Sunday, 5 July 2009

Mandelson Kicks MG Rover into the Long Grass To Save His Arse

Poppet Peter is kicking the investigation over to the SFO, despite refusing them to lead the enquiry from day one if there was a suspicion of fraud, despite the administrators finding there was no evidence of wrong doing by the Directors, despite refusing several requests under the Freedom of Information to reveal the Governments role.

This investigation has cost £16m to date, and Mandelson is still determined to cover up the role of Nu Labour, because publication of the report will show glaring holes in the Governments story (ie a pack of lies) in the run up to a General Election, starting a criminal investigation is a way of ensuring publication will be delayed for years.

Mandelson is already facing meltdown in the West Midlands, this is just crude damage limitation.

The 'Man' is a curse to British industry, we have been down this line before with the Tories over Matrix Churchill, it was only when Alan Clarke told the unvarnished truth in Court about the Government's role did the action against the Directors collapse.

In the Stasi State that is the UK now being a Director of a company is morely likely to be a road to financial ruin that financial wealth, I would advise nobody to sign up to being a Director of a company without looking at what the BERR can do to you.

In fact I would strongly advise you to move your business out of the UK while Mandelson is anywhere near the levers of power.


Anonymous said...

Clarke didn't actually 'tell the unvarnished truth'. He said that he was "economical with the actualité", if my memery serves me right. And that is a bit different, non?

Mitch said...

Makes a change for mandelson to try and cover his arse I suppose instead of waving it at all and sundry.

Guthrum said...

"economical with the actualité",

For the DTI(BERR) that IS the unvarnished truth

VotR said...

Bullshit is bullshit.

Too bad the government, especially Mandy, dress it up so well as the truth as spin. Some gullible's believe every word. It's aimed at them.

Henry North London said...

It seems that the Poppet is accustomed to one eyed men His Grandfather Herbert Morrison,(deputy Prime Minister) was also blind in the right eye.

One day he will get caught in his own web of deceit and lies.

Newgates Knocker said...

Can no one find enough sordid shit on this evil man, to bring him down and keep him down. With his track record it must be hiding somewhere in his 'interesting' past. Why is it with these powerful Labour ministers you can never land enough of a knock out blow to kill them?

Anonymous said...

Moved mine out of the UK to the Isle of Man 2 years ago. Brown and his like don't want entrepeneurs, only ass kissers. Fuck him.

Anonymous said...

He is an evil, evil man who thinks he is above little problems like 'the law'and whose duplicity is causing the ruin of Britain just as much as gordo's incompetence. Unfortunately, because he is such a poisonous reptile, and knows where all the skeletons are hidden, no-one will stand up to him. He makes my flesh creep. I could just imagine him as an SS interrogator. Maybe there should be a campaign for each of us to send him 30 x 5p as 'thirty pieces of silver' for his betrayals? Sent to his dept (BERR?) rather than him directly but with an accompanying (polite) note stating the reason for the 'gift' could cause an awful lot of embarressment - I bet his masters at the EU would be very unhappy - especially if the campaign hit all the blogspots - they like to do their business in the dark & without any publicity.

Now't so queer as ..... said...

Mandelson's arse is past saving. He now suffers from piles and a prolapsed anus from too many years of fisting.

Anonymous said...

I notice his tongue is starting to stick out, much like the tongue of a reptile, his human false-face/cover bleeding through perhaps. He's just another Draco overlord put in place by Illuminati to delivery UK to the EU to the NWO under UN.

Lord Gonzo said...

Call for the "Men In Black"!

banned said...

Presumably the railways fall within disgraced 'Lord' Mandelsons vast domain ?
It only just occured to me that by withdrawing one rail franchise from National Express and threatening to withdraw others the railways have not been nationalised at all, they are still owned by the Governmemt and seemingly farmed out at will.

Is the whole charade a way for labour to present the renationalisation of the means of production to their die hard supporters ?

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