Monday, 13 July 2009

Perfectly Sensible Legal Advice

In the case of Mandelson V Guthrum (as posted recently)

Precis of a legal opinion given this afternoon-

You would be an idiot taking Mandelson and BERR on in open Court, you were targeted a year ago and you know it, you would run up a huge legal bill because they will drag this out for years until you bankrupt yourself, so even if you win you will lose.

If you lose you will lose everything, because the Taxpayer is funding Mandy, she/it/him will employ the best barristers that the taxpayer will pay for.

Which bit of 'the Law is just another weapon for the likes of Mandelson' do you not understand ?

Justice in this country died along time ago, the final nail in the coffin was when an innocent man was gunned down on a tube train, and nobody was prosecuted, lost their job or was demoted.

Nobody gives a flying fcuk about Justice, just entitlements and rights that somebody else will pay for.

Mandelson will not be here for ever, restructure your business overseas, make your staff redundant, regroup and fight the State from a safe distance.Don't go for any walks near woods.

That told me !


VotR said...

There's always the 'take the piss out of Mandelson by anonymous blogging' route.

Less of an impact than say, a public flogging for Mandy but it's better than nothing.

Henry North London said...

Where did you get that tached pic of him?

Old Holborn said...

Fuck that. If a wonky faced eco bitch can cover him in green custard, so can you.

I'm up for it. The bastard gave £330K of MY money to Stonewall Gay Taliban so that they can call me a homophobe all day long, it only seems fair that I pelt him with used Always Ultras

Anonymous said...

O/T but note the way in which Al-Baeeba coyly refer to the female defendant in this case as "PC Melda Wilks" only within the body of the report - and then just the once.

A serving police officer charged with assisting an offender (who himself is charged with murder), yet the Beeb seem almost to be covering it up....

Is it cos she is black?

Anonymous said...

A sad demonstration of how powerless we actually are now, against the tyranny of Mandelson and his cronies. What can you do? Appeal to Mandelson's friends in the mass media? Appeal to his other friends at the European Court of Human Rights? Rely on the civil service to be impartial and apolitical (ho ho)?

Where's the Old Testament God when you need him? I doubt Mandy has coveted his neighbour's wife, but 9/10's not bad.

Old Holborn said...

None of us are powerless.

Stop the mindset that says YOU can't do anything. Even if you cut his throat and the fucker bled to death on live TV you'd be out in seven. If I ever won the lottery and some sour faced bint from the NEws of the World asked me how it would change my life, I'd say "kill Mandelson on one of his frequent visits to Marrakesh to fuck 14 year old Berber boys up the arse and then bribe a Politician to get off scot free"

Cover him in green custard and you won't even get fined.

Go for it.

caesars wife said...

nice picture sort of Bulgarian secret service or mexican civil war havent made up my mind yet .

musnt forget heathrow , ed milliband has already suggested the price of flying will increase ergo less people ergo no need for waste of money on new runway.

mandelson must be giving him his beasting as I type , the question is will Ed be enjoying it ??

Nu labour NWO = Planet Killers

Old Holborn said...


I bought an air ticket to Frankfurt today. It cost £15.99 plus £34 in tax.

I also bought an air ticket from Zurich to London. No tax.

East Germans were denied travel visas because everyone would leave. Airport taxes and an £80 "climate" surcharge is exactly the same thing.

Stay here and comply. Do as you are told. Work hard or take our shillings. Your choice. Either way, we win. Yours, the Govt.

Remember, if you vote, you ARE the problem.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

O/T but note the way in which Al-Baeeba coyly refer to the female defendant in this case as "PC Melda Wilks" only within the body of the report - and then just the once.

A serving police officer charged with assisting an offender (who himself is charged with murder), yet the Beeb seem almost to be covering it up....

Is it cos she is black?

Another death by ethnic enrichment
such an attack because she dumped him, this as happened a few times before

David Davis said...

Never try to su, in the UK, people who can deploy more money than you can.

AnonyBNP said...

"Remember, if you vote, you ARE the problem."

That's fucking bollocks and you *know* it.

I voted for Nick Griffin in June and I don't consider myself part of the problem.

Just look at the way the establishment has rounded on him and Andrew Brons since they were democratically elected !

And yes, if you were gullible enough to have been persuaded to vote for the establishment's safety valve 'protest party' UKIP, then *you* are as guilty as comrade McBroon and Lord Fondlebum in all of this - if only because you are too stupid to see that you are being manipulated by the bastards.

aljahom said...

A sad case, yet an awesome summation, Guthrum.

They'll be gone before long. But what of those for whom it'll be too late?

It's like a gazpacho revenge for the miners' strike, with no regard for damage collateral or otherwise.


caesars wife said...

i know your always up for the reformation of the dullards OH , but if i may offer an alternative .

The NWO does not want to stop flying even though it damages the planet , because it uses OIL .

Make 80%cuts by 2050 was just a way of making the problem seem less immediate , only today the great leader was espousing the G8s green success .

the number of flights will increase by 40% when the new runway is built , where is the 80% cut in emmissons in that !!.

they want you to travell cheaply on oil OH so that globalised one world feeling is nice as cup of tea ?

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

The next stage of the mind control and subjication project is ready to roll.

Anyone want to place a bet that they'll try and slip in a DNA harvest at the same time?

Newgates Knocker said...

Crazy thought I know, but what an opportunity to harvest all that lovely DNA, while innoculating people against swine flu. Or a nice little microchip anyone!!!

Nothing would surprise me anymore.

My enemies enemy said...

Don't vote,or vote ukip,and play the mugs game.Just what they want.There's only one thing that frightens those fuckers.Shoot them up the arse first,and then try to rebuild from a different perspective.Griffin is not a prime minister,but he would be a much better opposition than the cosy club that is the buggins turn system we have now.

Anonymous said...

We don't have a justice system in the UK but a "legal system" that benefits scum and m'learned friends type scum. I know as I have been on the wrong end of 4 (four) legally aided cases I can't afford lawyers as I'm working but I won all of them.

Oldrightie said...

Never ever surrender.

Dick the Prick said...

There's only 1 language this cunt understands, so I'll spell it out in cuntish terms - Tory Tory Tory - see you fucker, i'll kick the paedos fucking head in. He better be afraid, he should be runnin'

banned said...

Firstly, I will not be allowing the Government to poison me with their untested pig-flu serum.
Secondly, the oil is still running out, like it has been for the last forty years.
Thirdly, Mandelson WILL still be here, unelected in the HouseOf Lords piggery, hoping for a hung Parliament where he can continue in his role os Kingmaker

Man in the Street said...

Fucking bastard. Am sure I've seen his face on a cover of some dodgy 80s porn while in the wrong aisle in a deeply disreputable Soho shop.

Dick the Prick said...

MitS - mag Just 17 probably.

Anonymous said...

"nobody was prosecuted,lost their job,or was demoted"
Actually,the aptly named, Common Purpose Graduate Cressida Dick was promoted.

Fausty said...

Wait until Labour is out of power. Then prosecute their sorry arses. The boot will be on the other foot.

Does Cameron have the balls to do it? It'd be exceedingly popular.

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

Cameron has no balls. He is a Bliar clone.

Steaming piss said...

I hope the BNP get into opposition at least,just to upset the old boys club,they've had it good for far to long.No wonder they are out of touch with common people,half of this lot are millionaires,E.G boris today saying his part time job only pays chicken feed, £250,000,ok i know he's a bell-end,but really FFS.Hanging would be to good.Fuck to the lot of them.

Lethal Pizzle said...

Rab is correct... Nu Labour will be flushed down the crapper and replaced by Blu Labour. CMD is as gutless as The Great Leader

Anonymous said...

God, Guthrum what a smack in the mouth for you, though probably very good advice. Can only suggest you take it, make loadsa money & then take out a contract on that cunt Mandelsnake.

curly15 said...

Is Mandy related to a German? I think we ought to be told.

follow the money said...

Mandy the unelected of the trilateral commission(NWO global bankers, the EU is one part of the tri and the trilateral commision stears the EU), the EU and now the British goverment.

Gordoom in fear of his masters, yes mandy ranks above Brown at this time, shouts `new world order and global every chance he gets to reasure his masters that he is sticking to the plan of national surrender, treason and ethnocide of the British.

He fears the NWO will set their press on him and bring the goverment down, or perhaps just help him enjoy his walk in the woods.

So at the time When Brown was on shaky ground, in comes Mandy sent by the UKs real masters and Broon is shouting NWO at the top of his voice at every opportunity and from every orifice.

Wonder why the Press and never expose the Trilateral commission or the international bankers.

Did anyone ever explain the money/banking system to the masses?

Tell most people hopw it works and they simply don't believe you.

did anyone explain where all these billions borrowed has come from and who is set to gain from these massive generational Africa style debts?

anyone ever explain how undemocratic the EU is, rather than just cover the whole thing in froth?

wonder why?

Ignorance is bliss until you wake up in guantanamo or a gas chamber and wonder what happend to your liberties and rights.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't Mandy look a complete cunt in that 'tache? So very Village People, Peter Poppet. Oops I keep forgetting that a cunt is useful - unlike Peter Poppet.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully when/if swine flu does hit the UK properly, Mandelson's immune system will be fucked from his personal habits & he'll be one of the first to succumb. Now that's a funeral I'd like to dance at!

Earthlet Nigel said...

That Photo.

Have Mandelbum and Aintworthatoss been swapping spit, hair and other bodily fluids?

wv noida

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