Friday, 17 July 2009

Thank Fuck The Days Of Celebrity Sucking Are Over!

Otherwise who knows how much the entertainment bill for Jonah's dinner parties at Chequers might be.

You'll recall he disavowed the celebrity cult of Bliar, along with spin and lies.

So there's a relief, otherwise the cost may have really gone up, instead of just doubling.

"Chequers, which historically used to receive foreign dignitaries, diplomats and ministers, also played host to a string of celebrities.

Names from the world of showbusiness included Little Britain comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams, comedian Jimmy Carr and veteran presenter Bruce Forsyth.

Big Brother hostess Davina McCall was another unlikely guest, as was football commentator John Motson, and actors Alan Rickman, Emma Thompson and Greg Wise.

Labour activist Derek Draper, who quit as editor of a Labour blog earlier this year amid the scandal over a planned smear campaign against senior Tories, also enjoyed Mr Brown's hospitality, with his GMTV presenter wife Kate Garraway."

Oh, and a few bankers.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

Celebraties who'll go anywhere for a free meal & a bit of publicity 'Dahling, you know I'll attend the opening of an envelope if there's free food & drink & I can name drop afterwards'.
Churchill (the PM, not the Labour sounding dog) must be turning in his grave at what's happening to Chequers - once the scene of serious political activity - now the troughing bowl of choice for Z-list 'celebraties' & the delusional crazy who thinks he's in charge.

VotR said...

While the poor outside are dying, the rich inside are partying. Masque of the red death, part two.

Wesley Groves said...

Are we setting up the gallows near Chequers "pour encourager les autres?" I see Insp Hobbes has censored moi? Something I said? Blakelocks head comment? Bway.

Oldrightie said...

The bankers met the wankers. How our once great Nation has sunk. Thank you Jimmy Snot. The perfect name for a piece of nose waste.

TheBigYin said...

Not every celeb gets the call OH, didn't see your name listed. Would you attend OH, would you? (I've been told sycophancy will get me everywhere in bloggerland.)

Newgates Knocker said...

What an image that is. "All puckered up and no butt to kiss!"

Where has that mouth been?

black hole sunset said...

Other than his genetic inheritance (and all that is thus implied), is there anything about Brown that isn't fake or a lie? Anything at all?


Hey Mr Talliban said...

Where's a suicide bomber when you need one? You could take the whole fucking lot out and the world would be a better place.

hangemall said...

O/T, but a second small ad I have come across (the first one I mentioned on Guthrum's site.)

Sale of MOD stock.

"The McBruin"

Old cruiser (Clary class) soon to be auctioned for scrap. c/w rocking chair, huggies.

Fires billions off in random directions, faulty compass. Offers by May 2010.

caesars wife said...

reads like a list of fraudsters

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Davina McFucking Call? The shouty, "ex" cocaine-sniffer?

I've paid to feed Davina McFucking Call?

I want my money back.

suigmypiel said...

Jesus, he's an ugly motherfucker, but then again, so are 99% of labour members & supporters. They should change their name from labour to "The Ugly Cunts Party"

spark up said...

i bet obama gets a better class of gloss dross.

banned said...

My invite is in the post but I'll be sending a leper in my place ( with added Pig-Plague just to make sure ).

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