Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Lunar Landing

Hat tip Obo


Barnsley Bill said...

Ha, this has gone viral very quickly. I count at least seven of us that have nikdit from the clown now.

Ampers said...

Therte's only one for fuck sake... it's not a fucking moon, it has to be a masterbating moon.

But, in '69 - I can believer why they sanitised it :-)

Anonymous said...

Old Holborn,
It seems it's quite hard work sending you an email!
If you're interested.....
entry on july 20th titled
I know what you're thinking.
Great site BTW,with some interesting views on the Religion of Peace.

CryBaby said...

1st time I've 'fucking' seen it.
I'm amazed they haven't dropped this fake shit fraud ridden bullshit of landing on the moon.


Anonymous said...

Here's the piece Urban was trying to link to:


Anonymous said...

I'm not exactly Bill Gates when it comes to IT (or finance!)
Thanks for posting the link,anon

banned said...

I have a very clear memory of watching the moon landing 'live' sitting on the assembly hall floor watching on the school telly. Now I am told that the landing took place 3AM local time. WTF ?

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