Wednesday, 1 July 2009


As you know, OH is determined to make life difficult for the 646 who rule over us. So, I want to launch a few projects that will put them on the spot. I need help though. I cannot do this alone.

So far, pending projects include:

"Straight Pride" - A march through London for heterosexual men and women. I am applying for funding through the Mayor, Equalities Commission and the EU. No, really. If they can, I can.

"Animal Farm" - I am awaiting the delivery of hundreds of copies of Animal Farm to personally hand to every single MP who has stolen money from us and then paid it back hoping we will forgive them. I won't forgive them.

"Citizens Arrest" - There are some MPs out there who need to be in Jail. I am going to arrest them.

"Equality for ALL" - Harman has said that we are all the same. By law. So I want people to join the Black Panthers of Brixton. They CANNOT refuse, by law. I am putting myself forward for the Muslim Parliament of Britain. Please vote for me. They CANNOT refuse, by law.

Fuck with them at EVERY opportunity. 646 people are the only people that can change anything yet they choose not to. There are 60,000,000 of us and 646 of them yet they can't hear us.

Let's start shouting.

Green card your MP. Actually turn up and demand to see him/her/it. It is your right.

Go to council meetings naked. They can't stop you.

Tell anyone who isn't a copper to fuck off when they want your name.

Tell coppers to fuck when they want your name

Smoke where you want. Drink where you want. Say what you want. Think what you want. It's YOUR life, not theirs.

The system only works as long as we agree to it working. 646 people are controlling us to make themselves richer. Stupidly richer. Kinnock, Blair, Thatcher, Brown, Mandelson. This is why there is such a queue to get into Parliament. They don't care about you, they care about THEM.

All we have to do is say "NO" and it collapses. Lock, Stock and Barrel.

Can you say "NO"?

I can. Will you join me? It costs nothing. All you have to do is say "NO" now and again. When they least expect it. "Can I just take your name?" "NO, it is not important" and your address? "NO. You do not need to know where I live". "Can I just take your postcode and house number? " "NO"

646 of them. That's all.


Ampers said...

Write to the bastards and tell them you are against racism and the following organisations should be banned for racism.

Put BNP at the top, then add the black police federation and all the other blacks, chinese and muslim organisations, make a long list.

Publish it here and we can all use it to write to our MPs... There's an easy start for those who are just a mite timid.

Shibby said...

Excellent. Best of luck to you and anyone with a similar cause.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Good ideas, OH.

Stuart said...

I'm in!

Btw, are you still coming down to my do? Might have to give you my house number and postcode...

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Excellent! No, no and fuck no! Just rolls of the tongue.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

By the way, off topic and all that, but have you seen this?

Anonymous said...

''my bit's under way at every opportunity, thus I have sent a letter to all the Cons in Parliament asking them to respond to their mistress belonging to a gang of thugs...and what they intend to do about it

and I talk loudly to myself loudly in Public externalizing my erm, thought crime

microdave said...

"Equality for ALL" - except that some are more equal than others.....

Plato said...


Gigits said...

Losing that thumb has certainly got your creative juices flowing!

Perhaps you should lop off an arm, just to see what great ideas come to you then. :-)

Dick the Prick said...

Fuck you - jiiiiiiihad. On SluceNight 'should a broadcaster funded by the Iranian gov be allowed to broadcast in Blighty?' - ffs, sometimes it just writes itself.

Dick the Prick said...

Jeremy Paxman ain't no Bradford lad - he's been bought like a fucking whore - shame on his parents but no shame on Yorkshire, none - he can cry all he wants but he don't care. 1 born every minute.

Oldrightie said...

A more realistic method would be to show every party that they can be destroyed if they fail. Ergo not a soul vote Labour. Then the rest would have to toe the line knowing the fate that would await them.

Dick the Prick said...

Propoganda?? What that??? Fucking BBC - like the National Treatment Agency - my life is devoted to ending them. Cheers OH.

Anonymous said...

the same as all libertarian tossers (including you raab)?
"you hit him on the floor an i´ll kick him"or the other great quote
"i`ll take care of your jacket"
bunch of wassocks the lot of you ?
schwach martins

G.O.T. said...

Yep, fuck 'em.

As you know OH, I don't have too much trouble telling any of these thieving cunts to fuck off and I also find saying NO, to anyone who is not used to hearing it, equally rewarding.

I'm in.
Let me know if my graphic antics can be of any help ;-)

Dick Puddlecote said...

Wild applause.

As you know, I'm there whenever.

I Want War In The UK said...

I'm with you if your also up for taking out that usless bunch of cunts known as the Royal family

Lancastrian Oik said...

Fucking right on.

I'm there.

banned said...

Just demanding the name of public servant wankers is usually enough to get them to behave properly.
Don't forget that, as individuals, they work in an atmosphere of fear and degredation even worse than we members of the public.

wv, KINES, quite.

caesars wife said...

i like the straight pride march OH , i wonder if we get to clash with the opposition ??

woman on a raft said...

Not quite sure what attending the council meetings naked will achieve, but anybody doing it should take a towel to sit on. The chairs with plush coverings are often prickly, and the leatherette ones stick to your arse.

Please don't ask me how I know.

Think This said...

The cynic in me says "what will this achieve". The activist in me says that if I'm not doing anything to change this then I simply become part of the problem.

Organise and I shall attend. I am willing to lend my support and time to the cause!

- Straight Pride march would be my favourite idea.

aljahom said...

@caesars wife....

"I like the straight pride march OH, I wonder if we get to clash with the opposition ??"

I expect they'd swear blind we were clashing, but we wouldn't even know it.

Perhaps a campaign of colour-un-coordinated attire would fend them off entirely?


VotR said...

Put stuff about this on the blog:

Good luck, OH.

Phil McVile said...

A very good one to do which causes annoyance and inconvenience is to ring the Highways Agency and complain about anything that catches your eye. Unattended roadworks, pointless speed limits, new cameras, delays at Dartford Tunnel etc etc. Ring them on 0845 7504030 to complain. They're obliged to find out about your complaint and ring you back. If you can make a number of complaints at the same time then several different departments will be inconvenienced by having to investigate.

Anytime you're sitting in a jam or see something irritating ring them, it only takes a couple of minutes to instigate a complaint which should tie up a few jobsworths for several hours. Easy, quick and guaranteed to annoy.

Anonymous said...

Great ideas OH.
But perhaps we should concentrate on one idea at a time? Pick on one of the pillars/tokens of socialism/state control one at a time. My favourites would be the smoking ban,or the Potato fucking marketing board.

BNP guido refugee said...

Straight Pride march banne/poster ideas ?

Mine are... Straight TV for Straight Viewers!

Hetero's Are Taxpayers Too !

Steak Not Quiche !

Foos yer doos said...

We could take up Civil Disobedience or could just be happy with Life in the Woods.

Good to see some things never change in human nature!

Dick the Prick said...

'Birds is Good' or 'Never Knowingly Slipped It In The Wrong Un' or 'I ain't No Proctologist' etc etc

Wat Dabney said...

Make a conscious decision to withdraw consent.

Never cooperate with the myriad agents of the state; do everything from misspellings when form-filling, through to blatent jury nullificiation. When on a jury always vote to aquit where there is no threatened or actual violence: don't convict anyone for transgressing the state's various prohibitions and sumptuary laws; aquit drug users, drug dealers, tax evaders etc. Jury nullification is our last defence against state tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Good point Wat, but drug dealers kill people and ruin lives.

Captain Ranty said...

Or, you could opt out. All the way.

Enter into Lawful Rebellion.

Balding Nobhead Party said...

If you are white. Don't join no blacks only club. I'll just steal their culture and do it better. If your straight, don't worry about gays because its less competition. If you already don't recognise any laws then you have no reason to antagonise the police by being uncooperative. Captain Ranty is right, you should check out there is a lot of good info there to help you leave Chickenlickenland if you want to, but I'd like to remind the fuckers that Icke said it first and still says it best.

Oink Oink said...


More Police Cuntage:-

Two German Shepherd police dogs have died after being left in a hot car by their handler. Skip related content

The dogs were found dead in a police car parked outside Nottinghamshire's force headquarters in Arnold at 2.15pm on Wednesday.

The Independent Police Complaints Commission said it received a referral from the force and is deciding whether to investigate. The RSPCA said it is investigating the incident.

A statement from Nottinghamshire Police said the welfare of its animals was "of paramount importance".

It said: "We endeavour to take every measure possible to ensure their well-being and safety."

It takes nine weeks of intensive training and costs more than £7,000 before a police dog can go out on patrol.

The maximum sentence for causing unnecessary suffering to an animal is six months in prison and a £20,000 fine.


"Nottinghamshire Police said the handler has not been suspended"


It is believed the dogs' handler was not on duty at the time and had called in to the force's headquarters at Sherwood Lodge, leaving the dogs to over-heat in the parked car.

It is not known how long they were left in the car but temperatures in Nottingham hit 29.4C.

An RSPCA spokesman said: "It was reported to us yesterday by Nottinghamshire Police. We are investigating and they are co-operating with us. I am sure this isn't the first incident and it won't be the last."

FireForce said...

Get gun licences, shotgun and firearms certificates, buy guns, this makes them worried, I buy a least one per year!

Wesley Groves said...

Essex Constabulary were had up for half killing an Alsatian called "Ace". Laudable though O'Hs ideas are they won't get far. Give em Orwell? They will laugh at you & wipe their batties on it. Get tooled up. Glocks 3550, Berettas £600. Make friends with dubious folks. Plod only understands the business end of a pistol. Now let us remember Tragic Sharon (Beshanivsky). Giggle. David Beiber is a National Hero.

Anonymous said...

Now let us remember Tragic Sharon (Beshanivsky). Giggle. David Beiber is a National Hero

Pass the lithium...

Costello said...

""Citizens Arrest" - There are some MPs out there who need to be in Jail. I am going to arrest them.

"Equality for ALL" - Harman has said that we are all the same. By law. So I want people to join the Black Panthers of Brixton. They CANNOT refuse, by law. I am putting myself forward for the Muslim Parliament of Britain. Please vote for me. They CANNOT refuse, by law."


Anonymous said...

We're with you.
The Cheerleaders
/Al-Hur Al-Ayn

Anonymous said...

great piece.i'm with you.

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