Friday, 24 July 2009

Malloch Brown And Misrepresentation

So you were leaned on by Gordon's goons, you did your time as a GOAT why don't you just come clean and say that Brown is delusional and tells lies


Newgate Knocker said...

Why isn't there one person with a big enough spine, who will just tell the truth and make Gordon look like the arsewipe that he is? It could finish him off to be humiliated like that.

Guthrum said...

Can you duck a low flying mobile at fifty mph ?

Oldrightie said...

This Labour scum of Phony, Jim Snot and Bum Bandit Mandy, have previous. They leant on Dr David Kelly and he stood up to them. They then threatened his widow with bankruptcy if she told all she knew. If they can't get the one they want, go after the family. Hence Malloch-Brown's "conversion".

Shmuel Cohenstein said...

Ohh, uhh, ach, Ovey! That's "anti-semitic"! Censor this immediately!

Markbaldy said...

If Gordon Brown thinks the military have enough equipment "to do the job", I would suggest that he volunteers to go to Afghanistan himself.
It would be a service to the rest of us if he took the rest of his corrupt New Labour wankers with him - especially fucking Mandelson !

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