Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Une célébration de la liberté

If we tried this in the UK, this child would be taken into care for showing BNP tendencies, her parents would be fired from their jobs and the Righteous would have us wearing hairshirts for the rest of our lives

Vive la France - whether you like them or not is irrelevent. They really do as they fucking well please. Good on them.

Joyeaux le Jour de Bastille

UPDATE: Anna does it so much better....


Wesley Groves said...

I was in Paris during Easter 1998.In a high street store I got took short & needed a slash. The mens toilet was opposite the ladies. Swing doors a la western saloons. Kids ran in & out, shouting & playing. We saw the lasses applying maquillage. They saw us pissing. So did the kids. If that was Ingerlund plod would have called in counselling,social workers would have taken little Jean et Claudette into care & all the men would have been arrested. You really, seriously have a sick nation Britain. Why is that?

Shibby said...

The freedom and privacy of French citizens is also at severe risk.


Although it's not quite as bad as here.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

We spend a lot of time in la belle France, in a tiny hamlet, in which there are several families, but only three kids. Two 12 year-old girls and a 10 year-old boy.

When we greet each other, we kiss on the cheeks.

My brother-in-law and his missus came to visit, and the kids came over. The eldest girl offered him her cheek to kiss, and he backed off, quite shocked that a child should do this. He was genuinely concerned that he could be perceived as a "paedophile".

I explained this cultural practice to him, but he was, and is not convinced, and I can understand how he feels.

In England, greeting a child with a kiss on the cheek would probably see you in prison for a good seven years. We are one seriously fucked up nation, and the more time I spend en France, the better.

Vive la France!!

Wesley Groves said...

I thought of going to France. But les flics can be a pain in the cul. Hitching near Verdun (quiet Sunday, no public transport) I am stopped by 2 saloppes cops. Passport check. Well dressed well behaved. Why was I stopped? I was visiting my relatives grave you dumb cop ***t! Put me off. Mind you the wine is a nice price.

Anna Raccoon said...

Bring your own glasses, I have a very large bottle of Ricard waiting for you folks.......

VotR said...

Vive la France!

And long live the resistance.

Can we have another revolution? I've got the knitting needles ready for the executions.

Anonymous said...

The French Government is planning mandatory flu vaccinations. How long until our Government does the same?:


Anna Raccoon said...


In a country where communities still cling together and everyone is related, strangers do arouse interest......

In the UK you take being an anonymous individual for granted.

Round here, a Parisian number plate on your car is cause for comment, never mind being a hitchhiker.

Possibly why I haven't locked my doors in, can't remember when.....

We had our annual Bodega on Saturday night. 9,000 people crammed into our tiny medieval village. 5 live bands played at the same time. It was so packed that it took an hour to make your way acrooss the village - a bare half kilometre. The Rugby club had taken two days to unload what they considered ample beer supplies - and that was 30 odd hefty lads working flat out.

There were still kids and grannies - et moi!!!....- dancing behind the Samba band when it finished at 2am.

There was not a single 'crime' incident, nor broken window, nor sign of drunkness - I shan't count the various bodies sleeping it off in sleeping bags atop upturned hay bales the next morning - and yes, every single bale was turned the right way up before they left, and the rugby club was up at 6am sweeping the streets clear of cigarette ends.....

When you can put a name to evry face, or at least locate it as the second cousin of someone you do know, it does change everything.

Wesley Groves said...

Mme Raccoon, Merci. There are many good (& great things about) France. Amiens A&E is centuries ahead of my old NHS kip. Choking Algerians in bathtubs full of shit (1961?) But as for now, yes I take your point on rural idylls. I think they were just 2 bored cops on a Sunday. I resent waiting for 30 mins while they checked my (non existent) criminal record. Obsessed with my "place de naissance" so i gave 'em something in Welsh.

Close But No Cigar said...

Quote Wesley 21.05 "You really, seriously have a sick nation Britain. Why is that?"

Because too many silly fuckers still vote LibLabCon, won’t stand up and be counted or mass revolt and are happy to let all of the loony lefties, homosexual and hot flushy menopausal lesbian know it alls, notwithstanding any other fucked up fuckers I’ve forgotten about tell those of us who vote for the more radical parties desperate to reverse things that we are abhorrent and should be just like them.

I won’t be like them ever and as for France, I’ll shit em, because the cowardly wankers have very short memories when it comes to the UK and I wouldn’t piss on any of them if they were on fire

phoebe said...

The French suffer to an even greater extent the domination of the Left over the body politic:

EXTRACT: "Ce système monopolistique n’existe dans aucun autre pays démocratique. Il tient en tutelle les pouvoirs séculiers. Il contrôle l’Etat sub rationae peccati, c’est-à-dire en se faisant juge de l’orthodoxie ou de la déviance des hommes politiques. Certes, il existe en France des hommes politiques de droite et du centre. Mais ils n’ont le droit d’exister dans le débat public que s’ils restent spirituellement de Gauche.

This monopolistic system exists in no other democratic country. It holds the secular powers. It controls the State sud rationai peccati, that is to say by judging on the orthodoxy or deviance of politicians. Certainly, there are French politicians on the Right and of the Centre. But they do not have the right to exist in public debate, except if they reside spiritually on the Left"

caesars wife said...

typical we let off a few fireworks in nov , french show offs have racial settlement party and torch 217 cars

Anonymous said...

Johhny Frog has as many, if not more ludicrous 'laws' than we do. The place is a bureaucratic minefield. That said, most of it they ignore. Go to a typical French street market. No 'elfinsafety' there, and no twats wearing full body armour just to give you your change.
I'm building my retirement home there. Sooner I leave 'Great' Britain, the better.

Quite sad really.

Anonymous said...

I live in a small Scottish village and everything people are saying about France could be said about where I live.

The multicultural cities of Britain are a nightmare, the multicultural cities of France are a nightmare, small rural communities still exist in both where no one locks their doors (my garage is never locked, nor my car although I admit I do lock my front door when I go out).

Although I do admit that French people seem to have more pride in being French and want to protect their national identity than we do but give it time, we're at the forefront other nations will catch up.

bluehorse9 said...

The truth - www.tinyurl.com/mdl4uf

Please distribute it.

Window Licker said...

Apart from the women and their hairy armpits I do have a lot of respect for the French and the way they treat their Government. With utter contempt.

Jim Baxter said...


You are correct. There. I've said it. May God have mercy on my soul.

But we must rid ourselves of this foul government, the most evil in history. Now. We can't wait another year.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

I was having a stroll through Hyde park and this beautiful little girl came whizzing around the corner on her new bike with a huge beaming smile
My first reaction was to smile back, then stopped just incase I was taken for a pervert.
Sad state of affairs

Anna Raccoon said...

Window Licker.

I do not have hairy armpits.

Jim Baxter said...


I know. I saw a lovely little girl in the street pulling a pretty good cartwheel for a three year old. She looked up at me with beautiful smile - I walked on, feeling bitter, afraid, wondering if I had hurt her feelings.

Old Holborn said...


I've met you. She should have called the Police

Jim Baxter said...

What is WRONG. Will nobody give me peace, OH - you are a wanksack.

Love your site. Now fuck off and die.

Miss Mr Stansislav like Brown misses buggery after 8 minutes - only 8?

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