Monday, 27 July 2009

Can We Have Our Money Back Please

Mr Darling said that the Government did not bail out banks out of "some kind of charitable act".

No you panicked with our money, our childrens as yet unearned money, and our unborn grandchildren's money.

You threw billions at the banks, you printed money in a Mugabesque fashion to pay your bloated State.

You threw money at a virtual monopoly of Banking, you ruined one profitable bank by 'suggesting' that it merged with a bankrupt one.

At no stage did you consider letting these banks fail, put in administrators and break the monopoly up into regional banks, that would lend to industry, that makes things and provide services that people want, that pay taxes to pay the State.

No you just cut the middle man out, the wealth producers, to ensure funding of the State.

Its no use asking them nicely what they are going to do to increase lending, unfortunately we are now the major shareholders in these misbegotten banks. Exercise shareholders power, and sack the Directors and break them up now.

Silly Darling


banned said...

Why should I care, I don't have any children so it won't be mine and theirs picking up the tab, it will be yours.
Spend spend spend and borrow some more when it runs outs says I and the more waste the merrier..

TheCrossHairOnGordonsForehead said...

Fucking low life twats

banksters said...

Banks are still aggressively trying to sell their financial products so they obviously haven't learnt any lessons. You can't do a simple transaction at my bank anymore without getting the hard sell. "Have you got a mortgage ? House Insurance ? You need a financial checkup from our expert "( would that be the ones who fucked up the economy by miselling endownments and 125% mortgages ? ).
I don't fight it anymore and agree to the meetings then phone up and cancel on the day.
Resistance is futile.
O/T but I see Jonah has wished Zarkozy of France a speedy recovery. Poor guy was getting better aswell.

VotR said...

Breaking up the banks and selling to raise the cash back makes sense. The accounts can be left open, but the rest gone.

But do Labour have any sense left at all? They gave the money away in the first place, so it's fairly doubtful.

Anonymous said...

The Halifuck are doing 125% under the counter loans.

Anonymous said...

My brother and his girlfriend bought a house 2 weeks ago, funnily enough. Before they went out househunting they went into the local Lloyds-TSB (or is that Lloyds-TSB-Halifax-Bank of Scotland)to see how much of a mortgage they could get (first time buyers, both of them).

After going through all the rigmarole the bank told them that due to their good credit record they could get a mortgage of £190k. Their combined income is £40k before tax and they have zero assets although they have rustled up £6k for a deposit (just enough to cover the solicitors fees I'd have thought). They bought a £120k property last week.

I dread to think what will happen if they break up or one of them loses their job, or she becomes pregnant (which now, of course, is out of the question for the next *insert any number you want here* years)

Anonymous said...

IIRC, the government took non-voting shares in the banks in return for our billions. Picture the scene during the negotiations:-

BANKS: No, no, no Gordon. You don't want voting shares. That would give you some control. It would be like nationalisation. Think of your legacy. What would Barack think of you if you did something like that?

GORDON: Err, aye, right. Where do I sign.

Henry Crun said...


Anonymous said...

@ banksters

Anonymous said...

I find it incredible how someone can be so fucking thick as to hand out billions of pounds to financial instituations (which have already displayed the economic sense of a gnat) without some form of stipulations/regulations/voting rights. However of course we're talking about Gordon 'If I only had a brain' Brown & his equally gormless sidekick 'How high should I jump Gordon?' Darling so perhaps I shouldn't be surprised.
Either both of them are absolutely fucking witless, thick as pigshit (with apologies to both pigs & their shit for that comparison) & worthy only of acting as human transplant donors or they're both evil fucking wankers who have deliberately fucked us over - a question I look forward to having answered after we have our Ceasecue Moment here & Gordy & his ilk find themselves on the receiving end of some Gitmo practices.

Newgates Knocker said...

Both Brown and Darling will no doubt be absorbed in to EU bubble of non jobs for eye watering salaries when they leave office, pensions and property portfolios intact,while the rest of us sell our souls to pay for our care home fees.


AngryDave said...

The thing that pisses me off the most about tha banks is the fact that they have justified their massive salaries and bonuses by saying that they take the biggest hit if and when it all goes wrong. Yet when the brown stuff and fan come together they keep their fat salaries, pensions and bonuses and we are told we will foot the bill and take the hit.

The banks have had it all their own way for far too long. It is about time that they took the responsibility for the mess that their greed got us into. Now the only acceptable solution is to divide up the banks that fucked us over and sell them off.

Anonymous said...

You threw billions at the banks, you printed money in a Mugabesque fashion to pay your bloated State."
I have just bought a 1 hundred trillion dollar banknote from e-bay for 99 pence.

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