Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Stazi Spies.

SNOOPING residents are being offered rewards of up to £500 to spy on their neighbours.

Taxpayers’ money is being used to pay “covert human intelligence sources” who report bad conduct to authorities.

Anyone who photographs dog fouling, litter being dropped, graffiti crime or fly tipping which result in prosecution will receive a cash reward.

The amount is staggered, according to how far the prosecution is taken.

If a court summons is issued the snooper gets £100. On a conviction he gets £150 and if the offender gets a maximum sentence he receives £500.

The scheme has been given the Big Brother-style motto “See them, report them”.

It tells residents: “We need your eyes and ears to help us wipe out enviro-crime.” The local council scheme is being launched in London and could eventually be rolled out across the country.

Last night the payments were slammed by critics who said they were a waste of vital public funds.

TaxPayers’ Alliance spokeswoman Susie Squire said: “People are sick and tired of being spied on by their local councils.

“There are far more constructive and cost-effective ways to encourage people to obey the law.

“This initiative is going to cost us dear – in terms of financially and damaging community spirit.”

Doretta Cocks, founder of the Campaign for Weekly Waste Collection, said the scheme for recruiting spies was shockingly reminiscent of East Germany’s Stasi secret police.

Waltham Forest council’s Conviction Reward Scheme was introduced last week after the council claimed residents wanted more to be done to tackle environmental crime.

Their website says that the “reward scheme” offers cash to “anyone providing evidence that leads to a prosecution against enviro-criminals, including graffiti, fly-tipping, dog fouling and littering.”

The council describes the money as a “thank you” for alerting them to crimes.

The scheme is just the latest example of councils paying residents for information on offences.

Some UK councils are even paying children to supply them with information on environmental offences like leaving recycling bags and rubbish bins out on the pavement.

Harlow Council, in Essex, employs 25 Street Scene Champions, aged between 11 to 14 who are encouraged to report vandalism to bus shelters, graffiti, abandoned vehicles, fly-tipping and other offences.

Crawley Borough Council, in West Sussex, has 150 Streetcare Champions who are asked to “report on individuals if known”.

Other local authorities recruit adult volunteers and at least 4,841 people are already patrolling the streets in their spare time. Some are assigned James Bond style code numbers, which they use instead of their real names when they ring an informer’s hotline.

Last week it emerged councils are still using surveillance technology to spy on suspected minor offenders despite being banned by law.

Since 2003 they have only been able to use undercover methods in suspected criminal law cases.

But Chief Surveillance Commissioner Sir Christopher Rose said it was of “significant concern” that local authorities were going beyond what was allowed.


CryBaby said...

A good post Anna. Isn't this action illegal? Sounds it to me.

Using children as spies is crossing a line. They've stooped so low, I'm speechless

Ivor Bigot said...


Whoever came up with that needs to be soaked in creosote and stuffed in a full wheelie bin for two weeks.

TheBigYin said...

Oh my fucking god, where's my camera! (Well I've got to supplement my dole money somehow FFS!)

Let me see now...I am a smoker and all around me I see fellow smokers breaking the law, the bastards :} Kerching!!!

I meet fellow smokers at monthly meetings near Bradford in a pub where the landlord flouts the law every day of the week by having a smoking section and a non smoking section, (I have photos and vids to prove it, shit even I'm on them smoking.) Kerching ching.

In the place where I live, Mugsborough, (sorry, that should have read Middlesbrough, an oversight,)where we invented talking CCTV I can see masses of smokers, outside of course, dropping their tab ends on the street willy fucking nilly and the talking CCTV cams have missed loads of these scum bastards! Kerching ching ching.

Now, on to these environmental (mental being the operative word) bastards!!!

Kerching, ching, ching, ching, ching, ching...

Who'd be a politician, peanuts, plain peanuts they earn compared to my new (labour)proffesion as a snoop!

Oh fuck, just realised I have evidence of me smoking in the pub at our meetings...HERE COMES DE JUDGE!

Anonymous said...

Bastards... the lot of 'em. Very, very Kafkaesque.

GCooper said...

What's really chilling is when you come face to face with some of these eco-gauleiters.

Rather than just sit and take it, I've been pushing back against my local council. Once you get past the complacent, ineffectual local councillors, whose only job seems to be to implement government policy and pick up their pay checks, you find yourself up against zealous eco-warriors who do not give a damn what the local residents want.

They know what is right and they are going to make certain we get it.

They do this in conjunction with an entire army of fanatics which has taken over the countless quangos, NGOs and government departments that rule us, unelected.

These people are not interested in what the pubic wants. They have an agenda and they will pursue it as aggressively and as undemocratically as they like.

We, as a nation, are sleepwalking into this, heedless and senseless.

Anonymous said...

So you bankrupt the system. No rewards paid, but imagine the waste of resources spent in chasing up 'leads' given anonymously when all they are after is a wild goose.

Fausty said...

Notice how this is brought in at a time when people need money - more than ever.

What about the bouncers who will be given access to criminal records by HMG? You know, those shaven-headed, beefy pillars of the community wot have done time, being able to access records of, erm, anyone, really!

Sinister bastards.

This is exactly how Hitler's reich got started.

Edgar said...

Clearly, all that stuff about CCTV coverage being what we need to prevent and detect crime was bullshit, then? Or do we need more cameras and mercenary neighbourhood spy persons?

Wait a minute! How about free-lance plain clothes police officers paid at piecework rates? Everyone can be a copper and arrest everyone else ... what fun, Mr Stalin!

Anonymous said...

Sauce for the goose and all that... those councillors can't go for ever without dropping a sweet wrapper, texting while driving, leaving their wheelie bin ajar. Name & shame, I say!

JD said...

I think quite a lot of snitches will get beaten up - out of sight, of course! JD.

Anonymous said...

"The amount is staggered" - So am I!!!

In between reading this, and other blog posts on the same subject I've been watching a video filmed in the Czech city of Brno. Several things struck me:
1) The lovely old buildings - they seem to cherish their heritage, not rip it down.
2) How clean everywhere was - a few fag ends were all I spotted - no cans, chip papers, half eaten Big Macs etc.
3) No gangs of drunken yobs roaming the streets. The children I did see were all well behaved.
4) If you must know they were filming a model wearing nothing but bodypaint, and she was able to wander around and pose for the camera for an hour without being arrested by "Officials", or shouted at by CCTV cameras. Every one seemed to enjoy it - no busybodies found it "offensive".
All this in a former Communist controlled country.

I will remember that, the next time a NuLiebor minister claims that we don't live in a Police State.....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps we could all be issued with listening equipment to allow us to hear what is being planned next door. "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear".

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Perhaps we could all be issued with listening equipment to allow us to hear what is being planned next door. "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear".

28 July 2009 15:15

We could then report any suspicions to the nearest neighbourhood bouncer.

Earthlet Nigel said...

This is just so East Germany. I have first-hand experience of the then country, remembering people walking down the streets witout so much as a by-your-leave-or hello, avoiding eye contact, confining conversations in shops and pubs to a bear minimum necessary to purchase goods or a drink. How pervasive the system was at all levels with the exception of the higher echelons of government. Even the pursuit of hobbies required some form of registration, particluarly if you collected such as stamps, coins, books.

In their schools they were brainwashed, this is good, this is bad, the bad must be eradicated. Much of this is being actively encouraged here, dolled up to portray community responsibility, and in the process removing any pangs of conscience one may have about snitching.

Lowering the general level of education to such an extent they are unable or unwilling to care about what is going on. Some do have an inkling that things aren't right, but because of their upbringing lack the ability to involve themselves in any kind of team or group effort unless it involves sport.
We see the dangerous precedents being set, effectively an attack on the public schools and universities.
I am in principle not against the financially challenged receiving higher or university education, but it isn't solely about their lack of funds, they also lack the social education of being brought up in a wealthier environment, consequently many find it difficult to fit in,
This per se was not a problem that communist Germany had to deal with, although they had varying tiers at all levels of the education system, you needed to be well connected, and party aligned to attend them.

There exists in communism a deep mistrust of intellectual ability. You will find this mistrust exemplified in forms throughout this country, should you be winning an argument, you are declared to be a difficult person, racist etc. and your sole crime is to have cogently argued your point, they are losing so threaten you with legal action. Simples, the thickies employed by the state can stifle debate in this way, no education needed.

Time I left this country. Perhaps for th enew germany where they appear largely to have learnt from history.

Anonymous said...

Hoody A sprays a wall with graffiti, is filmed by mate. Said mate hands in film of (unidentifiable) offender and duly collects £100. Spoils are split 50:50 and heigh-ho for the off-licence and hardware store for more spray cans. Brilliant.

Anonymous said...

I had to drive from Chelmsford to Reading and back yesterday. Turned on LBC and James O'Brien was spouting off about what a fantastic idea this was (LBC must get most of their income from Government ads these days, 'nuff said). Turned over to Talksport when I couldn't stand it any more only to hear more in the same vein from them. 5 live similar stuff. Turned back to LBC later, some woman droning on about Diversity, back to 5 live and that bloke who played Friar Tuck is going on about more Diversity. Classic FM, first thing I heard was about "The confluence of East and West". It's like a non stop fucking Soviet propaganda war.

Some people must listen to this sort of indoctrination all day every day. It's bound to influence them. The worst of it is that the commercial stations are as bad as the BBC now that they pretty well rely on Government advertising to stay afloat. Going from one station to another you cannot escape it. I hope the fucking lot of them go bust.

Anonymous said...

Fascism is Capitalism in Decay!

frosty said...

I find this completely terrifying,it reminds me of them kids in Orwells 1984 who stitch up their own father,the fact that the masses in this country go along with this shit,bloody scary.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:01
Don't mean to brag, but I did better than watch a video. I was fortunate to spend some time in Kiev a couple of years back.
Wasn't lucky enough to see any painted models, but otherwise could echo everything you say and add a multitude of points myself.
The place was so beautiful, it seemed like people actually enjoyed living there.
The worst thing about it was that my eyes were opened to what a filthy stinking fascist shithole england has turned into.
I recommend if anyone wants to experience civilisation first hand, then visit a FSU capital city.

Anonymous said...

"The place was so beautiful, it seemed like people actually enjoyed living there."

Anon @ 1937, Thanks, for confirming my observations.

Remember Basil Fawlty saying "Happy.......Oh yes, I remember happy...."

Wesley Groves said...

Parsons, weeping. "It was my children who denounced me. I didn't know I was a thought criminal. I'm so proud of my kids". Nineteen-EightyFour.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't give a flying fuck about the environment. In fact I will NOT recycle anything on principle!
Fuck the "green", tree hugging bastards!

Garry said...

Thats right, make everybody a criminal, bring the law into disrepute, and law and order will break down eventually.

The scorched earth policy is coming along nicely.

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