Saturday, 4 July 2009



Anonymous said...

Can't help thinking this is just another false front party to try and keep the BNP vote down.

Not sure I'd want to be represented by someone who has barely left school anyway, I'm afraid.

Anonymous said...

18? Fuck Off!!

Julian Craig said...

Fielding an eighteen year old candidate is, to my mind, just a 'tactic'(though an interesting and original one) to gain greater media exposure for a virtually unheard of minority party...

Get a proper job said...

Anon 9:51

Bang on the money!

Ampers said...

No, they won't have a chance.

One thing you can be your money on and that is, people get the government they deserve.

British people deserve NuLabour and NuBluLabour (Tories) and therefore this is what they will get.

Why do I say you all deserve this double act? Because you either have given up voting, never allowed the smaller parties to grow slowly over the years, or vote the same way as your parents and their parents before them.

So you deserve the status quo.

As for the 18 year old, I agree that this is just a ploy to get publicity. A good ploy seeing they don't have a chance of winning at this early stage of the party.

Maybe next time they should search out a 100 year old :-)


Henry North London said...

Its not a ploy He actually lives in the Constituency So he is the best man to know it.

Martin said...

It's true we're not going to win, in fact, I'd imagine we'd come last, with the exception of the OMRLP (I hope).

It's definatly a promotional ploy. But, run it on the grounds of "My generation has been ass fucked by brown's debt" and we may be able to make a point out of it at least.

Anonymous said...

good luck! I hope he comes 2nd

Ampers said...

Yes, Martin. It will certainly get you publicity.

I remember when I used to attend NEC meetings in UKIP, I used to say that the reason the press were ignoring them (in those days) wasn't that they hated them, it was that the press releases they sent out didn't contain news as then, there wasn't any!!!

The press are only interested in things that sell newspapers.

Matt Davies said...

It's all about sending a message that we are here at the moment.

He will go on to be a known face in the area and win one day.

Anonymous said...

time to give the BNP a chance to kick the old gang out -

Anonymous said...

Controlled opposition, just like Ron Paul

banned said...

Thomas is probably a good chap and I have nothing against his age but any vote for LPUK is just stolen from UKIP which, face it, is closer to achieving critical mass than they are.
Libertarians and EUphobes must avoid the splittist ways of the far left or whither and die, as they did.

Noam Chimpsky said...

Hilarious. Tommy boy will get *creamed* at this by-election.

Once upon a time just about every grammar school in the country had at least one braying Tory snot kid just like young Master Burridge; the sort of floppy-haired twit who'd read the Salisbury Review for fun. Most of them grew up to work for Foxtons.

"Libertarian" should not equal "corporate statist" or "Paultard", but I get the feeling that this kind of libertarianism is of that guns'n'God American type with a smattering of Europhobia for good measure. Face it guys, you're nothing more than right-wing Tories by any other name. Oh, and your proofreading is lousy; I can't see myself "vist"-ing your site again in a hurry.

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