Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Top Ten UK Blogs

According to Wikio, the following blogs are the Top Ten most influencial blogs in the UK

1. Mrs Dale
2. Guido Fawkes
3. Liberal Conspiracy
4. Labourlist
5. Political Betting
6. Liberal Democrat Voice
7. Dizzy Thinks
8. Harry's Place
9. Old Holborn
10. Tom Harris MP

Remember, if YOU have an article that you feel needs to be heard, just email to me and if it adds to the debate, is libellous, highly offensive, possibly illegal and will upset the status quo, I'll post it up. Probably.


JD said...

Congratulations are in order - well done. JD.

microdave said...

Well done, but who the hell is "Influenced" by No 4? Surely they are just preaching to the already converted?

Anonymous said...

Nice that you're in the top 10 but frankly I wouldn't give this list _any_ credence.

Any list of 'influence' that puts Mrs Dale above Guido is obviously sadly upside down... And to have LL at no4 is a joke. Who the fuck is influenced by those cock sockets?


Oldrightie said...

Well done, OH. Sorry to say, though, I would not trust this list either. You should definitely be above Labour Listing to port crap. Furthermore, Oldrightie keeps getting blocked for some reason, should I change the name to oldleftie to make the top ten?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Wikio can stick their blog ranking up their hole!

(Can you guess that my ranking fell this month?)

Man in the Street said...

Poor Kerry.

putkne said...

And of course "influencial" was deliberate...

Yeah, right.

Maturecheese said...

It worries me that Labourlist comes in at fourth as this shows there are still an awful lot of deluded morons on the loose. How can anyone still support that bunch of utter c**ts.

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