Thursday, 30 July 2009

Tory own goal.......

Whilst the main stream media is working itself into a lather over Cameron's apology for using the word 'twat', I shall take this opportunity to turn the word inwards - and head it straight back into the Tory press office goal.

The Tory press officer is a 'twat' - a complete 'twat', in the full offensive version that he has had his boss apologising for.

Late yesterday, the Tory Politico blog quite reasonably attempted to get his facts straight before writing a piece regarding the Cameron/Brown spat on TV debates. He phoned the Tory press office and asked for a copy of their press release.

Press Officer: “who do you work for?”
TP: “”
PO: “so your not a member of the media.”
TP: “No I am a Conservative party member and a blogger.”
PO: “sorry I cant help you.”
TP: “Why not?”
PO: ”Bloggers don’t count as media so I cant send it to you.”
TP: “Right, so you don’t see blogs as important then, is that right?:
PO: “Yes.”
TP: “So what about the likes of Iain dale and ConservativeHome, are they media? are they seen as important?”
PO: “Yes we feel that they are representatives of the media, and yes we do see them as an important conduit?”
TP: “But you just said blogs don’t count as media.”
PO: “We see them as important conservative commentators not bloggers, we feel that independent bloggers do not provide an efficient means of communicating the Conservative message.”
TP: “Not efficient means of communicating the Conservative message - Im a Conservative blogger, all I blog about is politics and the Conservative party, I think that’s evident from my blogs title.”
PO: “Im sorry, but I have already told you that I cannot send you a copy of the press release you asked for.”
TP: “OK, can you add my details to the press release distrobution list so that future releases and notices are sent to me?”
PO: “No.”
TP: “Because bloggs are not important.”
PO: “Yes.”

Now I already know that the Labour party are prepared to give me a press release.
The Libertarian party that I am affiliated to are only too happy to give me a press release.
UKIP have in the past sent me a press release without being asked.
I am fairly confident that the BNP woud be happy to oblige, as would the Green party, the Lib-Dems would probably deliver an MP to my computer, never mind a press release, they are nothing if not obliging. (they can confirm if they like -

It is tempting to believe that Tory Politico just managed to get an utter twat on the phone; a look at the requirements for past vacancies shows that they need to be fairly highly qualified twats.

Skills Required

  • Minimum 2:1 degree or equivalent
  • Excellent analytical and research skills, with meticulous attention to detail and accuracy
  • A strong political instinct and a clear understanding of the British political landscape today.
  • Ability to write concisely, fluently and swiftly
  • An ability to work quickly under pressure and to prioritise competing tasks
  • An ability to co-ordinate and edit other people's research
  • Good oral communication skills
  • An ability to handle statistics effectively
  • A commitment to the Conservative Party
Overnight they have posted the relevant press release on their site - so their treatment of a blogger who was trying to get his facts straight is all the more peculiar.

This isn't a rant becasue my ego is offended on Tory Politico's behalf - this is more profound.

The Conservative Party thinks that blogs are not important? How are they going to sue for defamation when the occasion arises and they feel they have been defamed by a blooger? - they have already said that blogs are 'not important'? I shall particularly enjoy watching them forced to eat their words in front of Mr Justice Eady.

When the next election comes round, assuming it ever does, how many 'unimportant blogs' do they imagine are going to be interested in the Conservative Party line?

I have a feeling that they are going to regret that conversation far more than Cameron's Twitter Twat.


Rogerborg said...

Calm down, dear.

"Press Officers" are usually just passing through on their way to a real job, i.e. being, marrying, or being the mistress of, a candidate.

You'll get an uppity one every one in a while who makes up policy on the trot, but I wouldn't read too much into it. When the tories take a dip in the polls, they'll change their tune about what's important.

Rightwinggit said...


Sack the cunt.

killemallletgodsortemout said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
killemallletgodsortemout said...


Too soft, you are.


Cut his tongue out, then sack the cunt.

hansig said...

Sensible Soccer!

Yawn said...


Shouldn't this red/blue meaningless navel gazing shit be best left on Guido Squarkes blog of pointless trivia, communist censorship and Eastenders like intellectualism?

electro-kevin said...

Cameron is not the man for the job.

Twat, pissed off... the language of a putative PM ???

This coupled with his reluctance to cut public services and overseas aid whilst promising to soak the 'wealthy' (those on combined incomes of 50k and above)

Oh dear. Yet another shallow media whore for PM.

Is there no hope ???

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