Friday, 24 July 2009

So Much For The French Foreign Legion

I don't know if they are allowed to participate in things like Afghanistan because of the odd on-off relationship that the French have with NATO, but it seems that the French Foreign Legion are getting a bit trigger-happy.

Oh well, it's only Marseille.

The Penguin.


Ampers said...

Seems the fault of one man, and he is awaiting a court martial.

There is one rule in the Legion that stops them being, probably, the best fighting force in the world.

The rule?

All officers must be French.


Fuego del Muerte said...

I sympathise with the forest fires. If a bunch of Frenchmen started shooting at me I'd want to burn them in their nests too.

Earthlet Nigel said...

@ampers Totally agree.

Demonstration of a marked lack of commonsense.

Shells would have been muchbetter expended in Afghanistan against an identified target

caesars wife said...

says on aljebeeba its in spain catolona , sure on facts OH ?

surrender monkeys said...

It's the only part of the French Army that is respected by other nations. The key reason for this is the word 'Foreign'.

Two fires raging said...

That Spanish fire is in Andalucia. Probably started by locals trying to burn out the Brits.

Pugwashed said...

I did,nt think the FL were allowed to serve on mainland France?

banned said...

Pugwashed, they changed that after they lost Algeria.

The Telegraph report quoted a Policeman " These guys did not know the local conditions, they obviously are not from around here"
Genious, that is why they are called the "Foreign Legion".

Wesley Groves said...

90% of officers are French. For a variety of reasons but the canny French sussed out that foreigners getting killed did not cost votes. You are exempt from conscription if an only child as after WW1 villages were wiped out, they didn't want the same again.

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