Thursday, 9 July 2009


I confidently predict that when it kicks off (and it will very shortly), it will be Luton first.

What IS the matter with our government, do they want this?




defender said...

Your conclusion about Luton being a favourite for the kick off is well founded.
for years this blogger who is "on the front line" has been keeping us up to date with the going ons there for years. He has had to face a massive amount of shit, not just from the ROP but also the rightous who have been trying to bang him up for exposing what has been going on.

Anonymous said...

And when it does, who do you think the Political Correctness 'Service' will come down hardest on ?

Go on, you've got one guess....

Hey look, here comes that twat McEgan sporting his new pseudonym 'Wesley Grove' with some empty left-wing platitude about us all living in perfect harmony, side by side on his piano keyboard, Oh Lord, why can't we.... ?

The cunt

the man who fell back to bed said...

of course they (or rather Cyclops) wants this.

because once it does go off big style, well, he couldnt possibly call an election during a crisis period could he? and leave the country in the lurch in it's hour of need?

Nick von Mises said...

Here's some think-tank research on when and where it kicks off:

Rab C. Nesbitt said...

My blood is boiling. At least we all know which side the police are on.

Anonymous said...

When the anti muslim extremist protest in Luton was reported,the protesters were labled white,racist,football hooligans,fascits by the press.
When a group of muslims confronted those muslims the press referred to them as moderates.
Muslims good,whites bad.

Sue said...

My mate still lives there, she was born there!

What a shitpit of a town it is now too...

The muslims even terrorise the local rabbi and throw eggs at him when he´s out in the street, but the police do nothing!

Anonymous said...

I had the windows open and at 12 or 1pm I could hear the Islamic geezer hollering for the folks to come to prayer.... I really am insulted that I have to hear that you know, much more than I thought it would bother me really....

I feel insulted that I have to listen to a fuck beardy weirdi like England is now a Muslim country...I FUCKING TRULY HATE IT WITH VENOM!!!!

It's scary you know, coz if I was standing by and someone threw petrol on him and set fire, I truly think I would applaud....

How fucking sad is that, that I feel that way?????

Anonymous said...

The cops have chosen their side.Unfortunately for them its the wrong side.

wonderfulforhisage said...

A remarkable paucity of body art. Looks like a good opportunity for an entrepreneurial tatooist to set up in Luton.

Union flag flown upside-down at 9:15 in second clip. Sign of distress or pig ingnorance?

Anonymous said...

Take a look at this, this is Luton town centre.

How can this be right?

What a state this country is in,you can't even do a bit of shopping without having to put up with this sort of shit.Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

Hey look, here comes that twat McEgan sporting his new pseudonym 'Wesley Grove' with some empty left-wing platitude about us all living in perfect harmony, side by side on his piano keyboard, Oh Lord, why can't we.... ?

09 July 2009 10:46, that made me laugh out loud.

This didn't.

Anon 09 July 2009 13:01. That is truly awful. In the main street? OMG.

DaveP said...

Nick Von Mises.. Cannot load up think tank report..Invalid. Can you name site, as Im intrigued. Thanks

Dazed and Confused said...

Have a look at this from an American T.V. news Channel. They just can't believe whats going on in Britain today.

And by the way "Defender".... Paul Ray, A.K.A. "Lionheart", features in the above video too.

Anonymous said...

Keep Britain White!

Nick von Mises said...

Dave P

Google "manning the barricades economist" and it should be the first link.

Guthrum said...

Nice Horses - Shame about the religion/drink fuelled humans

Anonymous said...

... do they want this?

Yes, all the better to rule by decree and secure their own tenure in perpetuity.

Most legislation already in place, databases up and running or in the works etc.

Tracey said...

I'm in agreement with 09 July 2009 15:48. Divide and rule and furtherance of the police state they appear to be so keen on implementing. There may well be much more sinister reasons as well.

I am a little confused though as to what your problem is with this OH. Personally this is one of many good examples as to why completely open borders are a poor idea. What exactly in the libertarian worldview would prevent numerous muslims settling in a particular area and consequently, due to huge cultural differences, clashing with the indigenous population?

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the future.

caesars wife said...

I really must thank labour for this at the first available oppertunity !!

Note to Muslims dont have vocal protest when armed forces on parade in town

Anonymous said...

Thank you, British Muslims – Timms
By Dr. Mozammel Haque Saudi Gazette
LONDON – Britain’s Labor MP Stephen Timms praised Muslims for bringing back faith into Britain.
“When parts of our society are so deeply secular, so hostile to the acknowledgment of God, I want today to express appreciation and thanks to Muslims in Britain for insisting on faith,” said the Minister for Business and Labour MP for East Ham at the Global Peace and Unity Event organized by Islam Channel last week.
“(I want to thank Muslims) for helping put faith back today at the centre of Britain’s national life and debate in a way that it wasn’t for a very long time.
“You are part of the reason for that change, and I warmly welcome it,” he added.
He urged Muslims to take up politics.
“We need more people taking up politics from the starting point of faith. Because faith is the source of decent values (like) honesty, commitment to family, generosity, support for peace,” Timms said. “(We need such) decent values which the Muslim community shows in abundance.”
“Those are the very values which we need in our politics, and which this event can help us to promote,” he added.
In an earlier BBC program, Stephen Timms visited two mosques, two churches, a Hindu temple and a Sikh Gurudwara and highlighted the positive contribution the faith groups were making towards cohesion.
This is my MP. Weep for me please

Anonymous said...

@Anon 09 July 2009 13:01

Bring on the Morris Dancers I say.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon 10.00 alias "Proud to be gay/Ross Camp" (got a problem?) You have deserted the Torygraph once again. You also refused a 3 min UCF challenge from me. Back to Eaton Socon now you cyberstalkimg troll.

AngryDave said...

The police handled the anti-extremist protesters a lot rougher than the muslims, it looked like they were trying to bait them into violence. Even when a group of ARMED muslims appraoched the protest they were simply ushered back into their shop. If that had been a group of white men approaoching a muslim march, they would have been thrown on the floor, arrested and chrged with racialy aggravated public order.

The police have picked their side. But, the people they are protecting dont like them either, and would just as quickly turn on them. They just wont get arrested for it.
I always wondered what the Americans made of the situation developing here in the UK. The video link posted by 'Dazed and Confused' is a great eye opener. If your reading this blog you are awake, but we need to spread the word and wake the others. Not just on the web, we need to get people thinking and talking for themselves.

In the book 'the islamist' by Edd Hussain, he mentions that the wearing of the red and white head scarves are a symbol of support for islamic extremism and anti Isreali organisations.

banned said...

And Luton Town council thought they could be appeased by renaming the Mecca Bingo hall twenty years ago, look where it got them.

mikey said...

Let us all point and laugh at the pigshit ignorant Labour MP Stephen Timms. Poorthestephen you really have no idea do you love. Fuck off back to whatever politically correct thinktank you crawled out of and leave us to deal with the shit you and your ilk created. Ever read the Qu'ran? ....thought not. Wanker.

R Nosgrove said...

We have an established church and a monarchy that are impotent and either don't care or actively encourage the muslims (if they do care, why are we still stuck with NuLabour?).

The irony is that British lives are being wasted fighting an unwinnable war against Islamic extremism in Afghanistan whilst a far greater threat lurks within our own country.

There may soon be local skirmishes, but we lack the political will to either recognise the problem or do anything about it.

I confidently predict that the USA will eventually (if they do not already) see the UK as a potentially greater threat than Pakistan and Afghanistan and will take appropriate action. Our deeply demoralised, under-resourced and disillusioned armed forces will welcome this, our monarchy will evaporate and we will become a colony or even a state of the USA.

Given a choice between Islamic rule from within, rule by an Islamic-dominated EUSSR or federation with a flawed but still great Land of the Free, I know what I would choose. Bring it on, I say.

Sidewinder said...

Just seen this -

On another note, will Livingstone and Cameron be sending their clawhammer gang to smash the heads of women and children at the BNP's RWB.
They won't be sent to the religon-of-peace butchery and beheading parades or the Notting Hill drug 'n stab fest.

montelemark said...

In Afghanistan a wounded soldier had to shoot a muslim from his hospital bed, while in Birmingham a wounded soldier was assaulted by muslims in his hospital bed.
All very vibrant diverse and rainbow eh!

End of the road said...

Thanks to the great Labour Party for screwing up this country.

Anonymous said...

"Wesley Groves said...

Anon 10.00 alias "Proud to be gay/Ross Camp" (got a problem?) You have deserted the Torygraph once again. You also refused a 3 min UCF challenge from me. Back to Eaton Socon now you cyberstalkimg troll."

Fuck off McEgan, you cunt. You're fooling no-one with your new pseudonym, you sad little wanker.

I'm surprised you haven't been up to Luton to express your 'solidarity' with these ethnics. Come on McEgan, there's an opportunity for you to suck some ethnic cock going spare here....

You fucking arsehole.

Wesley Groves said...

Anon (TUG from the Torygraph) how is the wheelchair? Put some oil on it theres a dear.

Anonymous said...

Are you a heterosexual, white sex maniac atheist smoker who likes to drink alcohol?

Join me in Luton town centre for a procession to promote our beliefs to the public

On the day, we will be distributing stubbies, jaz mags and cigs to the public, to raise awareness of our beliefs. I recon there must be upwards of 10 million of us in the country.. come down, be straight and proud.!

Anonymous said...

What's going to kick off in Luton exactly?

And I know Britain has always had a problem with thick as shit racists (of all colours and religions) but all this "wahhhh, the police have sided with the Muslims" is just more pathetic paranoid, cry baby bollocks from those Sun/Mail readers who can't think (or spell) properly.

The police have always treated people badly during protests/demos/crowd control.

They haven't chosen to side with the Muslims, you morons - many of them are racist bastards who can't stand Muslims so why would they collectively side with 'em,?

You might as well try and argue that Fireman have chosen to side with homosexuals rather than heterosexuals or that Doctors routinely favour black folk over white folk or Squaddies prefer drinking coconut milk to lager on a Friday night.

Jeez, I really don't mind people being racist (each to his own). It's the fucking stupidity and paranoia of White English folks talking shit on the internet that gets on my tits.

The police haven't decided to "side with Muslims" or "side with gays" or "side with vegetarians". Sometimes the police will cart you off, sometimes the police will beat the crap out of a Muslim, some police are child abusers. Just human nature, is all.

No grand conspiracy here.

Anonymous said...

R Nosgrove predicted:

"I confidently predict that the USA will eventually (if they do not already) see the UK as a potentially greater threat than Pakistan and Afghanistan and will take appropriate action."

Hmm, I have zero faith in your confident prediction. In fact,I think you're talking out of your arse.

Someone on the internet talking bollocks in a thread about Muslims - surely not?

However, should the US ever send Apache Gunships to fly over London and shoot people, I'll apologise for being wrong and admit you're a fucking brilliant psychic.

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