Thursday, 23 July 2009

We Hate Gordon Too

To apply anti-terrorist laws to freeze Icelandic assets is a long way beyond what is acceptable and it has left a lot of bad feelings," he told The Daily Telegraph. Almost nobody on this island nation can fathom what made Britain think it proportional to list Iceland's central bank alongside al-Qaeda as a terrorist organisation.

"Somehow we have to solve this problem in a civilised manner, but the IceSave agreement is very unpopular. People feel that this imposes a terrible burden," he said. Indeed, he himself has to walk a daily gauntlet, passing youths wearing "IceSlave" T-shirts on the Hverfisgata drag.

In Iceland they now realise they are going to be in debt for generations, in Britain Nu Labour are still spending our money in their heads and making promises the national credit card cannot support.


Old Holborn said...

I want one of those T-Shirts

Come on Guthrum, get T-shirts organised.


Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Fuck off on holiday, you.

Anonymous said...

We are spyed on by the local councils under anti terrorist legislation:-)Never mind, I'm sure our MPs will soon remedy the situation.

Today my town was ethnically cleansed by the Labour NAZIS said...

Today I went looking for the conveyer belt hooked up to the third world with Gordon handing out free money at the end of it as they appear to have installed it in my working class previously happy town around 2 years ago.

previously everyone knew everyone and we knew who to trust and who not to and generally you could speak to anyone and get along.

This is a poor town and resources are tight, we don't have a swimming pool(closed down), a hospital(closed down), a cinima(closed down) and they even closed down the council housing waiting list at one time as there were too many people on it.

Yet in the last 2 years the town has seen a flood of immigrants, not settled immigrants but new immigrants who cannot speak English and appear to have no skills, they double in number every single month, we are now at the point where you would not bother to ask someone the time as chances are they won't understand a word you say or would be part of one of the many new enriching gangsta gangs.

This must be going on in every single working class town in the UK and if it hasn't yet it soon will.

A poor working class town that was ethnically cleansed in two short years and a happy SINGLE community destroyed forever.

Thanks Labour, thanks conservatives, thanks Liberals, thanks Glibertarians, thanks non voters, thanks UKCRAP.

Do any of you even give a shit?

I know who I am voting for and it ain't the fucking Glibertarian head up arse party or the NWO Cons.

Sven said...

Everything vaguely troublesome is now covered by 'terrorism', I was watching on newsnight about how Piratebay has been used as an excuse by Swedish authorities to monitor all the emails and internet traffic of Swedish citizens with no need for court warrants etc, the excuse, of course is 'terrorism' :-

Lindberg describes as the biggest political debate for 20 years.

At its heart is a controversial law passed in parliament last year.

Known as the FRA Law, in honour of the Swedish electronic intelligence agency, equivalent to Britain's GCHQ, it permits the monitoring of international phone calls, e-mail and internet traffic.

Some of the world's most powerful computers will scan all cross-border e-traffic in real time for a quarter of a million trigger words and phrases that the security services believe warrant further investigation.

And it can be done without judicial oversight.

Anti-terror necessity

In the UK the Home Office recently put out to consultation proposals which would give GCHQ similar powers.

Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt told Newsnight the law is directed not at file-sharers, but terrorists:

"I think we struck a clear balance between integrity… and security," he said.

"Take for instance a bomb blowing up in Stockholm or London - a lot of the electorate would ask me 'What did you do [to prevent it]?'

Anonymous said...

We feel your pain, Icelandic comrades. It's worse for us, though, as we're stuck with the bastard. To compound matters we have a Prince of Darkness truly running matters.

At least you lot had the courage to protest; protests which led to the resignation of the government. Our citizens are too busy eating ready meals and watching X-Factor. Fucking mindless, cowardly drones.

At least you have your energy secured, with your thermal resources. All our oil and gas has been flogged to the lowest bidder. We may have to start burning chavs for our heat soon.

Condolences for the way Brown has shamefully treated you.

The NWO is a terrorist organisation said...

"Take for instance a bomb blowing up in Stockholm or London - a lot of the electorate would ask me 'What did you do [to prevent it]?'

23 July 2009 20:22

Would that be the ones they help to plant in order to gain further control?

Charles E Hardwidge said...

After kind consideration I do not believe that hard working families domicile in the UK should over duly concern themselves with the fate of the Icelandic nation of greedy right wing bankers who would steal the money from Labours immense achievements over the last 12 years depriving our cherished local authorities, hospitals and even the LGBT community of vital funds. Gordon Brown acted swiftly and resolutely to protect the funding of our vital qango’s and the BBC pension pot from being siphoned by these Viking embezzlers. One day the British people will thank Gordon for his swift no nonsense action something which could be compared to a working man rapping across the knuckles the hand of a thief trying to remove his wallet from his jacket pocket containing his family credit gyro. Gordon has protected the financial interest of the British worker and we are all immensely grateful

Blackthorn said...

Bastards have deleted it

caesars wife said...

I think I am begining to wonder when democracy became a matter of lying, vanity projects and champagne troughing .

the marxists have taken over the asylum and made us into media prolls .

Snake oil salesmen about to exit stage left , when they should be prosicuted for national deception .

have a nice Hol OH , tell us how the fruit de mares is , quite fancy one my self

Anonymous said...

G.O.T. had a link on his blog at one stage to a version of 'Fuck You' that you could download. That might still be there.
Charles E - fuck off back to LabourLost.

banned said...

Bullying Iceland and denouncing them jointly as 'terrorists' was just one of this Governments more shameful actions.

Anonymous said...

Could you imagine Britain pulling such a stunt on a non-European nation? Hardly bears thinking about.

Then again when you pass a law that says 'We can do anything we like on whatsoever pretext we please' then can one really be surprised when it gets abused?

Anonymous said...

Today my town was ethnically cleansed by the Labour NAZIS said..

that printed on a T-Shirt

Anonymous said...

A poor working class town that was ethnically cleansed in two short years and a happy SINGLE community destroyed forever.

and the morons in Norwich still vote for lab/lib/CONs like the unthinking cowed sheep they are

Lets hope ethnic cleansing takes the LIBSLABCON Voters to the Cleaners and Ethnicly cleanses every bit of Norwich cleaners ever last bit of Norwich care of the LIbLabCON

Anonymous said...

The creation of Terrorism as been an invaluable tool for social and political control

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