Wednesday, 22 July 2009

The Shape Of Things To Come

The Libertarian Party has been out and about campaigning in Norwich North, so have the BNP, so have UKIP, so has Craig Murray, you would not think it watching BBC East, because they only seem to have considered that only one third of the twelve candidates are worth listening to. The ones committed to 'social democracy' and spending vast tranches of your taxes.

Nich Starling 'Norfolk Blogger' reveals that the Election Special audience was packed out with Tory Supporters and Councillors from outside the area, so the Tories and Destiny Dave have learned how to do things in Nu Britain

Meanwhile, the BBC has 'outed' itself by saying that it must encourage 'left of centre' thinking,
So thats propaganda paid for with your licence fee/tax. Having trod the streets myself, there is a real anger in Norwich North, worries over debt and employment. The Election Special was utterly embarrassing. Soft lobbed questions, well practised answers. Nothing to do with the real concerns of the people of Norwich. Nothing to do with the BBC Charter either.

Politics should be a battle of ideas, not a tacit agreement between four parties that the State is Good, People are bad, and we all need protecting tosh being spouted.

Then the Labour Candidate went down with swine flu, so much for the Government saying it could protect us from everything including nature.


Anonymous said...

Anyone but Lib/Lab/Con would be a good result for Norwich I think. Oh & possibly the Greens 'cos they seem to have some unsuitably Fascist intentions re the Global Warming Scam.

caesars wife said...

just waiting for darling tommorow !! will he ice my bun ??

i hear its been a weird in NN , as despite troughing on daughters behalf Ian Gibson was well liked , and most people dont think of him as new labour wonk .But they absolutely hate Gordon and current cabinet , so definitely a protest vote going on , some have had quite alot of earache over wasting money and lining there pockets .

Not heard much about Chole other than shes worn her shoes out and met more people and more shadow cabinet members in bye election history , she seems fairly well liked .

Lib dems have been waffling too much and not mentioning europe lisbon disgrace, but greens could push labour into 4th .

Not heard much about UKIP and BNP or libertarian party , but you cant rule there chances out if its a low turnout.

just put guards on the ballot boxes and dont lose the check sheet.

as for battle of ideas , i agree , but the ruin has to go before we can honestly do that

Anonymous said...

I watched the "Debate" amongst the BBC's favoured candidates. The other candidates were allowed a little vox pop in the middle for appearances sake but apparently were forbidden from taking part in the debate which makes it utterly worthless in my view. Why are those cunts at the BBC allowed to get away with this? They do it every week on Question Time and are now applying their practice of selective democracy at a local level.

Let's hope that the people of Norwich aren't fooled and vote for anyone except the main three corrupt parties.

Anonymous said...

Lib/Lab/Con can fuck off. Vote BNP and give Parliament a bloody nose.

Anonymous said...

I am a floating voter and have no allegiance to any political party. As always, my vote is cast in rotation to the parties standing. This year my vote goes to the Official Monster Raving Loony Party. Good night, good luck and good bye.

electro-kevin said...

The BBC 'should' foster left of centre thinking ?

What is the man talking about ??? They've been at it for at least ten years - along with the rest of the prefect class which governs us.

Norfolk Blogger said...

Thanks for the link.

I was shocked a the complicity there must have been between the BBC and the Tories. The opening speaking was from a Mid Norfolk Constituency, is an influential member in that constituency and sits as a Tory cabinet member on Norfolk County Council.

The audience had at least five Tory councillors from Broadland Council (and not the Norwich North bits) and I gather there were other Tories too from other councils (I wouldn't recognise them). It seems the Tories arranged to pack the audience and the BBC let them.

Newgates Knocker said...

Wonder how the labour postal vote will hold up this time?

Andrew said...

How will the Labour postal vote hold up? Depends on how many Muslims there are in Norwich.

Ivor Bigot said...

@Norfolk Blogger
It seems even the gimps at the BBC have realised that Labour's days are numbered. They've been behaving like this for a long time, and are now simply switching parties. Like it or not, the Tories are a shoo-in at the next GE, and Pravda are simply greasing up and "assuming the position" for their new lords and masters.

Good blog, BTW.

VotR said...

If the candidates had been egged, tomatoed or covered in green custard, it would have been a worthy tv special.

Anonymous said...

Classic BBC speak:

'He wrote: "If we didn't all think differently, have different ideas of what works and what doesn't, wouldn't our lives, and more importantly, our TV screens be less interesting? We need to foster peculiarity, idiosyncrasy, stubborn-mindedness, left-of-centre thinking."'

Why do "left of centre" "thinkers" always imagine themselves as daring non-conformists? Adopt the least controversial position possible and then prance around claiming to be "interesting", "peculiar" and "idiosyncratic". Might as well go and stick your tongue up Peter Mandelson, luv.

Anonymous said...

"Depends on how many Muslims there are in Norwich."

Not too many, fortunately.....

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:27 - most of them probably have already. I hope they catch whatever unpleasant diseases he has.

what democracy? said...

"The ones committed to 'social democracy'"


The mainstreme parties are opposed to democracy full stop, or did you forget their backing of the EUSSR?

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