!

Henry North London said...

There have been wars before in Afghanistan. The British were routed Why does no one look at the history and the experience? The plain fact is that afghanistan is a place to keep the army and to kill off a few of them so that they are demoralised when the government relents and brings them back so that the EU can rule supreme.
18 is far too young to die. They are basically kids being blown up for the Government to use as cannon fodder

as for an 18 year old candidate? Well Her highness Chloe smith is a poor campaigner, at 27 She didnt even bother to stop and talk when I bumped into her on Saturday.

Man in the Street said...

Just responded to one of many vacuous posts Kerry (Bristol somewhere) has had the temerity to publish.

"Did you spot a single politician in Wootton Bassett today Kerry?

Did you hell, they would have been lynched, deservedly so.

btw - not far from you in Bristol or London really is it? It's on the M4 corridor. How about it? Put your face where you and your party's mouth is. I dare you.

... Too busy twattering probably - all 168 characters worth of the best this country has to offer. Shame on you."

Sorry for repeating myself here, after watching Sky I am fucking livid again. I blame OH.

the new imperialism said...

What did they die for?

They died so the NWO could use Afghanistan as a base from which it can destabilise Pakistan and Russia and continue with it's world ransacking and imperialism.

The global bankers went to see Saddam just before the war seeking to take control of his banks, Saddam said no and you know the rest, thousands of innocents dead.

You can never win the war because for each taliban you kill another 2 members of his family come accross from Pakistan and their is an unlimited supply.

Pull out of the area and let them have their trbal, religious disputes, it is not our concern.

Not the soldiers fault, unfortunately they are ignorant to it, though it appears less so these days as recruitment drops like a stone.

Anonymous said...

Funny how no labour party shits poke their heads up when such things are reported.

This is death in your name Labour scum, are you not proud of your NWO super rich puppet party of Labour royal dynasties and all the people it has killed?

speak up, the silence is deafening!

and yet words are cheapm as you sick Labour supporting bastards still vote for them!

ingle said...

Q. "[...} what are we doing in Afghanistan [...]" (multiple posters).

A. Doing the septics' bidding in their manhunt for their numero uno outlaw, ObL.


Man in the Street said...

Update - Kerry has published but not commented, yet.

(sorry OH for pimping myself here but ...)

Biffo said...

Those words from Lt Evison bring tears to my eyes.

Tears of anger that the incompetent delusional hypocritical cunt James Gordon Brown, well known benefit scrounger, is forcing our servicemen to live & die in such conditions, claiming it's due to budget restraints, while at the same time he's giving away millions to bankers, benefit scroungers like himself, immigrant terrorists & Uncle Tom Cobley & All - everyone in fact except the people who deserve it.

Tears of shame that we, the British people, allow this state of affairs to continue.

Tears of grief, for Lt Evison & for all the other young service people who have been sacrificed in Iraq & Afghanistan to fulfill the ego-filled dreams of Bush, Blair & Brown & for their bereaved families. RIP, heros all.

Anonymous said...

ingle said...
Q. "[...} what are we doing in Afghanistan [...]" (multiple posters).

A. Doing the septics' bidding in their manhunt for their numero uno outlaw, ObL.


14 July 2009 19:54

Bollocks, he lives in London and is a taxi driver. if you call him Osama he has you arrested by Labours stazi for racism.

Alfred of Wessex said...

Trouble is, joining the Army is the only way a white British man can get weapons training in this country.

Our "Asian" citizens, however, only have to take an extended "holiday" in Pakistan.

No prizes for guessing which group is going to have the advantage when the inevitable Civil War starts. And no prizes for guessing which side the British state will be on.

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