Tuesday, 28 July 2009

There are more important things than the legitimacy of the Presidency!

A major news story has been brewing for days in the US. One that has been systematically ignored by the BBC. It concerns the legitimacy of the US Presidency. Note: of the Presidency NOT of the President. I have not seen so much 'bluster' and deliberate swerving around the pertinent issues since the early days of the Madeleine McCann saga.

I blogged yesterday here of the particular legal points involved.

In short, this is not an issue of whether the President is a US citizen, he is; it is an issue of whether he complies with the particular requirements of the constitution to be a 'natural born citizen'.

Anybody born in the US can take US citizenship, and there seems no doubt that he was born in Hawaii. He has produced a shortened form of birth certificate to prove that.

The President has refused/claims he is unable to/that it is unecessary to produce proof that his Father was also a US citizen (It appears that Barack snr was a British citizen at the time)

This requirement was placed in the constituion to prevent a royal heir from being in a position to take the Presidency for obvious reasons.

The story becomes more interesting because so few people are actually arguing over the legal points, but hurling ad hominem abuse at anyone who raises the isssue.

So far, the people in the firing line are Major Cook - for refusing to deploy to Afghanistan until the legality of his orders is sorted out - generally along the lines of 'draft dodger'.

Various Senators - for daring to raise the issue on the floor of the Senate - 'aligning themselves with the lunatic Internet fringe'.

Lou Dobbs of CNN - for daring to give air time to the matter - 'racist'.

A resolution was brought in the house yesterday to declare that Hawaii was the President's birthplace (Note - that is not the problem, but a nice attempt at swerving round it!)

And now we have this video clip of the White House spokesman saying that there are 'more important things to discuss'........really?

If the Presidency is not legitimate, then it follows that a lot of other things are not - like British soldiers being deployed to support the American offensive in Afghanistan.

A simple 'long form' birth certificate would solve the issue, once and for all.

Quite fascinating to see the lengths they are going to, to avoid producing this, or allowing discussion on the subject.

A story worth following.


Chris said...

Wouldn't this fall under the definition of 'playing the man (Obama), not the ball (his worthless policies)'?

IIRC, the first half-dozen American presidents were born and raised foreign subjects, so there's precedent.

This whole thing smells like a silly season storm-in-a-teacup designed to keep Goldman Sachs latest scam out of the headlines.

Anonymous said...

Look, drop the conspiracy theories. This is absolutely fucking pathetic. The GOP lost. Deal with it. In no small part, they lost because they put up a senile and violent old thug and an inexperienced giggling moron. They lost.

They lost and no amount of conspiracy theories about Sasquatch and the Grays flying Obama into Hawaii from Kenya using a black helicopter will change that.

Most sane republicans are embarrassed by the idiocy involved in these claims.

Also, you may care to note that "natural born citizen" means someone who is a US citizen since birth. Obama, even if he was born in Mars, would be "natural born citizen" because he was born to a mother who was a US citizen and automatically inherited his citizen status from her. You may also care to note that McCain was born in Panama, not in the United States.

Oldrightie said...

So we aren't going to allow this to be discussed then? What would be great would be for them to have Jimmy Brown as President.

Anna Raccoon said...


Sorry my friend, but you are wrong. 'Natural born citizen' has a very precise meaning.

The requirement to be a ‘natural born citizen’ was written into the US Constitution in 1787 and could only have drawn on Vattel’s 1758 ‘Law of Nations’ for its intended meaning of the term, since there was no other definition in existence at the time, nor has there been any amendment to the constitution since that could have changed its meaning.

Absoltuely nothing to do with where he was born, nor his Mother's citizenship.

Obama must not only have been born in the US to be a ‘natural born citizen’ and thus eligible for the Office of President (and there is a shortened form of his birth certificate available from the court records in Hawaii to anyone who is interested) but that also his father must have been a US citizen not owing allegiance to any other nation.

Thereby lies the problem. At the time of Obama’s birth, Barack Hussein Obama, Sr, was a subject of the British Commonwealth in Kenya and thereby owed allegiance to Queen Elizabeth.This would be seen on the full version of Obama’s Birth Certificate and this he has steadfastly refused to produce.

Even amongst American commentators there is an almighty confusion between being ‘an American Citizen’ and being a ‘Natural born Citizen’ and the requirements for each. The legal situation is quite simple – being a ‘natural born citizen’ requires both that you are born in the US and of a Father who is a US citizen but not necessarily a natural born citizen.

JD said...

Pamela Geller of Atlasshrugs.com has been on this case for ages and has a complete record of the fake cert. and all the evasions to date.
It sure looks like B.Hussein Obama has something to hide. JD

JD said...


re previous post, JD

Anonymous said...

Arguably, this is not just a hangover from the time when America was struggling to free itself from British rule. If it was, I think I am right in saying that there is a process for the US government to lawfully amend their constitution to remove it. They haven`t done that and I should think that is because they have required a higher standard of loyalty for citizens seeking to become president.

WobblyJim said...

The US Congress are currently (this week) attempting to get a bill passed, in which there is a statement to the effect that Obama was born in Hawaii. ( 111 1st U.S. House of Representatives 647 H RES 593 ).

This alone seems like an odd method of "proving" his eligiblity, when simply producing the original paperwork(s) would suffice. It also bypasses the question of his parents nationality.

Classic example of obscuring reality under "colour of law".

Anonymous said...

So what exactly is the point of this?
Do they want Bush, Cheney and the ZioCons back or what?

WobblyJim said...

Sorry, IF I had read OH's article correctly, I would have realised that OH had already made the point in my comments.

As an aside, Obama just sacked the head of the Secret Service, (The Presidents corps of bodyguards) - perhaps he looked back to Kennedy's assasination when moments before he was murdered, the bodyguards riding on the Presidential car were stood down, by person or persons unknown.

Anonymous said...

Chris 11.14

You are missing the point here. The early american presidents were born to parents who were american citizens and so they fulfilled the natural born citizen requirement in the constitution.

There has been one exception and that is "President" Chester Arthur who lied and covered up the fact that his father was a British subject at his birth. This mirrors the situation with Obama and is explained in this link to Leo Donofrio`s blog:


Anonymous said...

smokescreen guys, this will be blown up and played out whilst also being ignored.

What's going on that they want burying? It's exactly the same as how our own goverment operates.
Democracy, don't make me laugh!

Anonymous said...

Leo Donofrio`s case was also brought against John McCain who it also seems is not a natural born citizen. It is very hard for me to accept that when these candidates were being selected and funded, this was not known

One possible reason could be that the whole thing is an engineered crisis designed to justify a Constitutional Convention which would have the power to rewrite the American Constitution. I can imagine that there are certain Amendment Rights that the ruling classes in America would like to remove or weaken, the Second Amendment?, the Fifth?, the Tenth?

For the sake of Americans, let`s hope that this is all just tin foil hat stuff.

I am Sick said...

I love it when the shoe is on the other foot and socialists like Obama are being harrrassed over every issue and his legitimacy to be President.

The left, being arch hypocrites and liars always love to dish it out, remember the rabid leftist ranting over Bush and the "stolen" elections, hanging chads etc?

I seem to remember that went on non stop for eight years.

Now Obama has, his own little secret, that may not be so little after all.

Why would Obama spend $1.5 million in lawyers fees so far, fighting against revealing his BC, when he could get a copy and publish it ( as McCain did ) for $25 dollars?

What is Obama hiding and why is he terrified of its release?

Bill Sticker said...

This has been going on since before the US elections.

It would be so cheap and easy to shut the 'conspiracy' up. Publish the records and the story will go away. I believe the fee for a replacement US long form birth certificate is twelve dollars.

So why won't the administration do just that?

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:28

I see you resort to the very same outraged smear tactics as refered to in the article posted.

You must not like it up you, oh dear raw nerve eh?

The fact that your man is a muslim non US half-breed who has never done anything of worth in his entire life. A man so clearly out of his depth and unable to make good on the ridiculous promises he made to the fools who voted for him. He's a laughing stock in the real world outside of al ja beeba et al.

Anonymous said...

Barry Soetero was registered as a citizen of indonesia while attending the madrassa there. This alone disqualifies him from serving as president. If he held/holds dual citizenship it opens a huge can of worms.

- Alisa

spark up said...


obama is waging war on humanity. he doesn't play by the rules. kick the man and his balls into touch.

mr b obama said...

long-form birth certificate? sorry folks, the dog ate it.

mrs missile obama said...


barack?! have you finished that fucking wall-papering yet, you no-good cunt?

spark up said...


his father was a British subject at his birth


If he held/holds dual citizenship it opens a huge can of worms.

fuck me, he could get the sack in the united states of utter disa-fucking-rray and then turn up here and take over in the uk.

shit. no-one's had a more profound impact on race-relations since the missionaries brain-washed africans into turning the other cheek.

Rogerborg said...

I agree that Barry O'bama should have stayed at the back of the ticket where he belongs.

The issue isn't the man's parentage, it's that he's just armed the Chicago mob with nukular weapons.

Can you say - Obaaaaaaaaama? said...

Obama is a NWO stooge, he just set out his plan for his version of the Hitler youth, just as the NWO stooge in Australia did and both left and right NWO stooges in the UK have done!

If this man falls from grace in a bumpy ride a few rocks may get overturned and the cockroaches revealed.

As for those screeming racist, you should bare in mind that Obama was voted in due to overt anti white racist voting practises.

Reality is a bitch for leftie corporate stooges!

White Power said...

The plain fact is, that Obama is a half breed coon and should not be nominally in charge of America - the White Man's Country.

beep beep said...

The 'shortened form' is also the easiest to forge as it gives the least detail. The 'long form' contains a lot more information (doctor's name etc) so would be much more likely to unravel if fake.

The argument you present is a good one Mrs Racoon, but I am still inclined towards a suspicion that Obama's fakery is even more grand than the exact nationality of his father (though this is, as you say, crucial in itself).

He's also a shit Presendent by every other measure - other than being an 'inspiration', which is a synonym for begin shit or being liked by people who are themselves shit.

Lotta shitness around, that's the thing.

spark up said...

anti-white vote now bought shares in the white establishment and helping it fuck over non-whites in middle east. cocksuckers the lot.

spark up said...


The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

The Beast has just had his passport renewal form sent back as according to some cunt I was "Smirking" on the photo.
I fucking was as I am opening bank accounts overseas to avoid arsehole breath Brown stealing my money.
On the new form I will look suitably stern.
And then inwardly laugh.

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