Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Mandelsonia Revealed

Mandelson, our new Richelieu sits on thirty five out of the 43 Cabinet Committees, listed below

National Economic Council NEC
Better Regulation NEC (BR)
Democratic Renewal Council DRC
Domestic Policy Council DPC (which he deputy chairs)
Domestic Affairs DA
Borders and Migration DA (BM)
Communities and Equalities DA (CE)
Food DA
Families, Children and Young People DA (FCY)
Health and Wellbeing DA (HW)
Justice and Crime DA (JC)
Local Government and the Regions DA (LGR) (which he chairs)
Public Engagement and the Delivery of Services DA (PED)
Life Chances LC
Talent and Enterprise LC (TE)
Economic Development ED
Environment and Energy ED (EE)
Housing, Planning and Regeneration ED (HPR)
Olympic and Paralympic Games ED (OPG)
Productivity, Skills and Employment ED (PSE)
Constitution CN
National Security, International Relations and Development NSID
Europe NSID (EU)
Overseas and Defence NSID (OU)
Africa NSID (OUA)
Afghanistan and Pakistan NSID (A&P)
Trade NSID (T)
Protective Security and Resilience NSID (PSR)
Public Services and Public Expenditure PSX
Public Sector Pay and Pensions PSX (P)
Pandemic Influenza Planning MISC 32
Post Office Network MISC 33 (which he chairs)
Flood planning MISC 36
PM’s ad hoc Committee on International Climate Change
PM’s ad hoc International Climate Change Negotiations

He is the most powerful 'pink' person in the country, he is unelected, he will remain at the centre of power, even after the corrupt edifice of Nu Labour is swept away. He will remain in the Lords until somebody places a stake through his dark heart.

One 'man' rules this country unelected, unaccountable, unpalatable, the result of the fear and cowardice of Nu Labour.


phoebe said...

... and talking of "Pink" persons: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VeC8ZIPA88E&eurl=http%3A%2F%2Fjohnnyrottenborough.blogspot.com%2F2009%2F07%2Fmp-wants-muslims-to-lead-uk.htm

Wesley Groves said...

Are you against him cos he is queer or cos he is a plod supporting piece of (cont pg 10).?

VotR said...

And with Gordon taking a long holiday, and Parliament being in 'extended' recess soon...

Mandy's powerbase will grow even more.

I only hope he manages to drain Harm Man of every drop of blood in her feminist frame just as she exposes him to a large beam of far left sunshine, so they both perish in a cloud of dust.

Anonymous said...


Lord shirt of lifter even uses NLP, no wonder he has complete control of the cabinet. They are under his spell.

Smells like a Common Purpose member too.

The Last Of The Few said...

Which one of those covers defence spending??????

Without actually saying defence.

No wonder guysin afghanistan fall like skittles.

That sod surly got a finger in it.

Swine flu in Norfolk said...

Lord Mandy has taken control in Norfolk and warned labour activists not to press the flesh too hard after their Labour candidate 'collapsed' ( drama queen ) and was rushed to hospital suffering with swine flu . The things Liebour will do to get votes.
The sad news is on Mrs Dales blog.

Henry North London said...

Common Purpose reeking.. Hes a bloody millionaire thanks to the EU

Oldrightie said...

How much does he trouser as a member of these committees?

Sue said...

He's a slimy, odious, self serving, corrupt piece of shit.

tortedne said...

I spy that one of them is for the Olympics.

Just read this on the Daily Mail site: Police given powers to enter homes and tear down anti-Olympics posters during 2012 Games

"Police were dragged into a furious row today over new powers to stop protesters during the London 2012 Olympics.

The measures will also include giving officers and Olympics officials the power to enter private homes near the Olympic site and confiscate protest material."

But they promise not to use it. If it is not needed then it can be deleted from the legislation.

Wesley Groves said...

Tort, it is already a police state, they can already do that.

Hairy Arsed Bloke said...

With an active arse like his, it's a wonder than he 'sits' on anything at all.

He’ll soon be cured of his grandiosity while he is banged up in chokey awaiting trial next year.

Mitch said...

Makes you wonder how he managed to leave so much litter about.

Anonymous said...

pink control freak

caesars wife said...

gordon brown unelected PM
lord mandelson unelected uber minisister
Tony Blair wannabe unelected el presidente of european continent .

Its compelling OH beyond coincidence

Sir Henry Morgan said...

I'm so fkn outraged by this sorry little tale that I've blatantly nicked it in its entirety and posted it on one of my places.

Due credit is given.

wv: tuatch

Anonymous said...

The sad news is on Mrs Dales blog."
You mean he or she lived?

Old Holborn said...

Lest we forget he gave £350K of MY money to the Gay Taliban, Stonewall as well.

I won't get over it

Anonymous said...

Your picture isn't the Cardinal.
It's Des O'Connor.
Is he still on Countdown ?

Anonymous said...

With reference to Common Purpose :
Common Purpose UK website states within its Charter :
"We develop leaders who can lead beyond their direct area of authority. Who can lead partnerships as well as organisations. Who can produce change even when they can’t instruct or elicit trust in familiar ways".

My understanding of the CP Charter means that unelected individuals or "leaders" (as they prefer to be called), who can't "elicit trust in familiar ways", (by being honest), elicit trust in unfamiliar ways (by lying probably) so that "change" can be "produced".

Sounds familiar.

I name Little Lord Fondleroy as a Common Purpose stooge and I claim my 5 million Euros.

Fausty said...

Pass the sick bag.

The Beast of Clerkenwell said...

I bet he has sat on more than 35 other bodies.
He probably also has an arsehole that resmbles a squid that has just sucked the contents out of a bucket of semolina.

Griblett said...

@The Beast of Clerkenwell:

Aarggh! Mind bleach needed!

Lmfao (appropriately)

Oatcake said...

He repulses me. public & private life is yuk.................

banned said...

What exactly is there to stop an unelcted member of the House Of Lords becoming Prime Minister ? 'Convention' is not the answer because Labour pays no attention to those.

The Economic Voice said...

The Beast have you thought about going for the position of "poet laureate"?.....
A most colorful description.

Banned will he bypass the Position of Prime minister and go straight for European President? that is what worries me.

Anonymous said...

As long as he keeps it to above the British legal age limit I don't give a shit who he fucks (I understand whining aging Queens are very popular in some quarters)however for his policies, his personal integrity & his corruption of British politics I consider him to be on a par with something I'd scrape off the sole of my boot. I hope he will eventually get his comeuppance & that I will still be around to celebrate it. Meanwhile, if he's appearing locally to you, organise a group of like minded friends & go heckle & boo him - aging Queens hate being shown up in public.

I am Sick said...

All those committees, mean of course, lots and lots of kickbacks.

It is only fitting that a man such as Mandelbum, who has only the highest public morals and ethical integrity, be in so many places to prevent any potential wrongdoing.

The good Lord giveth and the good Lord taketh away, amen.

Anonymous said...

"unelected, unaccountable, unpalatable"

I thought for a moment you were talking about the European Commission there!

john miller said...

Much more interesting would be a list of the 8 he can't be arsed with. Oops! Sorry! Potentially homophobic phrase...

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