Sunday, 5 July 2009

Norwich North By Election

We have a goodly number of LPUK members and supporters going to Norwich over the next few weeks, if any local readers of OH who feel the same way we do about the cosy arrangement Labour/Conservatives/Social Democrats and now the Greens are cooking up to spend your tax pounds, please lend your support if you are a member or not. The campaign there is dull dull dull, Labour are in a mess, the Tories are not guaranteed to win this- and Dave needs a wake up call that we are not going to put up with a massive State for another five years whilst the private sector goes to the wall.

We need to make a noise that Tory and Labour dishonesty over piffling amounts of cuts of 5% in State spending, when Whitehall Mandarins are already preparing 20% is going to be the minimum.

We also need accomodation/floors to sleep on if you can help contact


Anonymous said...

will contact you direct, nationalised bank has just pulled the rug from under me with a full order book, got to lay off five people this week, plus daughter is one of the one million 18-24 who is not going to get a college place or training because the MP's have pissed millions up the wall on their expenses on personal shit.

Henry North London said...

I hereby pledge that if Thomas gets in I will give the party £2000 as a donation, some 7 days later.

No problem.

VotR said...

Good luck, OH.

Anonymous said...

the cosy arrangement Labour/Conservatives/Social Democrats and now the Greens.

Can you leave more details of the what the greens are doing. I'm convinced green is the new black(shirts)

void comp said...

o/t: Civil servant sacked for calling Hazel Blears a 'disgrace' in anonymous internet post

"The anonymous posting appeared on They Work For You, a political website, but was traced to Miss Greenwood's work email account."

Given that the overwhelming majority of postings about Blears are not from civil servants, how did they know to go to the hastle of investigating that particular one?

Prior monitoring perhaps?

The Penguin said...

Watch out for a high impact visit to Norwich by Jonah to try and influence the Pink Vote.

The Penguin

Anonymous said...

Tut, tut a civil servant going against the Party line & criticising an MP? Sacked for 'gross misconduct' - and what exactly have all those thieving MPs been doing - including the Ginger Midget? 'Good misconduct'?I'd suggest it came to light through a Stasi (spy on your family, friends & co-workers & report them)troll in DCSF.

Anonymous said...

60,000,000 of us is it?

Apparently 300,000 fans follow her as she enthusiastically documents her new life on this year's social networking tool, Twitter.

Lets face it, if Gordon's beard is more popular than us then this 'movement' is fucked.

Henry North London said...

@anon 1953 Greens are like Watermelons Green on the outside and red through and through on the inside. Bit like Labour

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