Monday, 27 July 2009

Thats what Field Marshal Haig Said As Well

Gordon Brown has signalled the end of the Pathers Claw Offensive

Mr Brown insisted that the mission had not been "in vain" despite the deaths of 20 British troops over the past month.

"The efforts of our troops in Helmand have been nothing short of heroic," Mr Brown told the Evening Standard. "There has been a tragic human cost. But this has not been in vain."

Mr Brown said it was now time to "commemorate" the British troops who have died in Afghanistan.

What crap

Do we hold the ground that has been fought over ? or have UK Landforces pulled back to the bases allowing the Afghans to retake the ground.

What are our war aims (Not the old one about 'not firing a shot')

What are our extraction goals

The truth is that we have to talk to the Taliban, and they will share power in the Afghan Government. Milliband has admitted that.

Before anybody goes and starts any more wars of agression in somebody elses country, get them to read a few History Books about previous wars fought there from Alexander through to the Raj, through to the Russian occupation.

Stop the killing and start the talking.


VotR said...

Hahahaha, etc.

If the operation was such a success, why are there any Taliban left to talk to?

Typical propaganda, love it.

Oldrightie said...

Jimmy and his Jesters are realising it's costing votes so we better get used to them changing their tune ere long.

Anonymous said...

"what are our extraction goals?"
you ask. Here's a clue
According to
Some of the world's purest iron ore deposits huge reserves of gold,copper,and rare metals I cannot prounounce or spell. That is apart from all the rubies emaralds and saffires

T'old 'un said...

The Russians pulled out and they shared the same philosophies as our Cyclops about the value of human life.

Anonymous said...

Joining the forces today is entering a competition for the Darwin awards.

R Nosgrove said...

I support our boys on the ground 100%, as they're only obeying orders, but neither Iraq nor Afghanistan have ever presented a direct threat to the UK and our forces have no right or need to be there.

Our government, intelligence agencies and armed forces would be far better employed protecting our borders and countering the far greater threat from within this country.

Luton would be a bloody good place to start.

Anonymous said...

More fool anyone who serves in the Military under this Gov, (and the next Troy one). The Bastards love cannon fodder.

Red Admiral said...

In fairness to Earl Haig, he did actually win his war.

Earthlet Nigel said...


I whole-heartedly endorse what you say, with one proviso, discussions should not take place with the current government. Nor the next, mediators should be used from an independent country.
The country, like many in Africa lacks several hundred years of social development (Africa is generally considered to be 600 years behind, Afghanistan certainly more).

A peace needs to be brokered, but not at any price, which is what I fear would happen were this government of talentless twats let loose to address the problem.
They can't support the effort properly let alone be entrusted to find the peace.

Wyrdtimes said...

The problem is that we should never have gone in with massed troops on the ground in the first place - all eventualities are shit because of that rushed and stupid decision.

If the plan was to destroy AQ training camps a combination of intelligence, special forces and some very large bombs would have done the trick.

If the idea is to get rid of the Taliban then the best approach would have been to offer the opium farmers a legal market for their wares - that at least could still be done. This would cut off the Taliban's main source of funding. Give the farmers a decent living legitimately selling the only crop they can grow in that god damned shit-hole. And sort out the world shortage of opium! Win, win, win.

None of that is rocket surgery but for whatever reason non of this has ever even been considered by our glorious leaders.

IMO Best we could do now is get the massed troops out asap and implement some of the above.

CountingCats said...

We did not start a war of aggression in Afghanistan.

The Afghan government colluded in an act of war against our closest ally, and we went in with them in an act of self defense.

Sheesh, is this a case of "we are doing it so it must be wrong"?

john in cheshire said...

We should be coating the whole of Afghanistan with a goodly layer of chemical and biological substance that destroys life. full stop. If we are not prepared to do that, then we should bring all of our troops home, so they can protect us from the heathen hordes that are swamping the civilised world. Get rid of the fifth column in our midst (socialists and muslims) and defend our borders with lethal force. maybe then we can begin to resume a civilised lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

"john in cheshire said...

Get rid of the fifth column in our midst (socialists and muslims) and defend our borders with lethal force. maybe then we can begin to resume a civilised lifestyle."

Abso-fucking-lutely spot-on.

Until people wake up and realise that fact (and that includes Libertarians) then we are royally fucked.

This blog is well worth a read :

Gates of Vienna

Wesley Groves said...

The army will be needed to back up Popo when the Summer of rage gets going. Yawn.

Ray Nerslane said...

The government stoops to even lower depths in its shameful and negligent treatment of our servicemen and women.

On the day that the latest batch of bodies are being repatriated we hear that the MoD is going to court to cut compensation awards to injured soldiers:

I have no words left to express my contempt for this hateful government.

Anonymous said...

If the local economy revolves around the poppy business (which is booming) and there is a world shortage of medical opiates such as diamorphine, why the hell does the UN not just buy up the crop? No more pissed-off farmers, illegal supply of heroin cut to a trickle, it's a no-brainer, yet no politician or Government seems to support it. Why not?

Thud said...

Kill them from the air and with special forces as was done in 2003...repeat everytime they transgress,cheaper in blood and treasure...fuck nation building.

Rogerborg said...

Who's this "we"? You're sitting here blogging, not out there getting shot, you fuck-knuckle.

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